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Lighting Effects
This neat little running light kit will power four incandescent lighting loads in sequence, so that the light appears to “travel” back and
forth (just think of the red lights on the hood of KITT from Knight Rider... the original series of course, not the new one, ugh!).
Use it for a flashy light display on the dance floor or hypnotize unsuspecting victims with its rhythmic display! Speed is adjustable
between 0.2Hz and 3.0Hz. to provide the light pattern you desire. Maximum load per channel is a whopping 450W at 240VAC and
230W at 115VAC. Input AC power is 110-240VAC depending on your output requirement. So it’s compatible with standard US house-
holds as well as European mains and commercial 208/220/230/240 sources and lighting.
On-board LED indicators show the actual output lighting display. Board measures 3.9” x 3.2” x 1.4” From Velleman.
(Yikes, I remember KITT, watched it every week,
maybe that’s subconsciously why my ZL1 is black!)
4-Channel Running Light Kit
Controls 4 separate lights in sequence!
On-board LED indicators
Adjustable speed
Easy assembly
Runs on and controls 110-240VAC!
Run Light, Run!
Running Lights Controller
Light up the dance floor at a club or brighten up any party with this light control computer module. It's got outputs to control
seven independent lights and you can choose from sixteen different programmed patterns! Clubs, parties, advertisements, sign installa-
tions, Christmas lights… the possibilities are endless!
The circuit is designed so that once installed, it can easily be controlled from the front panel. You also get on-unit visual feedback with the built-in status LEDs. If you need to
control more than seven lights, no problem! The K5201 can be operated in a unique dual-unit mode specially designed to make two modules operate as one, and for additional
flexibility an unlimited number of units can be daisy-chained for synchronous operation! Note, this controller is for use with resistive loads such as regular incandescent light bulbs.
Not for use with transformer operated or fluorescent lighting. Dimensions: 5.3" x 3.1". From Velleman.
Light Computer Control Module
Sixteen different patterns
Seven outputs
Adjustable speed
External oscillator output
Special two-unit link mode for 14-channel operation
Pattern indication via LEDs
Let There Be Lights!
Light Computer Control Module
Light up the dance floor, create lightning effects for Halloween, or pretend like you're in a silent film from the 1920s! The possibilities are end-
less with this compact and easy-to-build strobe kit. All you need is the disco ball, a place to hang it, and some old 8 track tapes!
This kit reminds me of my early Popular Electronics kit days in high school! Yep, one of the projects was a Xenon tube strobe kit and I
built it... to go with my polyester leisure suit, paisley shirt, and white shoes! Decades later, these strobes are as popular as ever! Simple
board construction includes a variable flash rate control from 2-20 flashes per second. 110VAC or 220VAC models available. From Velleman.
Xenon Tube Strobe Kit, 110-120VAC
Xenon Tube Strobe Kit, 220-240VAC
Ultra bright Xenon flash tube!
Adjustable flash rate!
Runs on 110-120VAC
Oh No... We’re Back To The 70’s!
Xenon Tube Strobe Light
This is as close as it comes to a “Magic Wand”! Shake it back and forth and brilliant messages seem to appear in mid-air! Six high
intensity LEDs are microprocessor controlled to display messages and graphics that are pre-programmed into the wand.
You can also custom program a message of your choice! From amazing your friends, to making a statement at a concert or simply
telling your loved one how you feel, the message wand can’t be beat! Runs on two AAA batteries (not included), and the auto power
off circuit gives you long battery life. Measures 6.4” x 1” x .9”. From Velleman.
(I tried to program it to say “I’m tired of writing cata-
log copy” but it was too many digits!)
LED Magic Wand Kit
Message floats in air!
Fun at concerts, events
High visibility red LEDs
Say It... In Mid Air!
LED Magic Message Wand
This super-sensitive sound-to-light converter incorporates a built-in microphone that captures any ambient sound and lights six high-brightness
Red LEDs. Sensitivity is fully adjustable via a PCB mounted trimmer potentiometer. A great kit for fun, education or as a helpful tool to indicate
a telephone rings, doorbells, alarms etc. for the hearing impaired. Dimensions: 2.30” x 1.85”. From CanaKit.
CK457 LED Sound-to-Light Converter Kit
UK457 LED Sound-to-Light Converter, Factory Assembled & Tested
Ultra Sensitive Onboard Microphone!
Adjustable Sensitivity!
Powered by a Standard 9V Battery!
LED Sound-To-Light Converter
Wired & Tested
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