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Sound Effects
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With the incredible popularity of the “Electronic Dripping Faucet” kit (EDF1, page 18) we figured we had to come up
with something equally unique! Well, this one is unique... to say the least!
How about an electronic cricket? Sounds just like those little black critters that seem to come from nowhere and annoy
you with their chirp-chirp! And just like the little critters, we made it sensitive to temperature so when it gets warmer, it chirps
That’s right, you can even figure out the temperature by the number of chirps it generates! Just count the number of chirps over a 15 second interval, add 40, and you have the tem-
perature in degrees Fahrenheit! Not as fancy as a digital thermometer but much more unique! And unlike its little black predecessor, the ECS1 operates from around 50°F to 90°F! I
don’t think there are too many real crickets chirping away at 90°F! A unique thermistor circuit drives a few 555 ICs providing a variable chirp that is guaranteed to annoy everyone
around you! But just watch their faces when you tell them the temperature outside!
Runs on 9-12VDC or a standard 9V battery (not included). Includes everything shown, including the speaker and battery clip, to make your cricket project a breeze.
(If it drives you
nuts you probably can squish it under your feet to make it stop... but that voids the warranty!)
Chirps like a real cricket!
Senses temperature and changes its chirp accordingly!
You can actually determine the temperature and
amaze your friends!
Electronic Cricket Sensor Kit
Doesn’t Crawl...
Just As Annoying!
Electronic Chirping Cricket Sensor
This voice changer kit is a riot! Just like the expensive units you hear the DJ’s use, it
changes your voice with a multitude of effects! You can sound just like a robot, you can
change the pitch of your voice variably from low to high. For even more effect, add
vibrato to your voice! Great for parties, recordings, bands, and the ever popular prank
phone calls! Not that we endorse those incredibly funny prank phone call CD’s, TV
shows, and DVD’s! Speaker output provides a powerful 1.5W output at 4 ohms. A line
output is also provided to interface into your audio equipment... or telephone coupler!
Runs on a standard 9V battery (not included). Board measures 3” x 1.8”. From
(No, I only have all those CD’s and DVD’s for research purposes!)
MK171 Voice Changer Kit
Alter your natural voice!
Hi pitch, low pitch, vibrato, etc!
Built-in microphone!
Great for parties!
You Aren’t Who You Are!
Digital Voice Changer
Looking for a little more attention? This stepped up siren kit creates
police, fire engine and ambulance sirens, as well as machine gun
sounds. It's great for any sound effect applications and makes a perfect
alert sound generator for an alarm system.
There will be no trouble hearing it with its whopping 10 watts of power! The output
transistor even includes a heat sink to assure reliable operation at full power. Board
mounted switches select the mode of operation. Runs on 3-9VDC. The board meas-
ures 2.57” x 1.72”. From CanaKit. (
Imagine scaring a car thief away with the sound of
a machine gun!
CK144 10W Siren Sound Effects Kit
UK144 10W Siren Sound Effects, Assembled & Tested
Generates 4 separate siren sounds!
Powerful 10 watt output!
Great alarm alert generator!
10 Watt Electronic Siren
Pink noise is a great tool for testing and equalizing rooms (especially living/listening
rooms) to make sure your sound system is giving you the best possible audio. Using
this generator and a spectrum analyzer you can equalize your room to exacting specifi-
Why Pink noise? Unlike white noise, which has equal power per Hz, pink noise is fil-
tered to give equal power per octave or per 1/3 octave. This means pink noise contains
more of the frequencies that the human ear is attuned to, making it ideal for acoustic
equalization! If desired this kit is easily modifiable to produce standard white noise as
well. Dimensions: 2.8” x 1.7”. From Velleman.
(No, it won’t play DSOTM!)
K4301 Pink Noise Generator Kit
Pseudo random digital noise!
Adjustable from 30-100kHz!
Optimize your acoustics
Runs on 1-12VAC or 12-15VDC
Pink Noise Generator
This fun little sound generator is more than a siren. Once assembled you can create
your choice of 4 different sound effects: Police siren, fire brigade, emergency vehicle,
and laser gun! Use the laser gun to go on a rampage and then just call in the police
and fire vehicles to clean up your mess! Wow, how’s that for catalog writing imagina-
Variable pitch control allows you to customize the sound! Built-in PC board mounted
speaker makes this kit ready to go when you’re done. Runs on a standard 9V battery
(not included). Measures 2.4” x 1.6”. From Velleman.
(Did I say imagination?!)
MK113 Siren Sound Effects Kit
Generates 4 separate sounds!
Includes on/off switch!
Includes PC mounted speaker!
Runs on a standard 9V battery!
This Little Kit Is A Riot!
Siren Sound Effects Generator
For centuries musicians have used metronomes to keep a standard tempo, but mechan-
ical wind-up metronomes are bulky and require winding. On the flip side, newer pre-
assembled electronic metronomes tend to be pricey and cluttered with unnecessary
features. This kit is perfect for anyone looking for a simple, compact, and inexpensive
metronome that they can build themselves! Features controls for volume and beats per
minute. The PC mounted speaker gives you a pleasant timing beat and a board mount-
ed LED gives you visual indication for the “silent mode” of operation. Runs on a stan-
dard 9V battery (not included). From Velleman.
MK106 Electronic Metronome Kit
Audible and visual indication!
Adjustable volume and BPM!
Built-in speaker!
Compact size!
Keep Perfect Time!
Electronic Metronome
10 Watts Of Blaring Siren Sounds!
The SM3 has been one of our most popular mini-kits
for decades! It’s a great starter kit, and the feeling of
achievement is great when you connect a battery and
speaker, push the button and hear an electronic police siren!
This little circuit exactly duplicates the upward and downward wail of an electronic
police siren. A closure (typically a push button) generates the upward wail, releasing
the switch makes it return downward.
Powerful 5 watt audio output drives any speaker but a “horn” type speaker provides the
loudest results. Runs on 6-12 VDC, typically a small 9V battery. Great little kit to build
into your projects or as a stand-alone fun generating siren!
SM3 Electronic Siren Kit
Just like the police cars!
5W audio output!
Here Come The Cops!
Electronic Siren
Wired & Tested
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