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Audio Amps & Accessories
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Here’s a super sensitive amplifier that will pick up a pin drop at 15 feet (with a proper
microphone attached)! It’s also an ideal general purpose amplifier to simply boost the
signal level of any audio source. The device is rated 2 watts audio output which relates
to lots of gain!
When wired for high gain, makes an excellent room monitor. Simply connect one of
our MC1 mini electret condenser mics. Likewise, this little amplifier is perfect to build a
“big ear” high gain mic to listen in on the “wildlife” both in the field and in the city!
Just like the ones the networks use at football games to listen to the players! Runs on
6-15VDC at 500mA. Drives any speaker or coupled headphones and runs on a stan-
dard 9V battery or anywhere from 9-15VDC. The tiny board measures 1½” x ½” x 1½”.
BN9 Super Snoop Amplifier Kit
High sensitivity, long distance
Powerful 2W audio output!
Super High Gain!
Super Snoop
The "Stereo Ear" is one of the neatest and handiest ultra-high-gain audio amplifier you will find! And when we say high gain, we mean
it! This little amplifier boost audio 50 times, and it does it in stereo! There are two high sensitivity electret condenser microphones mount-
ed on the board, placed at 45 degree angles to give you maximum stereo separation.
The little amplifier is self-contained on a PC board, mounted to the back of a battery holder that takes 3 AAA batteries (not included). Along
with the two stereo mics, there is an on/off switch, power LED, and a volume control. The output of the amplifier is a standard stereo 3.5mm
headphone jack. This makes it simple to monitor the audio with your normal headphones or ear buds.
Being headphone level, you can also feed the output into a standard unbalanced line level input of an audio system, mixer, or recorder. It is amazing to
plug your headphones in and hear distant conversations in the room and left to right audio imaging when someone walks across the room! From Velleman.
(Noisy tenants? Plug
this into your PC audio in jack, record it all night, burn a CD or thumb drive, and give it to your landword… it works!)
Stereo Ear Super Stereo Amplifier Kit
Super high gain, amplifies sound 50 times!
Listen in stereo directly with headphones!
Dual directional stereo microphones included!
What Did He Say?
You’ll Find Out!
Stereo Ear
Super Stereo Amplifier
This little subminiature condenser microphone element kit is great as a replacement
microphone in tape recorders, walkie-talkies, radios, CB microphones, telephones, and
other audio products. Extremely sensitive element has a built-in high gain FET pream-
plifier. A lot of customers use these microphone elements together with our BN9
Super Snoop Amplifier to build super sensitive “electronic ears”.
The preamp is powered from 3 to 15 VDC on the audio line to the microphone. The kit
includes a coupling capacitor and current limiting resistor to make the connection to
your circuit a breeze! Comes complete with detailed connection details, schematic, and
diagrams. The microphone element measures 3/8” diameter x 3/8” high! And THAT is
MC1 Mini Electret Condenser Mic
Extremely sensitive!
Built-in FET preamplifier!
Super small size, great fidelity!
Runs on 3 to 15 VDC
You CAN Hear Me Now!
Mini Electret Condenser Microphone
A perfect test source for stereo line inputs on any amplifier or mixer.
Provides 50Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, & 20kHz tones, plus 32 bit digital
pink noise. Great to help you identify cables or left/right reversals!
Output is line level to two standard RCA plugs. Runs on two
CR2016/2025 batteries not included. Measures 3.4” x 2” x 1”. From Velleman.
K8065 Pocket Audio Generator Kit
Digital waveform generation
Stereo out, dual RCA plugs
Test Those Inputs!
Hand held audio level meter that fits in your pocket! Built-
in mic picks up music and audio and displays it on an LED
bargraph. Includes enclosure shown. Runs on one 3V Li-
Ion button cell, not included. From Velleman.
MK146 Pocket Vu Meter Kit
LED bar graph display
Built-in microphone
Watch That Music!
Pocket Audio Generator
Pocket Vu Meter
Digital Audio Storage Module Kit
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level V Effeciency
Whether you're an electronic hobbyist looking for a sound effects source for a holiday decoration, a museum or exhibitor looking for a
message "loop" for displays and kiosks, or a private broadcaster looking for an inexpensive means to store and playback IDs and spots,
this little board has you covered!
Messages can be recorded with a highly sensitive built-in electret condenser microphone. Just push the record button and record up to 8
minutes of voice quality audio. If you need higher music quality response, you can adjust the sample rate with the on-board control and
record nearly 3 minutes at music quality. In addition to the built-in mic, you can also plug in a standard unbalanced line level audio input from a mixer, MP3 player, or other common
audio equipment. The board has a 8 ohm speaker output rated at 500mW as well as a standard unbalanced line level output for connection into your own audio or transmitter
Operation is simple with 4 PC mounted touch switches for Record, Play, Erase, and Next. The board can also be remote controlled with external switches, relay contacts, or open col-
lector outputs. Board measures 4.3" x 2.3" x 1" and runs on 9-12VDC at 100mA. Order our AC121 regulated power supply for a direct plug-in power source.
Record and playback up to 8 minutes of audio messages!
On-board sensitive electret condenser microphone!
Unbalanced line input, line output, and half watt speaker output!
Adjustable sample rates!
Built-in pushbutton controls plus remote control capability!
Small size to fit your application!
Record and Playback
Up to 8 Minutes!
Digital Audio Record & Playback Module
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