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Sensors & Alarms
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Looking for a general purpose, easy to interface temperature sensor for your projects? This is it! Whether you need to control heating
and cooling of rooms or equipment, monitor temperatures in circuits, monitor your pool temperature, or simply put a temperature readout on
your website, the K8067 fits the bill. With an accuracy of 2° over the full range!
The small board makes integration into your project or equipment simple, and the sensor device can be board-mounted or placed remotely. The temperature range is -20°C to +70°C
(-4°F to +158°F). The output is a standard 0-20mA current loop for easy interfacing. Input voltage of 12VDC provides 0-5V output while an input voltage of 15VDC provides 0-10V
output. Current consumption is 30mA max. Board measures 2.2” x 1.4” x 0.6”. From Velleman.
(If it’s -4°F then what’s the wind chill? I’m moving to Florida!)
Temperature Sensor Module Kit
Measures -4° to +158° Fahrenheit!
Highly accurate!
Simple adjustment
Quick & Easy
Temperature Sensor!
Temperature Sensor Module
How many times have you driven a
nail or screw into a wire behind a
wall? Well, I don’t know about you,
but I certainly have! Especially those
long drywall screws that love to cut
right through a chunk of romex cable! Been there, done that!
This detector kit will let you easily search for wires inside or behind walls, as well as
track down interruptions. Simply hold the device around the area you wish to check
and the LED will begin to flash when it gets near a wire with supply voltage. The faster
the flashing, the closer you are to the wire!
If you would prefer an audible cue, the kit is built to work with an optional PC mounted
buzzer as well. Board measures 2.2” x 2.5”. From Velleman.
(Yes, the wall was just fin-
ished, and yes, it was a 220V line for a baseboard heater, and yes, I had to open up
the wall!)
K7101 Voltage Wire Detector Kit
SV412S Optional PC Board Buzzer
G407 Recommended Case Set for K7107
Find wires up to 4” away!
LED indicator shows wire proximity!
Compact PC board
Runs on a standard 9V battery
Find It Before The Nail Does!
Voltage Wire Detector
Flashing LED, buzzer optional
Adjustable, up to 3.9”
Supply Voltage:
9V battery
2.2” x 2.5”
We’ve recently heard people say “what can you get for 10 bucks
these days?” How about “peace of mind”! Pretty cheap price to pay
for that, yet this little kit does just that!
Some of us have been there... the sump pump quits for whatever reason (it fails, the
breaker blows, there are a lot of reasons) and because you don’t live in your basement
you’re none the wiser. You just keep on putzing around upstairs like nothing is wrong!
Then you have to run downstairs to get something, and bingo, you step in a foot of
water! The result? A flooded basement and a lot of damaged things that are
basement! And once that happens, things never seem to be the same. Stored pictures
are ruined, electronic things are ruined, and everything is musty and moldy.
Now build a cute little water sensor alarm to let you know! Simply mount the alarm in
the area you want to sense water and the moment it touches the contacts the included
alarm will sound. No wires, no external alarm system, nothing but this tiny little board
just waiting to alert you! The sensor can be remotely located by cutting that section of
the board if desired. I’m thinking 7 bucks is pretty cheap insurance! Runs on 9V bat-
tery (not included). Size: 1.8” x 2.8”. From Velleman.
Sounds alarm when water is present!
Can be remotely located!
Includes buzzer alarm
Runs on a 9V battery
MK108 Water Sensor Alarm Kit
Find Out BEFORE You’re Flooded!
Water Sensor Alarm
Sure, you’ve seen these things advertised before. Big claims and a huge price! Well we won’t carry on about how you’ll be able
to keep Godzilla out of your garbage cans but we will say that this unit will do a nice job of keeping the neighborhood dog, cat,
or deer away!
Here’s the story. We had a problem at the boss’s house keeping the deer out of the garden. The boss, being the electronic nut
he is, bought one of these things and tried it. It worked pretty well so he planned to get another for protecting the shrubs but at
$150 a box he figured it was cheaper to build his own. Here it is, cheaper and better! We’ve increased the power, put in a top-
quality transducer, upgraded the frequency range, and made it affordable!
The RB1 produces approximately four watts of high frequency audio. The output frequency is selected via a front panel control in three
ranges from 15 kHz to 30 kHz. Instead of just generating a single constant tone like many competitive units on the market, the RB1 creates a war-
ble tone that varies in frequency which really annoys those pests.
The unit (or transducer if mounted separately) is set outside facing the area desired to be protected. It then covers an area in the shape of an oval. The low fre-
quency setting will cover an area of approximately 4000 square feet and is the best range for dogs. The high frequency setting covers an area of around 2,500 square feet and is the
best range for cats. Deer respond well to the middle setting.
As for Big Foot, we’re not sure, other than he will be blurry, and that’s a guarantee!
A lot of customers prefer to build it into their own case (or even a garage, shed, or barn wall!) so we offer the custom metal case shown as a separate option. We’re not thrilled by
the price increase in the custom case... but the manufacturing costs have skyrocketed for this! Sorry! Runs on 12 to 15 volts AC or DC, or use our green AC121 universal 12VDC regu-
lated power supply.
(Editors Note: This took care of the deer problems in my yard quite nicely, but didn’t take care of my fenders and hoods on the road!)
Covers over 3,000 square feet
Programmable frequencies for optimum repulsion
Comparable to commercial units costing $150!
Build in your own case or wall, or use our custom case!
Runs on 9-15 AC or DC, or our 12VDC power supply
Rat Blaster Rodent and Animal Repeller Kit
Matching Case & Knob Set for RB1
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
Eliminate Them...
Without Any Harm!
Rat Blaster
Varmint Repeller
Why are you chasing
away my friends?
Learn How AM & FM Transmitters Work!
Learn the theory of AM and FM broadcast transmitters the easy way, and then
have fun with your very own station! Check them out on page 6!
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