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Controls & Timers
First brought to market in 1971, the 555 timer has been a staple in the electronics world ever since, and the Ramsey UT5 timer kit has always been one of our top sellers. The UT5
provided a quick and easy way to harness the power of the 555 timer IC - a valuable tool for any electronics hobbyist! But there is only so much you can do with the UT5 before you
start running into its limitations. We knew people wanted a kit that would let them do more with the 555 timer, so to that end, we present the brand new UT5A series kit.
This new series builds on the classic UT5 kit, but takes it to a whole new level! We've packed it with tons of features that you won't find in any other 555 timer kit on the market.
You can configure it on the fly with easy-to-use jumper settings, drive relays, and directly interface all timer functions with onboard controls or external signals. All connections are
easily made though terminal blocks. Plus, we've replaced the ceramic capacitor of other timer kits with a Mylar capacitor which keeps your timings stable over a much wider range of
Then, to separate the hobbyist from the advanced hobbyist (or the wanting to learn more hobbyist!) we
duplicated the through-hole UT5A in a surface mount (SMT) version! If you want to learn SMT construc-
tion, or polish up your existing SMT techniques while exploring the ever popular 555 timer, the UT5AS is
for you! Just check out the comparison table to see everything that's new and improved in the UT5A
Ultimate 555 Timer/Oscillator Kit, Through-Hole Version
Ultimate 555 Timer/Oscillator Kit, SMT Version
Unlock the full potential of the classic 555 timer IC!
Available in through-hole or SMT versions!
Onboard output drivers
Onboard Start and Reset switches
Onboard Pulse Width control
Onboard Rest Time control
Interfaces with the RI1for “real-world” switching applications
The BEST 555 timer kit on the market!
Ultimate 555 Timer/Oscillator
Input Requirements
Timer Power:
5 to 15 VDC
Output Circuit Power
3 to 24 VDC or Timer Power
Modes of Operation
Most Pulse Widths from 110uS to 27.5 Minutes with included parts
Most Time Cycles from 210uS to 57 Minutes with included parts
Maximum Load:
200mA Inductive kick protected
2.5in (W) X 2.5in (L) X 1.0 (H); 63.5mm (W) X 63.5mm (L) X 25.4mm (H)
1.1 Oz, 0.0312 Kg
1.5in (W) X 2.5in (L) X 1.0 (H); 38.1mm (W) X 63.5mm (L) X 25.4mm (H)
0.8 Oz, 0.023 Kg
Convert The Digital
World To The Real
World With Ease!
The RI1 is designed to be a simple and practical interface between different types of electronic circuits. It’s the perfect tool for interfac-
ing a typical logic (or other DC) level to an onboard SPDT relay, which means it’s a snap to connect almost any digital output to lights,
motors, or any other electrical devices that require load switching of up to 240 Volts AC or DC and 10 Amps of current!
It takes a digital low (0.5 VDC or less) and high (+1 to +12VDC) and provides relay contact closures (SPDT) that can be either active high or active low. The RI1 can be used in con-
junction with almost any digital kit, including the
Ramsey RF Wireless Link Modules
, and the
just to name a few! It also
works with many Velleman digital products, as well as countless other kits. There are literally millions of additional real world applications! The output of the RI1 is a high current,
normally-open/normally-closed set of dry contacts. The input signal can be nearly any type of logic level or other voltage level between 0 and 12VDC. Input level pull-up, pull-down,
and current limiting resistors are available to meet the needs of almost any project. The RI1 requires 12VDC at less than 60mA to operate. Relay contacts are rated 12A at 120VAC,
10A at 240VAC, 10A at 28VDC. Measures 1.5” x 2.5” with mounting provided on a 1” x 2” grid.
Use your kits for real world applications!
Connects a SPDT Relay to almost any digital output
Works with your existing projects and applications
Switches up to 240 Volts at 10 Amps
Digital Low less than 0.5 Volts, Digital High 1 to 12 Volts
Easily interfaces to your project through terminal blocks
Logic Interface Module
Logic Interface Module
The BD416 is a 4 bit binary to 16 line decoder with active low outputs.
Use it to interface to any 5 volt 4 bit binary output logic signal to provide a
one of 16 line output signal. The output may be configured to either directly follow the
binary input or to latch when the valid data signal input is applied. The valid data signal
may be configured to be either active high or low. In the latched output configuration
the BD416 may be configured to initialize in either a set, low output, or reset, high out-
put, state. Configuration is accomplished using simple jumper block settings!
The BD416 may also be used with the RXD433A and RXD916 wireless receiver modules
to provide a 1 of 16 output from the binary output. Each of the outputs is an active low,
open collector signal able to drive an LED indicator or you can use our new RI1, or OM2
interface circuits and drive relays, or other high power loads. The BD416 operates on
5VDC and is 2.5" x 3.75" with mounting holes on a 2" x 3" grid.
Jumper configurable
Active high, active low, or both
Works with your existing projects
and applications
BD416 4-to-16 Line Decoder
16-to-4 Line Encoder
The BE164 is a 16 to 4 line or 8 to 3 line binary output encoder.
The encoded output may be configured to provide an active low binary
signal that continuously follows the input or is active only when data valid signal is acti-
vated. All inputs are active low and the output is configurable to be either active high or
active low. An active high data valid signal is provided at the output. Input and output
connections are via three 10 pin 0.1" DIP connectors.
The BE164 may be used with our TXE433 and TXE916 Wireless transmitters to provide
encoded data inputs. You may also use it to provide a binary encoded signal to any
device such as a computer that uses a 5 volt binary logic level. It is also designed to
operate with our Digital Voice Messaging System, DVMS8BCD. A simple direct connec-
tion to the DVMS8BCD provides direct access to any of the up to 8 stored voice mes-
sages. All configuration is done using simple on-board jumper blocks. Runs on 5VDC
and is 2.5" x 2.5”.
Drive loads up to 150mA at 40VDC
Active high, active low, or both
Works with your existing projects
and applications
BE164 16-to-4 Line Encoder
4-to-16 Line Decoder
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