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Seasonal Displays
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Build this subminiature Christmas Tree and watch it alter-
nately flash red surface mount LEDs! Small enough to
wear as a badge or pendant, or to hang on the tree.
Six high intensity SMT LEDs brilliantly light up this tree. People will be amazed seeing
the actual components on the tree while it flashes. Plus, you can tell them you built it!
SMT components are used throughout the kit to give you a great start in surface mount.
We know they are smaller than small, so as always we include extra parts in case you
lose or damage any.
Runs on one standard CR2025 or CR2032 Li-Ion button cell. Measures 1.75” x .3”.
From Velleman.
MK142 SMT LED Christmas Tree Kit
Alternating flashing 6 SMT LEDs!
Great attention grabber!
Learn SMT over the Holidays!
Wear A Flashing Tree!
SMT LED Christmas Tree
What a great and safe way to display the traditional flickering candle
at the holidays!
In reality, this “candle” is a high intensity Yellow LED, and that means its safe for the
kids, pets, and your fingers! The electronic circuit simulates three different modes:
realistic flickering flame, steady flame, and slow fade in/fade out. All this without any
heat, smoke, or mess! Plus the circuit features an automatic 5 hour power saver timer!
The unique round PC board is designed to drop into a standard 38mm plastic or glass
cup. Use a frosted cup for the best display results! Runs on a standard CR2032 button
cell (not included). Measures 1.5” x .98”. From Velleman.
MK167 Flickering Electronic Candle Kit
Yellow high intensity LED!
3 different “flame modes!”
Power saver timer!
Can’t Blow This One Out!
Flickering Electronic Candle
A great seasonal gadget or gift for the holiday sea-
A classic star shaped PC board contains 35 brilliant red or yellow LEDs. The circuit
allows you to select either a flashing or steady display of the LEDs.
The built-in battery holder also acts as a freestanding base for table or desktop use, or
you can hang it from the tree or ceiling. Runs on a standard 9V battery (not included).
Measures 3.54” x 3.54”. Makes a great addition to any holiday decoration. From
MK169R Flashing Red LED Star Kit
MK169Y Flashing Yellow LED Star Kit
35 brilliant red or yellow LEDs!
Flashing or steady display!
Freestanding or hanging!
Brilliant LED Star!
LED Flashing Holiday Star
This large star features a whopping 60 LEDs and a microproces-
sor to provide 24 separate animated effects!
Besides the red LEDs, additional yellow LEDs are also included to
allow you to custom build your own multi-colored display! Effects include 3 static dis-
plays, 15 blinking displays, and 6 animations complete with fading! In addition, “all
effects” sequencing is available.
Runs on your choice of a standard 9V battery or an external 9-12VDC source. Measures
4.13” x 4.33” x 1.38”. From Velleman.
MK170 LED Animated Effects Star Kit
AC121 12VDC/1A Power Supply, 100-240VAC Green Level-V
60 brilliant animated LEDs!
Microprocessor controlled!
24 different effects with sequencing!
Create your own multi-colored display!
Dazzling Animated Holiday Display!
LED Animated Effects Star
This uniquely shaped “Love Tester” is the ultimate
gag for any couple! Designed to check your love life,
each partner holds one end of the tester PCB at the appropriate male and female touch
pads. Then they romantically join hands and watch the results on the love meter!
10 green, yellow, and red LEDs act like a scale and just like the carnival, when it hits the
top they flash, indicating you're a red hot couple! There is also an audible alarm that
changes with the “love level.”
Next time you're at a party that just isn't going anywhere, bring out this little tester and
the party will come to life! It's a riot! Wide sensitivity range is compatible with all cou-
ples. Includes a built-in power on/off switch. Runs on a standard 9V battery (not
included). Measures 4.1” x 3.1” x .98”. From Velleman.
MK149 Electronic Love Tester Kit
10 LED love scale display!
Audible love level sound!
Great party fun!
Check Your Love Life!
“Love Tester”
What a way to display your feelings to that very special person
in your life! Dazzle her with this unique dual heart electronic
28 brilliant red LEDs are formed into two separate heart designs on the heart shaped
PC board creating a great flashing display.
Built-in battery holder base makes the heart freestanding and perfect for a desk or
table. Runs on a standard 9V battery (not included). Measures 2.4” x 2.4” x 1.2”. From
MK101 Flashing LED Sweetheart Kit
28 brilliant red LEDs!
Unique dual heart design!
Freestanding mount!
The Perfect Valentine!
Flashing LED Sweetheart
Just like the MK142 Christmas Tree, this little kit gives you a distinctive
display using 6 Surface Mount (SMT) LEDs. The PC board is in the
shape of a heart and is also red.
The small size makes it perfect to be used as a badge or hanging pendant around your
neck. Runs on a small CR2025 or CR2032 button cell (not included). Makes a great
SMT learning kit and extra SMT components are included just in case you lose or dam-
age any! Measures 1.9” x 1.7” x .3”. From Velleman.
MK144 SMT LED Flashing Heart Kit
6 Alternating flashing SMT LEDs!
Learn about SMT devices and design
Gets her attention!
The SMT Valentine!
SMT LED Flashing Heart
An ideal and unique gift for any romantic occa-
sion! Fun to build kit for any electronics enthusi-
ast, this circuit is based on 46 LEDs arranged into
two hearts creating a fantastic moving light display
around each heart.
The movement speed is adjustable via trimmer potentiometer
and the circuit includes a built-in adapter jack that can be con-
nected to any 9-12VDC adapter. Supply Voltage: 9-12VDC / 300mA
Dimensions - Display Board: 3.70” x 3.06” Main Board: 3.70” x 1.06”. From CanaKit.
The Ultimate LED Heart Display!
CK155 Rotating Hearts LED Display Kit
UK155 Rotating Hearts LED Display - Wired & Tested
PSC126 Regulated Adapter 12VDC, 600mA
46 Dazzling Red LEDs!
Eye-Catching Interlocking Heart Design!
Adjustable Speed!
Rotating Hearts LED Display
Wired & Tested
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