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Plasma Generator Kit
16VAC Output Power Adapter
This new kit was conceived by one of our engi-
neers that likes to play with things that can gen-
erate large, loud sparks, and other frightening
During the process of looking for parts for one
of his latest experiments he discovered how difficult it
was to find a high voltage transformer that met his
requirements. Well, we had a super unit designed expressly for
This is one heck of a neat kit! It really serves no purpose other than produc-
ing stunning lighting displays, drawing big sparks, scaring the neighbors and performing lots of high voltage
experiments. But sometimes that’s a great purpose for a kit!
In the picture to the right we took a regular clear “Decora” style light bulb and connected it to the PG13. WOW! A storm of sparks, light tracers and plasma filled the bulb! Holding
your hand on the bulb doesn’t hurt a bit and you can control the discharge!
It can also be used for powering other experiments... let your imagination be your guide! The high voltage at the terminal won’t electrocute you, so it’s relatively safe, but it can burn
you, so use caution. Can also be run from 5-24VDC so the output voltage can be directly adjusted by simply adjusting the input voltage! This is for advanced experimenters only and
not for the faint of heart!
(Unless you buy the ECG Kit, then it’s OK!)
Generate 2” sparks to a handheld screwdriver!
Light fluorescent tubes without wires!
Build your own Plasma Balls!
Generates up to 25kV @ 20 KHz from a solid state circuit!
Shocking Results...
Generate negative ions along with a blast
of fresh air without any noise!
Generates a steady state DC voltage at a
constant current, not pulsed!
Generates 7.5kV DC negative, 400uA. That's
a lot of ions!
This nifty kit includes a pre-made high voltage ion generator potted for your protection, and probably the best one available for the
price. It also includes a neat experiment called an “ion wind generator”. This generator works great for pollution removal in small
areas (like after grandpa gets done in the bathroom!) and moves the air through the filter simply by the force of ion repulsion!
No fan blades, no noise, just swiftly moving, charged air! Gee, have we heard of this technology on a boatload of air cleaner
infomercials lately? It’s amazing when you get this built and actually feel the air flow and smell the very special clean ion smell.
The first engineering prototype quickly went into the Ramsey employee restroom!
Learn how modern spacecraft use ions to accelerate through space and why ion engines are ideal for long-distance space travel. Includes ion
power supply, 7 ion wind tubes, and mounting hardware for the ion wind generator. Runs on 12-15VDC at 500mA. (
Caution...do not grab the output of the transformer, all the ions
may be sucked out of your body! And don’t you just hate it when that happens!)
Ion Generator Kit
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
Generate A Breath
Of Fresh Air!
Spark Generating HV Plasma Generator
Air Blasting Ion Generator
At Ramsey Electronics
we think every day should be healthy heart day, and there’s no better way than to
watch your own heart! Not only will building an actual ECG be a thrill, but you'll get hands-on knowledge of
the relationship between electrical activity and the human body. Each time the human heart beats, the heart
muscle causes small electrical changes across your skin. By monitoring and amplifying these changes, the ECG1C
detects the heartbeat and allows you to accurately display it, and hear it, giving you a window into the inner workings of
the human heart and body! Use the ECG1C to astound your physician with your knowledge of ECG/EKG systems. Enjoy learning about the inner workings
of the heart while, at the same time, covering the stage-by-stage electronic circuit theory used in the kit to monitor it. The three probe wire pick-ups allow
for easy application and experimentation without the cumbersome harness normally associated with ECG monitors.
The documentation with the ECG1C covers everything from the circuit description of the kit to the circuit description of the heart! Multiple “beat” indicators
include a bright front panel LED that flashes with the actions of the heart along with an adjustable level audio speaker output that supports both mono and
stereo hook-ups. In addition, a monitor output is provided to connect to any standard oscilloscope to view the traditional style ECG/EKG waveforms just like
you see in a real ER or on one of the medical TV shows! See the display to the right? That was me, when I noticed some skipped beats in my pulse! An
immediate cardiac check found I had Trigeminy, or PVCs that occur at intervals of 2 normal beats to one PVC! And I saw it with our ECG1 kit!
The fully adjustable gain control on the front panel allows the user to custom tune the differential signal picked up by the probes giving you a perfect reading and display every time!
10 hospital grade re-usable probe patches are included together with the matching custom case set shown. Additional patches are available in 10-packs. Operates on a standard
9VDC battery for safe and simple operation. Note, the ECG1C is intended for hobbyist usage only. If you experience any cardiac symptoms, seek proper medical help immediately!
Electrocardiogram Heart Monitor Kit With Case
Factory Assembled & Tested ECG1 With Case And Power Supply
Set of 10 Replacement Reusable Probe Patches
Visible and audible display of your heart rhythm
Re-usable sensors included; just like visiting the lab
at the hospital!
Bright LED “Beat” indicator for easy viewing
Monitor output for professional display on your
Wired & Tested
Check Your
Own Heart &
Stay Healthy!
Electrocardiogram ECG Heart Monitor
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