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Controls & Timers
Looking for a slick little IR remote receiver for your custom remote control projects? This tiny little receiver gives you two separate channel func-
tions, providing relay closures for each! Not bad for a tiny little 2” PC board!
Each control function can be set for either toggle or pulse mode to fit your specific application. Plus, all settings are stored forever in the built-in
EEPROM! Channel and acknowledgement of reception are indicated on the attached LEDs. Relay outputs are rated at 120VAC at 3A or 24VAC/VDC at 1A. Runs on 12VDC at 0.75mA
and measures a small 1.7” x 1.9” x .6”. From Velleman.
Two channel relay output!
“Learn mode” settings are stored in EEPROM
Toggle or pulse selection for each channel
IR 2 Channel Remote Receiver Kit
Program Two Functions!
2 Channel IR Remote Receiver
You now start your car with them, unlock doors with them, and open your trunk with them... Key Fobs, they’ve become part of our every day life.
Now you can bring the convenience of key fob control to any application with this awesome little kit! The tiny handheld transmitter fits on your keychain
(or anywhere else you need it) and is a perfect mate to the IR receiver above. Easy channel switching (just hold down both buttons) lets you use multiple transmitters in the same
area - up to 16 separate channels! A standard red LED lets you know when you are transmitting or switching channels. Powered by a 12V battery (e.g. VG23GA, GP23GA, etc. not
included). Dimensions: 2.3" x 1.6" x 0.5". From Velleman.
(You still have to set the groceries down to push the button!)
Compact 2-button IR keychain!
Dual LED’s indicate operation and programming!
Up to 50’ range!
IR 2 Channel Mini Key Fob Kit
Update Your Equipment To Use Key Fobs!
2 Channel Mini IR Key Fob
Create an invisible beam of light that will sound (and light) an alert whenever it is broken! Uses IR emitting LEDs for the transmitter
to send a powerful beam up to 13 feet! Once setup and armed, a break in the IR beam will sound a built-in 85dB audible alarm and
illuminate a red alert LED on the receiver.
Separate transmitters and receivers are provided and both run on standard 9V batteries (not included). Great for store entrances, setting
boundaries, and science fair projects to demonstrate how IR light works.
Transmitter measures 2.2” x 1.6”. Receiver measures 3.9” x 2.0”. On/off switches are included on both. Because IR light is used, this is not recommended for out-
door use. From Velleman.
(I’m putting one by my office door so I can look busy writing this catalog copy when the boss walks in!)
Up to 13’ range!
Invisible light beam!
Audible and visible alert
IR Light Barrier Alarm Kit
Just Break The Beam!
IR Light Barrier Alarm
We’ve all been there, sitting on the couch or easy chair and the TV doesn’t seem to respond to your remote control. First you smack it, then you hold it in the
air and aim it closer to the TV... but the channel still won’t change! At that point there’s three options: get up and change the channel (ha, that will never hap-
pen), change the batteries and see if that works, or take another Xanax!
Before you go through all that, give yourself a treat and check the remote with this handy IR tester. Simply point your IR remote at the board, press a function but-
ton, and the 4 LEDs confirm proper IR receive! Runs on a standard 9V battery (not included). Measures 2.2” x 1.2” x 1.3”. From Velleman.
(I guess I forgot about option #4,
throw the remote at the wall!)
IR Remote Control Checker Kit
Just point and check!
Confirms IR signal generation!
Provides peace of mind!
Runs on a standard 9V battery!
Check It Before You Wreck It!
IR Remote Control Checker
The TD1 was engineered to provide all your tone control needs on a single PC board! The unique design will simultaneously encode and/or decode any
audio frequency between 40Hz and 5000Hz. If you want to go even lower, we provide the documentation to change one capacitor to go down to 10Hz!
This little board is great for 2-way radio “PL” tones, remote controls, tone burst FSK or anywhere tones are involved. Frequency is easily set with the precision 20 turn trimpot and the
circuit uses a voltage regulator and Mylar cap for the ultimate in stability. The decoder output will drive any load up to 100mA, making it simple to connect to your equipment. Runs
on 5-12 VDC and will drive up to 100 mA load. Encoder output provides approximately 1V P/P output to easily drive your application. PC board measures 1¼” x ½” x 1½”.
Encodes and decodes 40 to 5000Hz!
Drives any load up to 100mA!
Compact size and easy installation
Tone Encoder/Decoder Kit
Encode and Decode With The Same Kit!
Tone Encoder/Decoder
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