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LED Brain Games
A lot of board games require a roll of the dice. And a lot of dice rolls end up on the floor, knocking over the board tokens, the
little green houses, or even worse, the red hotels! Not anymore, problem solved! Just hit the switch and the dice randomly cycle
and slowly come to rest displaying the number! You can select either one die or a pair of dice, depending on the game. Bright LEDs
display the same patterns as regular dice. Great for travel games, not to mention this pair of dice won’t allow cheating!
When the game is over, don’t worry, the auto power saver switches them off after 30 seconds to save battery life. Runs on 8-12 VDC or a stan-
dard 9V battery. Board measures 3” x 2.8” and can be mounted in your own special enclosure. You can be sure that the dice won’t end up on
the floor! From Velleman.
(Well, when the cheater isn’t happy I guess he
throw it on the floor!)
Dual Electronic Dice Kit
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
Displays two separate dice!
Single or dual selection!
Can’t cheat with these dice!
These Dice Won’t Fall
Off The Table!
Dual Electronic Dice
When a decision is simply too important to rationally analyze, let this
handy gadget make the tough calls for you with a simple push of a but-
ton! One push and the green “Yes” and red “No” LEDs begin to flash.
Flashing speed gradually decreases and only one LED remains lit.
What will it be? Yes or No? Push the button and find out! Also features auto power-off
to conserve battery life, which, by the way, is a standard 9V battery (not included).
Measures 2.2” x 1.2” x 1.4”. From Velleman.
(I wonder if these should be on the GSA
MK135 Electronic Decision Maker Kit
No more coin flipping!
Ideal for the indecisive!
One button operation!
Make Up Your Mind Already!
“Decision Maker”
This electronic version of roulette features a neat round PC
board with 37 LEDs simulating a real spinning Roulette
game! And when it spins, you hear the spinning sound with
microprocessor technology! When the spinning stops and there is
a winner you hear a winning tune! Easy assembly makes it a cool beginner kit that uses
ICs. Runs on 3 AA batteries (not included). Board measures 3.6” diameter. From
MK119 Electronic Roulette Kit
Spinning sound!
Winner tune!
Easy To Spin This One!
Just like the TV game shows, you can have up to 4 players “on the ready” just waiting
to be the first one to answer the question. But how do you know who’s first? That’s
simple with the MK133! 4 player push buttons are provided.
The first player to push their button is indicated with a latched on LED. Just like on TV!
The “Quizmaster” button resets it for another round! If you have more than 4 players
you can even daisy-chain two MK133s together for up to 8 players! Runs on a standard
9V battery (not included). Measures 4.3” x 3.1”. From Velleman.
MK133 4 Player Quiz Table Kit
Shows first button pushed!
Quizmaster reset!
The Correct Answer Is?
Electronic Roulette
4 Player Quiz Table
Acts just like the casino game! Just push the button and the 10
LEDs start showing a spinning action. They gradually slow down
until the “winning” one remains lit. Push the button to start over
again. Auto on/off assures a long battery life. Measures 2.6” x 1.3”. Requires a stan-
dard 9V battery (not included). From Velleman.
MK152 Wheel Of Fortune Kit
Electronic LED spinning action!
Spinning gradually decreases!
Where She Stops...
Wheel Of Fortune
Animated 3D Red LED Cube Kit,
Brilliant White, High Intensity, LED 30 Pack
Brilliant Blue, High Intensity, LED 30 Pack
For decades we have brought you some of the neatest LED displays. It all started with our extremely popular
"Blinky Kit" and has since followed technology from transistor circuits to integrated circuits, from through
hole to surface mount technology, and from timer control to microprocessor control… but it doesn't stop
there! How about 3D computer programmed and USB controlled! Not a bad continuation of technology as
we continue into our 4th decade!
This kit provides a 3D 3-level display with 27 brilliant red LEDs! You can also order an optional kit of 30 brilliant
white or blue LEDs to give your Cube an entirely different appearance. The three 3x3 levels are vertically stacked
above a dual PC control board array and constructed with simple point-to-point soldering techniques. The bottom con-
trol board provides the "brains" to the unique display and includes a USB Type-B jack to interface into a Windows based PC. When your kit is
completed, download the free application and driver software and you have a com-
plete computer controlled animation program ready to create some of the neatest
LED displays you've seen! The program allows you to create up to 234 animation
frames and support basic geometric operations.
(See screenshot!)
Once your animation is created, you can preview it in the software program, send it
to the LED display, or save it to your HDD for future display use. Amaze your friends with a saved library of your own per-
sonal animation creations! The cube includes a pre-loaded animation with 102 frames that is divided up into several scenes
including "rain" and "snakes". The entire Cube is USB powered, but also includes a standard 9V battery clip for non-comput-
er stand-alone operation. Check out the brilliant “night” view of the Cube with the standard red LEDs as well as the optional
white and blue LEDs. From Velleman.
Create a stunning 3D LED animated display!
USB user programmable!
Create and save up to 234 animation frames!
3-layer display with 27 LEDs!
Built-in pushbutton controls plus remote control capability!
Free downloadable Windows software to create and save your animations!
Create Your Own
Computer Controlled
3D LED Display!
Animated 3D LED Cube Display
Standard Red LEDs
Optional Blue LEDs
Optional White LEDs
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