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LED Displays
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You've probably seen a laser show at concerts or on TV. They’re pretty impressive to say the least! Knowing that you
can’t afford a professional laser display we challenged our engineers to design one that’s neat and easy to build, yet inex-
pensive. The result? The LLS1 Laser Light Show! This thing is sweet! It utilizes two small motors and a small standard
laser pointer as the basics. Then we gave it variable pattern and speed controls to customize the pattern!
Not enough, you say? How about a line level audio input to modulate the pattern with your music? You bet! Everything is included,
even the small laser pointer. And to make the kit absolutely safe we used plastic mirrors instead of glass that could break! Runs on 6-
15VDC or our standard 12VDC AC Adapter (not included). If you’re looking for a fun and neat little laser kit, the LLS1 is for you!
(Goes well with the CD playing on the front cover!)
Laser Light Show Kit
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
Audio input modulates pattern!
Adjustable pattern and speed
Projects neat motorized patterns
True Laser Beam Patterns...
With Audio Modulation!
Laser Light Show
Everyone has seen Xenon stroboscopes “stop” a spinning quarter
or flash to music. Now you can get the same effect without the
expense and hassle of high voltage Xenon tubes! That’s right, a
strobe without a Xenon flash tube to break! The price of super
bright LEDs keeps falling as their light output keeps increasing, making them affordable for everything from traffic signals to
vehicle tail lights... and now, flashing strobe lights!
A plug-in 3x3 array of super bright Telux
LEDs creates a brilliant, sharp flash similar to a Xenon flash tube. The LEDs can also be mounted directly on the main PC
Board if desired. In the standard flash mode, a variable rate control varies the flash frequency from approx. 1 to 220 flashes per second. In the audio sync mode, the flash is trig-
gered by any audio input you provide into the standard RCA audio input connector. Built-in low and high pass filters allow you to select either bass or treble music triggering! An
external trigger in/out connector lets you connect multiple units together for simultaneous flash.
Optional plug-in display boards with 8 or 20 LEDs are available for even more strobing power! Just imagine surrounding your room with a few of these, triggered to your stereo!
Runs on 12-15 VDC and unlike the high voltage Xenon strobes of the past, the LEDS1 is safe for the kids to build! The plug-in display boards may be mounted on top of the case, or
remotely located. Be one of the first to experience the new high output LEDs!
(No, an 8-track of disco music and a leisure suit aren’t included with this kit!)
High Power LED Strobe Light Kit With Case
Display Board, Inline Array Of 8 LEDs
Display Board, 5x4 Array Of 20 LEDs
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
Everlasting LEDs won’t burn out!
Variable flash rate or audio trigger!
Bass or treble trigger modes!
Use as a stroboscope for stop action effects!
Safe low voltage construction-no high volt-
age or fragile Xenon tube to break!
Dance To the Beat!
High Power LED Strobe Light
A fun to build LED display kit for any electronic enthusiast!
A standard adapter or 9V battery will power this fantastic wind-
mill display with visually “rotating” arms. The rotation speed is
adjustable using the onboard potentiometer. Supply Voltage: 9-12VDC / 300mA.
Dimensions: 2.92” x 3.56”. From CanaKit.
(Not as impressive as Pete Townshend’s!)
CK176 LED Windmill Display Kit
UK176 LED Windmill Display, Assembled & Tested
31 Dazzling Red LEDs!
Unique Pattern!
Adjustable Rotation Speed!
Mesmerizing Lights!
LED Windmill Display
This is a great looking digital up/down counter with a
large 2-digit 2.5" (63 mm) LED display made up of 56 dis-
crete bright LEDs. The circuit includes three onboard push
button switches to manually count up, down and reset to zero,
plus corresponding TTL inputs for the same functions for connection to external circuits
or microcontrollers. Supply Voltage: 6-12VDC or 5VDC Regulated. Dimensions: 3.70” x
3.85”. From CanaKit.
CK214 2-Digit Extra Large Up/Down Counter Kit
UK214 2-Digit Extra Large Up/Down Counter, Asmb & Tested $59.95
56 LEDs Form an Eye Catching 2.5” Display!
3 Switches to Count Up/Down and Reset!
TTL Inputs!
2-Digit XL Up/Down Counter
Wired & Tested
Wired & Tested
This adjustable-speed strobe is great for parties, projects, as
attention grabbers, and a whole lot more! The awesome
strobe effect is achieved with super-bright LEDs, and you can
control the speed of the flashing anywhere from 1-60 flashes
per second! Besides an attention getter it makes a great “pock-
et strobe” to observe moving parts and rotating machinery.
Also features a toggle to switch quickly between fast/slow flashing. Powered by a stan-
dard 9V battery (not included). Measures 2.2" x 1.3" x 1.6". From Velleman.
MK147 LED Dual White Strobe Kit
2 super bright white LEDs!
Powerful flash effect!
Adjustable speed!
Includes front panel faceplate!
LED Dual White Strobe
OK, You Got My Attention!
High-power LEDs are quickly finding their way into the mainstream thanks to
their ever-lowering cost and high-reliability. Get some into your projects easily with this
compact and efficient driver! It may be small, but it features short circuit protection, a
built-in rectifier for easy AC source connection, and will deliver the accurate constant
current needed to drive high-power LEDs correctly! Use it at home, for a club, on a
stage, in education, architectural lighting, science projects, etc... This versatile circuit can
even double as a fixed current NiCd/NiMH battery charger!
Delivers 350mA or 700mA at a constant current. Input voltage 6-12VAC or 9-18VDC.
Power consumption 650mA max. Measures 1.8” x 1.2” x .64”. From Velleman.
K8071 High Power LED Driver Kit
High efficiency switch-mode circuit!
Drives the latest high power LEDs!
Short circuit protection!
Compact size fits any project
High Power LED Driver
Use Them... The Costs Came Down!
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