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LED Displays
A Real
Eye Catcher
Blinky-Eyes Animated Display Kit
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
The ultimate animated LED kit that will dazzle you and delight your friends! Uses a microcontroller to randomly select
from many different animations such as a long pause before a wink or a twinkle of the eye to startle passers-by. Great for
Halloween applications.
Four animation modes: 1. Off for long random periods, then blinks or winks. Designed to scare! 2. On for long periods
before performing an animation, perfect for costumes and displays! 3. Animates all the time for constant motion, per-
fect display attention-getter. 4. Random fire! When placed in a pumpkin, will light the pumpkin like there is a fire within!
Truly awesome!
As if all that weren't enough, the BE66 can also control a small hobby motor to shake bushes at random intervals or signal an external player to make a scary sound! Also
has a CDS cell to control various modes of automatic light control. Runs on 9-20VDC or optional AC power supply.
(No boring twinkle kit here! You have to see it to believe it! If
anything will grab your attention, this will!)
Blinking Eye display of 66 super bright LEDs!
Microprocessor controlled
Changes brightness with ambient light levels
Animated with constant motion!
Animated LED Display
Remember the sequential flashing turn signals on the classic T-Birds and Cougars? Hey,
if you can remember KITT you can also remember these! This little
kit flashes 5 high intensity 5mm red LEDs sequentially in order.
Great small attention getter for signs in stores, exhibitions, model
R/C cars, and a whole lot more. Get flashing with the CK010!
like Ritchie’s award winning classic T-Bird... What a beauty!)
CK010 Mini LED Light Chaser Kit
UK010 Mini LED Light Chaser, Assembled & Tested
5 bright red LEDs!
Sequentially flash in order!
Great attention grabber!
Runs on standard 12VDC!
Just Like Those Classic Turn Signals!
Mini LED Light Chaser
This animated chevron-type arrow display uses 28 bright red LEDs to display a variety of
different animations. Rolling, scrolling, inverse scrolling, blinking, partial blinking and
more! The choice of animation and the speed can be easily selected from the front
panel, and built-in memory stores your choices even when the power is off. A cool way
for businesses to highlight sales, etc., use as a pointer to emergency exits, or just as a
great attention getter!
Also useful for auto safety applications - tell 'em to move over! You can power it either
with an external supply, or use a standard 9V battery for extra versatility. Dimensions:
2.5" x 5.12" x 0.63" From Velleman.
MK176 LED Animated Chevron Kit
28 LEDs create a great animation!
Adjustable speed!
10 different animation speeds!
Includes front panel faceplate!
LED Animated Chevron
Hey You... Look This Way!
This cute little smiley toy is the perfect desk companion! Let every-
one know how you're feeling with one of 9 different brightly-lit car-
toon faces! You can choose between any of the static expressions, or animate them for
a dynamic display. This kit is powered by 3x standard AAA batteries. Dimensions: 3" x
3" x 1.28" From Velleman.
MK175 LED Animated Smiley Kit
Choose from 9 expressions to suit any mood!
Static and animated expressions!
Auto power-off saves battery life
LED Animated Smiley
Hey You... Look This Way!
Impress your friends by building a really neat, simulated 4-way traffic
signal light! Bright red, green, and yellow LEDs are positioned just like a
4-way signal and automatically sequence. Adjustable timing allows you
to change the delay, something we all wish we could do on the road!
Runs on a standard 9V battery (not included) and draws only 15mA for
long life. Perfect for model railroads, models, and any hobbyists that just
want to build something really neat! Measures 2” x 1.4” x 4.5”. From
(No red-light cameras on this one!)
MK131 LED Traffic Signal Kit
4-way traffic signal!
Automatic switching!
Adjustable delay!
Sure To Stop The Traffic!
LED Traffic Signal
This scrolling timepiece shows the date and time in alpha numeric characters in a smooth rolling ani-
mated display. A typical display would be “Jun-23 12:57”.
No external editor is needed to set the date/time. Just select hours, minutes, month or day with the “select” key and enter the values with the
“set” key. Time is set in the 24 hour mode and displayed in the 12 hour mode. Runs on 9-12VDC and uses a Type 6LR61/6F22 backup battery
if required. Measures 1.8” x 3.5” x 2.6”. From Velleman.
Rolling Clock Display Kit
Put The Clock In Motion...
Scroll The Date & Time!
Rolling Clock Display
Create your own scrolling or rolling message with this high visibility LED display! Contains 35 brilliant LEDs to light up each character of your cus-
tom message, which can be up to 16 characters.
Built-in message editor is simple to use. Press “set” to change a character, then use the “up/down” key to select the character and end with the
“<” key. Includes a standby/run mode to restart the display. Runs on 9-12VDC and uses a Type 6LR61/6F22 backup battery if required.
Measures 1.8” x 3.5” x 2.6”. From Velleman.
Rolling Message Display Kit
35 LED display!
16 character message
Adjustable speed
Scroll Your Message!
Rolling Message Display
Scroll the time of day!
35 LED display
Adjustable speed
Wired & Tested
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