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Audio Amps & Accessories
Audio Echo Delay/Reverb Unit
This echo delay/reverb circuit is based around the PT2399 echo audio processor IC and is equipped with ADC and DAC with high sampling frequency.
An internal memory of 44K is used to generate a delay time of up to a maximum of 342ms, easily adjustable by with the onboard potentiometer.
The circuit also offers very low distortion (THD < 0.5%) and low noise (< –90 dBV), thus producing high quality audio output suitable for a wide variety of applications. The circuit
incorporates both delay and repeats adjustments. Input sensitivity is 150mV / 20K Ohm.
The basic unit (128 series) features line output and is available as a kit or factory assembled & tested. The enhanced version (UK448) is only available factory assembled & tested and
includes a microphone input preamplifier and an audio output amplifier for direct connection to a speaker!
This little kit is great for Karaoke, Custom Audio Equipment, Musical Instruments, and much more! It can be built into your existing equipment or pedal board, but an optional custom
enclosure is also available to mount it as a stand-alone unit. Runs on regulated 9-12VDC at 100mA. Dimensions: 3.26” x 2.34”. From CanaKit.
(In the late ’60s I built the Popular
Electronics cover story kit “Reverb For Your Car” and it had delay springs in it!)
High quality low noise/distortion output!
Adjustable delay length (Up to 342ms)!
Available with or without audio output amplifier!
Optional custom enclosure available!
Audio Echo Delay/Reverb Unit Kit
Audio Echo Delay/Reverb Unit, Factory Assembled & Tested
Custom Enclosure For 128 Series
Deluxe Audio Echo Delay/Reverb Unit With Amplifiers, Factory Assembled & Tested
Custom Enclosure For 128 Series
Wired & Tested
HelloHello, NeatNeatKitKitWorksWorksGreatGreat!!
These compact VU-meters are based on the AN6884 LED Driver Integrated Circuit that ensures a high input sensitivi-
ty - as low as 50mV! Directly connect to the audio Line-Out or speaker output of your audio source and you are
ready to go! Compared these to the old style analogue VU-Meters and you will be awed by the lightning fast
response. Also features adjustable sensitivity so you can fine-tune it to match your levels. On the CK106 each
stereo channel is adjustable independently. Comes complete with green, yellow and red LEDs. Everything
you need to add a cool music-powered light effect to any electronic project. A great conversation starter!
Supply voltage: 5-14VDC / 200mA. Dimensions: 2.31” x 0.70” (CK104) / 1.42” x 2.37” (CK106). From CanaKit.
Fast and sensitive digitally controlled response
Available in mono 5-LED or stereo 10-LED versions
Includes red, yellow, and green LEDs
Adjustable sensitivity
5-LED Vu-Meter Kit
5-LED Vu-Meter, Factory Assembled & Tested
10-LED Vu-Meter Kit
10-LED Vu-Meter, Factory Assembled & Tested
Create Awesome Music-
Driven Lighting Displays!
LED Vu-Meters
Wired & Tested
This is a spectrum analyzer display with three channels that respond to low, medi-
um and high frequencies of the audio band. It creates a fantastic display using
three bars of colored LEDs (red, green and yellow). Thanks to the high input sen-
sitivity, it can be connected directly to the Line-Out of your music system. The
CK109 is also capable of operating over a a wide range of voltages from 6 to
14VDC. From CanaKit.
High input sensitivity!
3 independent sensitivity controls!
Connect directly to your audio system line-out!
15 LEDs for a Dazzling
Audio-Visual Display!
3-Channel LED Audio Spectrum Analyzer
3-Channel / 15-LED Audio Spectrum Display & VU-Meter Kit
3-Channel / 15-LED Audio Spectrum Display & VU-Meter, Factory Assembled & Tested
Input Sensitivity:
Frequency Bands:
Low: 100Hz-300Hz
Mid: 800Hz-2KHz
High: 3KHz-5KHz
Supply Voltage:
6-14VDC / 200mA
2.70” x 3.74”
Wired & Tested
This super sensitive mono LED VU-Meter incorporates its
own pre-amplifier, allowing you to directly connect to the line-
out of any audio source.
Based around dual LM324 Quad Op-Amps, this VU-Meter uses 2 rows
of 8 Red, Yellow, and Green LEDs to create a fantastic light display.
Supply Voltage: 6-12VDC / 200mA. Input Sensitivity: 50mV. Dimensions: 3.20” x 1.60”.
From CanaKit.
CK324 Super Sensitive LED VU Meter Kit
UK324 Super Sensitive LED VU Meter, Factory Asmb & Tested $25.95
16 Dazzling red, yellow, and green LEDs!
Highly sensitive input (50mV)!
Connects directly to audio line-out!
Super Sensitive LED VU Meter
Wired & Tested
This super-sensitive sound-to-light converter incorpo-
rates a built-in microphone that captures any ambient
sound and lights six high-brightness Red LEDs.
Sensitivity is fully adjustable via a PCB mounted trim-
mer potentiometer.
A great kit for fun, education or as a helpful tool to indicate a telephone rings, doorbells,
alarms etc. for the hearing impaired. Dimensions: 2.30” x 1.85”. From CanaKit.
CK457 LED Sound-to-Light Converter Kit
UK457 LED Sound-to-Light Converter, Factory Asmb & Tested $19.95
Ultra sensitive on-board microphone!
Adjustable sensitivity!
Powered by a standard 9V battery!
LED Sound-To-Light Converter
Wired & Tested
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