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We've talked about air pressure, now let's talk about elevation! The incredibly precise 24 bit A/D con-
verter in the UP24B looks at the air pressure and converts it to elevation above sea level. Once again,
there I was standing in the engineering office watching the LCD graph. The text at the bottom of the
screen said
472’ 3”
. I said yea, so what? They said raise it up a few inches and watch. As I raised it
the display constantly changed…
472’, 8”
473’ 1”
and so on. I couldn't believe it. The following day I
took it to a tower site where I knew the ground elevation and it was dead-on…
1701’, 6”
. Not only
did I have the text display of the elevation but a chart graph of the elevation history!
The applications for the super accurate elevation meter are endless. From watching and recording ele-
vations during hiking trips to measuring and recording the wave heights on boats! Let your imagina-
tion take over from there!
The special mark mode feature allows you to take readings when you want to. Simply supply a con-
tact closure to the “MARK” input jack with the unit in Mark Mode and the current reading will be
stored in internal FLASH memory. You can then download the data using the USB connector. Stored
data is in comma delimited format for easy insertion into a spread sheet.
What about aircraft? Needless to say, as a handheld device measuring air pressure, aircraft applica-
tions are limited to unpressurized cabins. But the UP24B provides valuable flight assistance in such
cabins and smaller aircraft. In fact, a special “Pilots Mode” is included in the menu to set a min/max
altitude window setting to use in conjunction with the built in high and low alarms! The window is
easily set up by programming in the desired high and low altitudes. If these limits are exceeded the
UP24 will sound an alarm.
To accommodate site variances, offsets for pressure, elevation, and related hysteresis are also provided
as a menu selected operation. Likewise, both high and low alarms can be enabled and set over a
wide range of lows and highs for both pressure and elevation!
While the UP24B is small enough to be kept in your coat pocket, it boasts a large 2.78” x 1.53” 128x64
pixel LCD display screen making viewing easy. Display modes include both realtime pressure and ele-
vation graphs as well as pressure and elevation statistics. There are 12 user selectable sample rates
from 1/10th of a second all the way up to every 15 minutes. The special MARK MODE is also avail-
able to allow data collection at your own rate.
What if you're in the field and want to save data captured in your UP24B? No problem there either!
The built-in FLASH storage provides 13,824 samples of storage. That's equivalent to 3 hours and 50
minutes at the 1 second sample rate! Of course it's about 20 minutes at 1/10th of a second sample
rate but that's probably faster than anybody, other than Wile E. Coyote, would need! When you get
back you can transfer your data to your PC through a standard USB interface. A simple set of com-
mands sent via your USB port can be used to set up many of the parameters of the UP24B directly
from your computer using a terminal type interface or your own program. The data is comma delimit-
ed so it can easily be loaded into a spreadsheet.
Does all of this sound too good to be true? It comes close! And it all fits in a small handheld case
that measures 5.5” x 3.6” x 1.5” and weighs about 4oz with batteries. It runs on a single internal lithi-
um ion battery and includes a built in charger/power management system. The UP24B can be operated on the internal battery, connected USB port on any PC or laptop, or external
6VDC to 30VDC power source. The power management system decides what source to use and also charges the internal battery from the connected source. Operating time on a
full charge is over 2 days of continuous operation.
Want to run 24/7 even during power outages? Just connect either external source and turn on the UP24B. It will maintain the battery charge and operate the UP24B as long as
necessary. If the power goes off the batteries will take over. Once the power is restored the battery will be recharged for the next time. If you're looking for the finest air pressure
and elevation sensor, check out the UP24B, truly a marvel in the industry!
A Visual Basic application available on our web site enables you to have a dial type graphic display of pressure, altitude and statistics in real time on your computer and update the
data on-the-fly as text data into a custom spreadsheet. Want to design your own interface? We even supply the Visual Basic source code for the graphics display application. You
are free to use it to customize your own application. Routinely updated interface software is available FREE at our website 24/7! Got an application you'd like to share? We'll be
glad to make it available to other UP24B users!
High Resolution Air Pressure/Elevation Sensor Kit
High Resolution Air Pressure/Elevation Sensor, Factory Assembled & Tested
Pressure Range:
15kPa to 155kPa
Pressure Units:
KiloPascals, pascals, millibars, bars, pounds
per square inch, atmospheres, millimeters of
mercury, inches of mercury, feet of water
Elevation Range:
-1,000 feet to 44,300 feet
(-308.4 to 13,504 meters)
Elevation Units:
Feet/inches, meters, kilometers
Display Modes:
Pressure graph, pressure stats, elevation
graph, elevation stats
Better than 1/3 of an inch (8.5 mm)
Sample Rates:
12 selectable rates: 1/10 sec, 1/5 sec,
1/2 sec, 1 sec, 10 sec,
15 sec, 30 sec,
1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min
Selectable pressure, elevation, pressure
hysteresis, elevation hysteresis
Offset, pressure:
14kPa to 114kPa in 1/10Pa increments
Offset, elevation:
-3,298.4’ to 45,639.4’ in 0.1’ increments
Offset, pressure hysteresis:
0Pa to 10Pa in 0.1Pa increments
Offset, elevation hysteresis:
0’ to 32.8’ in 0.1’ increments
Alarms menu:
Low and High Pressure, Low and High
Elevation, low/high on/off
Alarm, high pressure:
100kPa to 114kPa in 0.1Pa increments
Alarm, low pressure:
14kPa to 100kPA in 0.1 increments
Alarm, high elevation:
158.6’ to 45,639.4’ in 0.1’ increments
Alarm, low elevation:
-3,298.4’ to 45,639.4’ in 0.1’ increments
13,824 samples or 3 hours 50 minutes
at 1 second sample rate
Mark mode:
Stores single realtime event upon external
contact closure
Pilot elevation window:
0.0’ to 45,639’ in 0.1’ increments
User interface:
Contactless proximity touch switches
with graphical drop down menus, power
on/off switch
Computer interface:
USB 2.0 Mini USB Type-B
Utility menu, calibrate:
-1,000Pa to 1,000PA in 0.1PA increments
Utility menu, resets:
Reset stats, reset chart data, reset to
default settings
LCD, 128W x 64H pixels
Viewing Area: 2.78”W x 1.53” H
(70.7mm x 38.8mm)
Dot Pitch: 0.02” W x 0.02”H
(0.52mm x 0.52mm)
Dot Size: 0.019” W x 0.019”H,
(0.48mm x 0.48 mm)
Power Requirements:
Internal Li-Ion battery, charges/operates from
5V USB port or external 6-30VDC source va
standard 2.1mm power connector
5.5”L x 3.6”W x 1.5”H, (139.5mm x 91.4
mm x 38.1mm)
4 oz, 0.12 kg including battery
Command Description
Get elevation
G PR Get pressure
G OP Get offset pressure
Set offset elevation
G VB Get supply voltage
G CH Get entire chart (in CSV format)
Get pressure stats (in CSV format)
Get elevation stats (in CSV format)
G PU Get Pressure Units and index
G EU Get Elevation Units and index
G SR Get Sample Rate and index
G SD Get Screen dump
S PU # Set pressure units index
S EU # Set elevation units index
Set reset elevation stats
Set reset pressure stats
S SR # Set sample rate index
S RM # Set report mode (send data per
sample mode, 0 off, 1 on)
UP24B Visual Basic software
application screen display
UP24B GET and SET commands
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