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Audio Amps & Accessories
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A super amplifier to use stand-alone or as part of a system. The small circuit board and heatsink make it easy to integrate this into any of your
applications requiring a good amplifier. 7 watts maximum audio output (3.5W RMS into 4 ohm) provides a Total Harmonic Distortion of .05%
with a Frequency Response between 20Hz and 20kHz. Input sensitivity is is 40mV at 150k ohm.
Supply voltage is 8 to 18VDC at .5A (15VDC for rated output). Automatic protection for shorted output and overload. Uses the newest TDA2003
IC for ultimate reliability. Includes the small but efficient heatsink shown. Board measures 2.2” x 1.4”. From Velleman.
7 Watt Audio Power Amplifier Kit
7 Watts output maximum power
Overload and short circuit protected
Includes heatsink
The Easy Audio Amplifier!
7 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
This compact audio amplifier is perfect as a stand-alone amp or as a component in your custom project. Using the popular TDA2003 Integrated
Circuit, it can deliver more than 10W of music power into a 4 Ohm speaker (7W R.M.S. / 4 Ohm or 4W R.M.S. / 8 Ohm). It also incorporates a tempera-
ture compensation circuit and is fully protected against the possibility of overload or short-circuit. Input Sensitivity is 75mV at 20K Ohm, Frequency Response
is 40Hz to 15KHz (-3dB), and Supply Voltage is 12-18 VDC at 500mA to 750mA. Board Measures 1.80” x 1.66”. From CanaKit.
10 watts maximum output power
AC and DC short circuit protection
Thermal overload protection
Includes gold-anodized heat sink
10 Watt Audio Amplifier Kit
10 Watt Audio Amplifier, Factory Assembled & Tested
Compact and Powerful!
10 Watt Audio Amplifier
Wired & Tested
Built around the popular TDA2003 Integrated Circuit, this powerful
and compact audio amplifier offers the advantage of a built-in
microphone pre-amplifier in conjunction with a 10 watt mono audio ampli-
fier - all on the same PC board!
The microphone pre-amplifier includes a PC board mounted microphone jack, and
the whole package provides great power with just a 12V DC supply. And even with a
small amplifier like this, don’t worry about overdriving it or shorting the outputs. It fea-
tures automatic output short-circuit and overload protection! From CanaKit.
10 Watts of power in a tiny kit!
Board-mounted microphone jack!
Short-circuit and overload protected!
Includes gold-anodized heat sink!
10W Audio Amplifier w/Mic Pre Amp Kit
10W Audio Amplifier w/Mic Pre Amp, Factory Assembled & Tested
Boost That Microphone!
10W Audio Amplifier w/Mic Pre Amp
Supply Voltage:
12-15VDC / 0.5A
Power Consumption:
< 45mA (stand-by)
Input Sensitivity:
Aux -75mV / 20K Ohm
Mic - 2 to 5mV (dynamic)
Output Power Using 15VDC Supply:
Music Power: >10W @ 4 Ohm
RMS Power: 7W @ 4 Ohm or 4W @ 8 Ohm
Frequency Response:
40 Hz to 15 KHz (-3dB)
Maximum Distortion:
4.24” x 2.27”
Wired & Tested
The heart of this beauty is the STK4392 Thick Film Hybrid integrated circuit. This device really cranks out the power, to the tune of 2x25
watts RMS power! The hybrid is mounted on a gold anodized super-efficient heat sink to keep it cool even while it's cranked.
An on-board power supply is included so you simply need to drive it with a 24-32VAC
transformer. High quality volume and balance pots are front board mounted to accom-
modate any custom panel installation. Stereo inputs are brought out on the board via
dual RCA connectors making it a breeze to connect to any consumer audio output jacks.
Finally, screw terminal blocks are used for speaker outputs to insure a proper connec-
Now comes the best part, all this is mounted on a single board that measures 5" x 2.3"! Simply
amazing! From CanaKit.
Huge power, tiny kit!
Includes volume and balance controls
Screw terminals for power and speaker connections
Runs on 14-33VAC
CK260 50W Hybrid Power Stereo Amp Kit
UK260 50W Hybrid Power Stereo Amp, Factory Assembled & Tested
50W Hybrid Power Stereo Amp
Supply Voltage:
24-32V AC Transformer 1-2A
Input Sensitivity:
Output Power (32VAC):
Music Power: 2x38W @ 4Ohm
RMS Power: 2x25W @ 4 Ohm
Max Distortion:
< 0.3%
Frequency Response:
20Hz to 30KHz
5.01” x 2.31”
Wired & Tested
This kit gives you a very compact mini stereo amplifier that can be connected to the headphone jack of any standard audio source such as an iPod,
iPad, iPhone or other portable MP3 player. With a circuit based on two LM386 low-voltage power amplifiers, the CK122 provides up to 1W of music
power for each channel! Includes cable with stereo plug as well as a battery holder. It even includes an on/off switch, unlike some of the devices you
may connect it to! Output Power: 2 x 0.5W Max @ 4 Ohm. Dimensions: 2.50” x 1.40”. From CanaKit.
CK122 Mini MP3 Player Amplifier Kit
UK122 Mini MP3 Player Amplifier, Factory Assembled & Tested
Boost your portable music power!
Runs on 4 standard “AA” batteries
Includes cable with stereo plug
Crank Up The Audio On That New
iPhone You Waited In Line For!
Mini MP3 Player Stereo Amplifier
Wired & Tested
Yes! Thick Film Hybrid In a
Hobby Kit Amplifier!
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