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Sensors & Alarms
The response to the UP24 was incredible! Customers from professional land surveyors, meteorologists, scientists, pilots and hikers to
the curious hobbyist were overwhelmed with its sensitivity and accuracy. Reading realtime elevation to a third of an inch blew their
minds! Even with this response we considered it a challenge to make it even better... and we sure did! Introducing the next generation
First, for extended field use, we designed an internal lithium ion power cell and a state of the art power management system. Now you
can charge the internal power cell from either an external source of 6VDC to 30VDC or a standard 5VDC USB connection from a PC, lap-
top, or USB charger! The power management system determines the best charging source to use as well as operates the UP24B while
keeping the lithium Ion cell at full charge. Charging status and battery condition displays are also provided.
Next we added a “MARK” feature. This allows storing a single data point reading when YOU want instead of blindly storing readings at
the selected sample rate. A connection jack is provided for a simple contact closure to make a reading. This closure can be a “dry” set
of contacts or electronic closure. Data storage is in comma delimited format for easy loading into a spreadsheet. Each time you enter
the “MARK MODE” a new data block is started allowing you to easily identify multiple sets of data. Current data is constantly displayed
for your convenience in mark mode.
Finally, we streamlined the controls to make a more compact profile. The rotary menu navigation dial has been replaced by contactless
proximity buttons for more reliable operation! Just touch your way through the menus without any dials or switches!
We did it again! The UP24 was one of our most advanced kits to date. Rather than resting on our laurels we made it even better and
the new UP24B is an absolute MUST for anyone serious about the environment around us! But the applications only begin there. The
unique design allows unprecedented super high resolution measurements and display of absolute atmospheric air pressure and eleva-
tion. Hobbyists and weather enthusiasts absolutely love it! Land surveyors, scientists, and pilots have made it a “must have”!
I have written a lot of catalog pages and a boatload of specification sheets but this one is a challenge because the applications are end-
less and the performance characteristics are beyond description! The UP24B senses ambient air pressure and critically calculates eleva-
tion with unheard of precision!
Using a highly sensitive sensor and 24-bit A/D converter in a special noise-immune design, less than 1/3 of an inch of elevation resolu-
tion is achieved! YES, we said 1/3 of an inch! This high accuracy and resolution opens the door to a host of sophisticated environmen-
tal air pressure monitoring applications.
Unlike your normal run-of-the-mill barometer, air pressure is sensed in Pa's or kPa's. What are those you may ask? Pascals or
KiloPascals. However, don't be afraid, for your convenience, and to fit any application you may have, it is also displayed in millibars,
bars, PSI, atmospheres, millimeters of mercury, inches of mercury, and feet of water! Take your pick! The range of the UP24B is 15kPa
to 155kPa. That also means:
15000 to 155000 Pascal's
150 to 1550 Millibars
0.15 to 1.55 Bars
2.175566 to 22.48085 Pounds per square inch
0.1480385 to 1.529731 Atmospheres
112.5093 to 1162.596 Millimeters of mercury
4.429498 to 45.77148 Inches of mercury
5.02 to 51.9 feet of water
Gradual pressure changes, like a barometer, can show you gradual changes in the weather. Instantaneous changes in air pressure can show you a whole lot more! Weather-wise,
high resolution pressure changes can be used to anticipate and even estimate related wind gusts and speeds. This together with “on the fly” pressure changes will give you the upper
hand in weather monitoring. Part of ARPS
(Advanced Regional Prediction System)
is to obtain and analyze realtime data to provide a prediction system for weather components. The
UP24B is ideal as a source for highly accurate realtime data.
But what if the air pressure changes that need to be sensed and recorded are ever so slight? You have the perfect ultra reliable sensor and heart of an alarm system for a building.
When I first heard this I questioned it. Then the engineering staff said “watch this…” A hundred feet from the main entrance of Ramsey, they called the front receptionist and asked
her to open the front door to the building. WOW! An immediate change in air pressure registered on the UP24B! From an open door, to a broken window, to wind damage, it's all
detected and recorded in the UP24B! The built-in alarm settings can be set for high or low limits to trip other equipment.
Measure Elevation To A
Third Of An Inch
And Air Pressure In
Nine Formats!
Accuracy Simply Beyond Belief!
Elevation Graph
Elevation Statistics
Air Pressure Graph
Air Pressure Statistics
High Resolution Air Pressure-Elevation Sensor
Wired & Tested
Pressure resolution greater than 0.0001kPa!
Super elevation resolution better than 1/3”!
128 x 64 pixel graphical display!
Shows realtime elevation & pressure changes!
USB computer interface for easy data transfer!
13,824 samples of FLASH storage available!
Small coat pocket size
Input for storage of data when YOU want it!
Multiple built-in alarms
Settable offsets for pressure and elevation
Built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Built-in charging & power management system
Run & charge from internal battery, USB power, or
external 6-30VDC source!
Runs 2 days on a single charge
Simple graphical menu based operation
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