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Controls & Timers
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You can set up the TT7 for detection of any single digit, including the second-
ary A,B,C,D digits. When the decoder detects the selected digit it will provide a
closure to ground for driving a relay, lamp, sounder, or other load of up to 20
mA. A commercial central office quality decoder IC chip is used, which means
the TT7 is extremely reliable, fast, and sensitive! You may connect the TT7
directly across the speaker or detector output on any receiver, and we even
detail how it may be connected directly to a telephone line.
If your needs are single function remote tone control, the TT7 is for you. For
DTMF remote control applications use our DCI series. Runs on 5VDC. PC
board measures 1½” x 7/8” x 2¼”.
Decodes DTMF Touch Tones from
telephones, radios, etc!
20mA output drives relays, LEDs,
digital devices and more!
Decodes 0 through 9, *, #, plus A, B, C, D
TT7 DTMF Touch Tone Decoder Kit
Your Phone Is Your Encoder!
DTMF Touch Tone Decoder
DCI1C DTMF Controller Interface Kit With Case
AC121 12VDC/1A Power Supply, 100-240VAC Green Level-V
This microprocessor controlled DTMF decoder fits the bill for multiple applications. Remotely
control almost any device with the built-in relay circuitry. The DCI series unit continually moni-
tors your phone line and looks for the proper user programmed security code. Once it is heard,
the user may select which of the trigger relays to turn on or off. For your convenience, the DCI1C
features four outputs.
Feedback tones from the DCI are then sent back over the line to confirm your selection. No
more wondering if your commands are carried out as is commonly found with other similar
devices! Now you can call home and when your answering machine picks up, control lights,
security systems, or just about any number of other custom applications! Provides four 5 Amp
(1250VA AC/150W DC) relay outputs, each with its own sure grip screw terminal. Requires 9-
18VDC at 300 mA. Our standard AC121 110VAC power adapter is available.
User configurable security codes
Control household lights from your cell!
Confirmation tones for each command!
Remote control from any DTMF device!
Full Control From Any
Telephone Or Cell Phone!
DTMF Remote Control Interface
Have you ever wished you could call home and turn on the lights late at night before you pull in the driveway? Finally, an easy way to remotely control just about anything with the
touch of a button! The DCI2C offers control of up to16 devices using your touch tone phone or any audio signal with DTMF tone signals. User programmable configuration provides
latched or non-latched outputs, secure or non-secure access, as well as continuous control of up to 16 devices independent of configuration. A binary format output provides easy
control of up to 16 devices.
While there are no power relays on the DCI2, you can now easily control several devices using DTMF tones in a secure environment with the BCD output. Use with our BD416 kit to
decode the four BCD outputs to 16 separate output signals representing the appropriate input DTMF tone. The DCI2 also provides continuous decoding of all 16 tone pairs regard-
less of the security mode. Both outputs can be modified to provide latched or unlatched signals. With the addition of a few simple circuits (instructions included, of course!) you can
control practically any device imaginable or simply use our RI1 Relay Interface kit!
The interface utilizes a commercial quality crystal controlled DTMF decoder for reliable drift free detection of all 16 DTMF tone pairs. Two levels of operation can be configured to pro-
vide secure or non-secured access. A highly selective audio filter rejects all tones other than legitimate DTMF tones for reliable false-free decoding.
The DCI2 is a highly adaptable product that is limited only by your imagination. Combined with an inexpensive answering machine, it gives you an elegant but powerful remote con-
trol system. Available as a kit, or factory assembled & tested, and operates on 12VDC or our AC121 green regulated power supply.
DTMF Touch-Tone Control Interface Kit
DTMF Touch-Tone Control Interface Kit, Wired and Tested
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
Multiple user configurable modes
Crystal controlled DTMF decoder
Continuous 1 of 16 lines decoding of all 16 DTMF tone pairs
Security feature for BCD output decoding of all DTMF tone pairs
BCD output configurable to latch on tone reception or active only with tone
in either secure or non-secure mode
Input may be from any DTMF tone source (phone line or other clean audio source)
Audio filtering to reject normal telco signals (ignores non-DTMF tones)
Enhanced DTMF Control Interface
Encode, Control, Create... All From DTMF Tones!
We gave you on/off switch control with our ICI1 (above) but now we’ve taken IR remote control one step further! The ICI16 gives you a
custom digital output from your IR remote control buttons! Using the same Motorola microcontroller brain as the ICI1, it learns the IR code
from any existing 38 kHz IR remote controller. Once learned, a push of the button generates a 0-15 coded output on 4 lines depending on 16
different unique codes learned from the IR controller!
The board uses two standard 6-pin 0.1” center connectors for easy mounting, plug-in, and wiring. Tired of sitting there trying to find a line-of-sight path
to your equiupment with your existing remote control? Tired of people and pets in the way of the path? Want to get really creative? Use the ICI16 with our
RRW1AC which converts your IR to RF. The ICI16 receives the RF and converts it to a 1 of 16 digital signal output! Just use your technical imagination
heart of Ramsey’s 40 year history!).
Operates on 7-15VDC.
Generates a digital output from any IR remote button!
“Learns” the signal from your existing IR remote controls!
Plugs into your existing projects and applications
The perfect experimenters kit!
Infra-Red Digital Remote Control Interface Kit
Create Any
Digital Output!
Infra-Red Digital Remote Control Interface
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