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Tickle or stimulator - take your pick... once you grab it, you’ll let go quick!! Mount this
little kit plus a secret switch - like a mercury tilt switch - in an ingenious can or box and
watch the fun. Adding a bright ribbon bow is remarkably effective at baiting the
unwary! The kit has a pulsing 80 volt tickle output and a mischievous blinking LED.
And who can resist a blinking light!
Great fun for your desk, workbench, or coffee table... “Hey, I told you not to touch!”
Runs on 3-6 VDC battery power (not included). This kit has become a fixture at our
Hamfest displays, providing us, and others who are in the know, hours of fun!
Measures 1½” x ¾” x 2½”.
TS4 Tickle Stick Kit
Shocking but harmless fun!
You’ll let go quick
Teasing LED indicator!
Get The Shock Of Your Life!
Create your own lightning with these time-tested devices that have delighted students for decades! Named after the inventor Van de
Graaff, a physicist who built the first generator in 1929 at Princeton University. This machine produces low-amperage static elec-
tricity that can be “shocking” but perfectly safe. Two different pulleys with 2 neoprene belts inside a 1¾” plastic column create
and carry a static charge up to the 7” polished aluminum collector globe. You can draw out this static charge in a burst of lightning,
sparks, or you can even set each hair on your head on end! It’s an incredible display!
The entire unit is 18” tall, runs on 110VAC, and includes a ground clip for discharge wands. Our comprehensive instruction book
tells you how to raise hair, produce lightning and electric wind, experiment with St. Elmo’s fire or electrostatic attraction and repul-
sion. For a stunning display, use the matching “discharge wand” with your VG200 and watch the sparks fly between the two globes!
If you’re looking for a really neat experience and want to learn the basics at the same time, the Van deGraaff generator kit is for you. If you can’t wait to build it and just want to have
a ball with the sparks, we even offer it factory assembled and tested! Your choice! If 200 kV isn’t enough zap for you, check out our VG400 below!
(My kid didn’t believe me that
these will make your hair stand straight up... now he believes!)
200,000 volt potential!
Sparks up to 5”!
Operates in high humidity!
Factory assembled & tested
Wired & Tested
Dazzle Them With Huge Sparks!
Make Their Hair Stand Up On End!
What’s the matter, our 200 kV Van deGraaff doesn’t have enough “stooch” for you? You want even more of your hair to stand straight up? You want foot
long sparks? Well, for you die-hard shock fans, here you go; how does 400 kV sound? Just like its little brother the VG200, it can create lightning and
make hair literally stand up on end! The VG400 produces up to 400,000 volts with special neoprene belts inside a 3” diameter transparent butyrate col-
umn to carry the 10 microamp charge up to the whopping 13” polished aluminum globe! It proudly stands 35.5” tall with a very heavy metal base for
rock stable operation.
The foolproof brush assembly never needs adjustment to guarantee flawless operation... and lots of sparks! The VG400 runs on 110VA and includes a power cord,
on/off switch, and a grounding terminal for discharge wands. Just like the VG200, we include a comprehensive instruction book that nicely describes all the
experiments and displays you can produce.
If you really want to put on a show use the heavy duty matching VG400W discharge wand and watch the action between them! Grounded to the
VG400WT the sparks really fly! It’s incredible and produces a fantastic display! The high power VG400 is available factory assembled and tested only
to assure you perfect and safe operation. When you receive it, just plug it in and you’ll have a hair-raising experience... we guarantee it! If you have a
hankering to safely play around with 400,000 volts, check out this high-power Van deGraaff generator!
400 kV Van deGraaff Generator, Factory Assembled & Tested
Matching Discharge Wand, 2.6’ Rod
Super high output, 400,000 volt potential!
Generates sparks up to 12”!
Heavy duty construction throughout
Factory assembled & tested
Wired & Tested
When 200,000 Volts...
Just Isn’t Enough!
200 kV Van de Graaff Generator
400 kV Van de Graaff Generator
200kV Van deGraaff Generator, Factory Assembled & Tested
Matching Discharge Wand, 1.3’ Rod
When car thieves are scoping out prospective targets, sometimes all it takes is the
appearance of an alarm system to deter them… and its certainly a heck of a lot cheaper
than the real thing! With this nifty kit you can put your own "dummy" alarm together to
save yourself some cash, and maybe your car in the process!
This little kit gives you a realistic-looking flashing LED sequence that simulates the
appearance of an active car alarm system! For added convenience, it also hooks direct-
ly into your cars electrical system to automatically enable the alarm simulation when
you shut your engine off! Give yourself a little extra insurance with this affordable kit
from Velleman!
MK126 Car Alarm Simulator Kit
Activates automatically when engine is off!
Easy to install, just two wires!
Adjustable sensitivity!
Includes pre-wired LED holder and labels!
Keep Them Away From Your Car!
Car Alarm Simulator
Today, videogames are a 10 billion dollar industry, generating even more revenue than the Hollywood film business, but it all started in 1972 with a
simple table tennis simulation that soon found its way into bars, and later homes, all over the country! Now with the MK121 you can put together a
fun kit that will certainly take you back to the early days of gaming! Once complete, you can plug this kit directly into your TV for a fun retro gaming
experience for the whole family! Control the paddles with one of four movement buttons, and your score is displayed on screen! Test your soldering
skills then test your ping-pong skills! Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included). Measures 2.9" x 5.5". From Velleman.
Table Tennis Video Game Kit
Build the classic game that started it all!
2-player head to head mode!
Single player with 4 levels!
RCA video and audio outputs!
Go Back In Time, After You Build It!
Classic Table Tennis Video Game
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