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Sensors & Alarms
Laser Light Trip Sensor Alarm Kit
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
For years hobbyists have been intrigued by the possibility of using a 'beam of light' to control other devices! The abundance of inexpensive laser elements that have now become
available has further pushed the demand for useful products and experimental kits. The LTS1 Laser Trip Sensor was developed with the intention of providing a fun and educational
kit that can actually be used constructively upon completion.
The kit comes with all you'll need to set up your own laser fence: the laser element (small keychain type high power laser pointer!), the PVC enclosure, and the laser detector with
built-in Audible and Visible Alert indicators.
(And yes, you can put the laser pointer on your keychain instead, and get thrown out of concerts, no problem!)
The LTS1 can be used in a number of different ways. The break-away circuit board gives the user the flexibility of remotely mounting the detector circuit (optionally powered with a
standard 9 Volt battery) over 500 yards away without the need for mirrors. If mirrors are used, arrangements in a doorway or as a perimeter fence can almost guarantee detection of
any unwanted guests.
For added functionality, the relay output (5 Amp rating) can be used to drive other devices such as an event counter, lights, or even camera modules! Operates from 9 - 18 VDC @
90 to 100 mA. Detector portion can use a standard 9V battery (not included) with long life. Board dimensions: 4” L x 1” W (max component height: 5/8”). Includes a 6” length of
1¼” ID PVC to conveniently house and mount the board assembly.
(Now all you need is a fog machine so you can see the laser beams just like those spy movies!)
Set up a security fence for over 500 yards of continuous coverage
Includes both audible and visible alert indicators!
5 Amp external trigger relay for custom applications!
Detector standby current draw of only 10 uA!!!
Build It Tonight, Sleep Tight!
This unit sends out a microwave signal and looks for a return (a moving object that will reflect back some microwave energy) and
then detects it. Since microwaves
(no, you won’t get cooked or burned by them!)
are used - heat, light, sound or vibration will not
affect the sensor!
This makes it ideal for car and home alarms, outdoor and garage light operators, animal in-your-garbage alarms, and tons more
ideas limited only by your imagination. The MD3C is a great introduction to the basic principles of our SG7 “Speedy” Personal Speed
Radar Gun and you can use it to investigate the properties of microwaves.
Kit includes detailed instructions, theory of operation, the custom case set shown, and lots of applications and hook-ups. Runs on 9 to 15 VDC. Case
size: 5”W x 1½”H x 5¼”D.
Great introduction to microwave basics
Ideal for home alarms
Microwave Motion Detector Kit
Don’t Cook... Detect Motion!
Laser Light Trip Sensor
Microwave Motion Detector
If you have a reason to monitor the level of water or other liquids, the K2639 Liquid Level Controller is just the kit! Not just an alarm
like its little Mini-Kit brother the MK108, it gives you an LED display of LOW, MIDDLE, or HIGH levels. You can also have it turn on a
pump or switch open a valve with a 240VAC, 3A relay output. Plus, there is an alarm output that you can selectively set to sound
under a HIGH or LOW condition.
Runs on 12-14VAC or 16-18VDC. Relay output is rated 3A at 240VAC. Main controller board measures 4.1” x 2.4”. Separate sensor
board measures 4.1” x 1.0”. If you’re looking for a nice matching power supply, get the matching PWR25. Now there are no excuses
for a wet basement! From Velleman.
(Well, actually there IS an excuse for a wet basement... I never put one of these down there
and what a mess!)
Liquid Level Controller Kit
12VAC Power Supply
LED level indicators!
Relay switch output!
Selectable alarm output!
Check The Water Level Remotely!
Liquid Level Controller
If you have problems parking your vehicle without running into things (like the garage, another car, a wall, etc!) then
the Parking Radar kit is for you! Mount the sensor board on the rear of your car, truck, or trailer and it will detect the prox-
imity of whatever you’re getting close to!
Ultrasonic audio waves, outside the range of human hearing, are used to “measure” the distance! The sensor board is connected to the
detector that includes an audible alarm. The proximity can be adjusted anywhere from 2” to 5’ and has a detection angle of 5 degrees. The
uses of this handy little detector are endless, and it will save you a lot of crumpled metal!
Running on 10-15VDC the Parking Radar is ideal for 12VDC vehicle power. Just connect a lighter plug cord and you’re all set! The small sensor board measures 1.1” x 3.7”. The
main board measures 1.9” x 4.9”. The boards can be custom installed in your vehicle, in your own case, or you can order the recommended enclosures below. From Velleman.
come this costs a thousand or so bucks less than the “radar assist” option on a new car I just looked at?!)
Ultrasonic Parking Radar Kit
Recommended Case Set For Main Board
Recommended Case Set For Sensor Board
Detects how close you are!
Adjustable range!
Audible alert BEFORE the crash!
Don’t Hit It...
Detect It!
Ultrasonic Parking Radar
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