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Seasonal Displays
You won’t be scraping the seeds and guts out of
this pumpkin! A six-transistor circuit provides a neat
random flash pattern that looks just like a flickering
candle, and a super bright LED illuminates the entire pump-
kin with a spooky glow!
Runs on a standard 9V battery (not included). Includes an edge mounted on/off slide
switch. From Velleman.
Spook Them With LEDs!
MK145 LED Halloween Pumpkin Kit
25 bright LEDs!
Random flash like a candle!
Super bright illumination!
Who says ghosts aren’t real? Once your friends see this one they'll think differently!
The unique circuit board design includes two ominous blinking eyes that change with
various conditions, including sudden changes in ambient noise.
A highly sensitive built-in microphone picks up anything from noises to talking and
makes the ghost dance with its built-in motor, make eerie sounds with the built-in
speaker, and randomly blink.
A white cloth and a hanger are included as shown to make it look even spookier! Runs
on 2 AAA batteries (not included). From Velleman.
Moves, Shakes, Blinks!
MK166 Animated Ghost Kit
Automatically greets your
Responds to sudden noises
Built-in microphone
Adjustable sensitivity
LED Halloween Pumpkin
Electronics Is Fun, Especially At The Holidays
Holiday Favorites!
Animated Ghost
What a way to welcome the holiday season and
learn about electronics at the same time!
This animated Santa and reindeer display has 126 dazzling colored LEDs to make a real-
ly nice holiday sign. Runs on 9-12VDC so you can use a standard 9V battery or an
external power supply so it can be left on continuously. Includes an on/off switch.
Measures 3.2” x 5.7”. From Velleman.
MK116 Animated Santa Display Kit
AC121 12VDC/1A Power Supply, 100-240VAC Green Level-V
126 LED animated display!
Here Comes Santa!
LED Santa Display
This beautiful electronic Christmas Tree consists of a whopping
134 bright LEDs! Of the 134 LEDs, 18 randomly blinking “can-
dles” give the tree an exciting animated look! Red, green, and
yellow LEDs are used to provide a brilliant display.
Runs on an external 9-12VDC supply or a standard 9V battery.
Use an external power supply and leave it on continuously!
Includes a PC board mounted on/off switch. PC board measures 5.6” x 3.2”.
From Velleman.
MK117 LED Deluxe Christmas Tree Kit
AC121 12VDC/1A Power Supply, 100-240VAC Green Level-V
134 random blinking LEDs!
Large multi color display!
Battery or external power!
Built-in on/off switch
83 LEDs provide a neat looking holiday bell that swings back
and forth! Multiple green, red, and yellow LEDs provide you
with a festive holiday spirit the moment you see this bell!
A PC board mounted on/off switch and standard power connector are included.
Runs on 9-12VDC or a standard 9V battery (not included). Measures 3.2” x 3.5”. From
MK122 LED Animated Bell Kit
AC121 12VDC/1A Power Supply, 100-240VAC Green Level-V
83 LED animated motion!
Multiple colors!
Swings Back And Forth!
Light Up Your Tree In Style!
Animated Holiday Bell
LED Deluxe Christmas Tree
This Christmas Tree is not your average PC board display! It has
4 “branch” sections giving it a 3D depth look!
Its unique design holds a standard 9V battery at its base as its
“trunk” and will stand up on a table or desk with or without the
battery. 16 flashing red LEDs are placed on the branches. Extra green
and yellow LEDs are included to allow you to customize your tree any
way you choose!
Runs on 9-12VDC or the 9V battery (not included) in its base. Measures 3.5” x 4.0”.
From Velleman.
MK130 3D LED Christmas Tree Kit
AC121 12VDC/1A Power Supply, 100-240VAC Green Level-V
Free standing 3D design!
16 flashing LEDs!
Customize with extra LEDs!
Can be hung on the tree!
Dazzle Your Friends!
3D LED Christmas Tree
While a little more basic compared to the others above, this LED
Christmas Tree is still a very neat looking self standing attention getter!
The green PC board has 16 bright red LEDs mounted in the traditional tree
A nice 4 transistor circuit is used to make the LEDs blink just like your big tree does!
An attached battery pack mounts on the bottom allowing the tree to be self standing or
to be hung on your real tree. Runs on a standard 9V battery (not included). Measures
2.4” x 4” x 1”. From Velleman.
MK100 LED Christmas Tree Kit
16 bright flashing red LEDs!
Easy 9V battery operation!
Self standing or “hangable”
Display The Season!
LED Christmas Tree
This is one of the neatest holiday displays that will light up any
party! 60 multi-colored LEDs form an attractive star on a dark
background PC board.
But it’s not just a display... it responds to room audio! That’s right, the built-in micro-
phone picks up music and room audio and the LEDs respond just like a professional
LED Vu meter!
Adjustable sensitivity allows you to balance the display to any audio level. Great for
parties and events. Runs on 9-12VDC. Measures 4.2” x 4.4” x 1.4”. From Velleman.
MK172 LED Sound Actuated Star Kit
AC121 12VDC/1A Power Supply, 100-240VAC Green Level-V
Acts like a LED Vu Meter!
Built-in microphone!
Adjustable sensitivity!
Is It A Star Or A Meter?
LED Sound Actuated Star
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