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Controls & Timers
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Our most popular Mini-Kit, the VS1 Voice Activated Switch (VOX) will provide a switched output when it “hears” sound. Use it to
key a transmitter for hands-free PTT, turn on a tape recorder automatically when people are talking in a room, turn on lights, or any-
thing else you can imagine... all controlled by the sound of your voice!
How about having your garage lights turn on when you beep your horn? The possibilities are endless! The output drives up to a 100mA load
such as a relay, tape recorder control line, transmitter PTT line, etc. Runs on 6-12VDC for easy integration into any equipment. Board measures
2½” x ½” x 1¼”.
Use your voice or noise to control!
Directly switches relays or low voltage loads up to 100mA!
Endless applications!
Automatic Voice Activated VOX Switch Kit
Automatic Voice Control!
Automatic VOX Voice Switch
Impulse switch, staircase light control, slow on/off dimmer, interval timer, and speed adjust-
ment for fans are just some of the features you'll have at your fingertips when you build this
dimmer kit!
Works with both resistive and inductive loads so you can control light bulbs, high-voltage
halogen lighting, or low-voltage halogen lighting with a ferromagnetic transformer. Also
includes soft-start technology to prolong the life of bulbs, fault protection, independent delay times, and EEPROM memory backup to save settings in case of power failure. 2 delay
times (5 seconds to 2 hours) can be programmed through the learning mode. Board measures 3.9” x 3.2” x 1.4”. From Velleman.
Multifunction Dimmer Kit
Microcontroller technology!
13 different functions!
Works with resistive & inductive loads!
Soft start prolongs the life of bulbs!
The Ultimate Dimmer...
With EPROM Backup!
Multifunction Dimmer
Operating voltage: 110-125VAC or 220-240VAC
Automatic detection 50/60Hz
Maximum load:
2.5A (300W/120VAC)
3.9” x 3.2” 1.4”
The ultimate touch switch! Touch once - it’s on, touch again - it’s off, or use the
momentary outputs that stay on only as long as touched.
Uses low power CMOS circuitry and functions on the principle of hum and noise pick-
up when input is touched. There are two completely independent touch switch circuits
on each board. It’s like getting two for the price of one!
Will drive loads up to 100 mA such as a relay, bell, siren, etc. Includes project info for
use as a CW keyer. Runs on 6-12VDC.
TS1 Touch Switch Kit
Touch on, touch off, or momentary!
Two circuits on one board
Great CW Keyer
This is just the unit you need when adding a preamp or power amp in line with an
existing antenna.
It senses the RF power and closes an on-board DPDT relay which can be used to auto-
matically switch in your added power amp or preamp. The relay is good up to 100W at
VHF. Besides radios, many folks use one of these “lifesavers” in front of their expensive
test equipment to prevent RF input damage!
Runs on 10-15VDC and senses power as low as 50 mW. Size: 1½” x ½” x 4”.
RFS1 RF Actuated Relay Kit
Automatically senses presence!
On-board DPDT relay
Protects against RF input damage
2 Separate Circuits!
Senses RF BEFORE The Damage!
Tired of turning your lights on and off? Tired of paying the ever increasing cost of elec-
tricity because you forgot to turn them off in the morning? Consider it solved! The
MK125 is a simple little kit that automatically senses light and automatically closes the
on-board SPDT relay.
Light sensitivity is adjustable over a wide range, and a delay circuit prevents recycling.
Relay contacts rated at 5A. Runs on 12VDC. Board measures 2.6” x 2”. From Velleman.
MK125 Light Actuated Switch Kit
AC121 12VDC/1A Power Supply, 100-240VAC Green Level-V
On-board SPDT relay!
On at dusk, off at dawn
Adjustable sensitivity
Fully Automatic!
RF Actuated Relay
Touch Switch
Light Actuated Switch
This versatile relay switch is packed
with features and can be used for a
variety of control applications, timers, switching, flashing, interval, random switching,
and more! Other features include learning mode for delays anywhere from 2s to 12
days, EEPROM for delay time storage in case of power failure, and on-board transient
filter for the relay contacts! From Velleman.
K8015 Multifunction Relay Switch Kit
G410 Recommended Enclosure
14 different functions!
2 pre-programmed delays!
Push button control!
EEPROM storage!
Build Your Own Switches!
Multifunction Relay Switch
Operating voltage: 9-12VAC or 12VDC
Max load:
2.5A (275W at 110VAC
3.4” x 1.5” x 1.0”
The K2579 is a miniature timer for any application that requires a start and stop function with a delay. Board mounted switches are provided for
both start and stop.
Time interval is variable and adjustable from 0 to 15 minutes, and extendable to 60 minutes with a modification. LED status indicator is provided.
Relay is rated at 2A/240VAC max. Runs on 12VDC. Board measures 1.5” x 2.7”. From Velleman.
K2579 Start/Stop Timer Kit
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
Delay up to 60 minutes!
On-board relay
Runs on 12VDC
Start & Stop With Delay!
Universal Start/Stop Timer
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