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Controls & Timers
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If you’re looking for an easy way to control the temperature of anything from a circuit, a heatsink, to a room, this little thermostat control module will
do the trick! A built-in NTS temperature sensor is included, and can either be board mounted or remotely connected via the built-in terminal strip.
The temperature range is 41°F to 86°F. Once adjusted to the desired temperature a built-in relay provides the control circuit. In addition a bright red
LED indicates the state of the thermostat. The module runs on 12VDC at 100mA. The control relay is rated at 24V at 3A making it easy to interface with any of
your circuits. The board measures 2.1” x 2.4” x 1.1". Temperature control is normally a hassle, use this little module and make it a breeze! From Velleman.
Temperature range 41°F to 86°F
Relay output switching, 24V at 3A
Runs on 12VDC at 100mA
Thermostat Control Module Kit
Control Temperature The Easy Way!
Thermostat Control Module
This high-brightness LED digital thermometer is based around the
popular Maxim/Dallas DS18B20 High-Precision Digital Temperature
Sensor and a Microchip PIC Microcontroller. It offers readings in both
Celsius and Fahrenheit, and you can toggle between them with a push of a
button! This handy kit boasts an accuracy of ±1 °F (±0.5 °C).
The on-board DC jack makes for easy power connections and an optional voltage regulator can also be added right on the board if you don’t have a 5V DC regulated adapter. The
DS18B20 temperature sensor offers a wide operating range of from –67 to 257 °F (–55 to 125°C) and if desired can be even be wired off the board and placed at another location
(distances of up to about 325 feet/100 meters) using CAT5 or similar cable! From CanaKit.
Bright and eye-catching 4-Digit 0.56” 7-segment display!
Easy toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit!
Temperature sensor can be wired remotely up to 325 feet away!
Highly accurate and responsive PIC microcontroller based circuit!
Digital LED Thermometer
Celsius/Fahrenheit Digital LED Thermometer Kit
Celsius/Fahrenheit Digital LED Thermometer, Factory Assembled & Tested
Optional 5VDC Voltage Regulator
Supply Voltage:
Regulated 5VDC / 150mA
Temperature Range:
to 257
F (-55
C to 125
+/- 1
F (+/- 0.5
3.25” x 2.25”
Wired & Tested
This compact professional thermostat/thermometer offers a digital display that shows the current temperature in either degrees
Fahrenheit or Celsius, plus allows you to set a target temperature that must be maintained! The thermostat has two modes of
operation: Cooling or Heating. In Cooling mode, the thermostat will activate the relay when the temperature goes above the preset
target, deactivate it again when the temperature falls below the target temperature. Conversely, in the Heating mode, the thermostat will activate the relay when the temperature
falls below the preset target and deactivate it once the target temperature has been reached. It’s that simple!
The design built around a Microchip PIC microcontroller that works in conjunction with a Dallas/Maxim DS18B20 temperature sensor. Adjustable hysteresis is also incorporated, so
you can prevent wear and tear on your heating/cooling devices. All settings including target temperature are stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory so they won’t be lost in the
event of a power failure. The incorporated relay can handle loads of up to 10A at 110V AC or 24V DC (5A at 220V AC). Temperature Range: -67° to 257°F (-55° to 125° C). Supply
voltage 12VDC or use our AC121 power adapter. Dimensions: 2.34” x 2.68”. From CanaKit.
Digital LED Thermostat/Thermometer with Relay, Factory Assembled & Tested
4-Digit LED 7-Segment display!
Adjustable hysteresis!
Switchable between either cooling or heating mode!
Ultimate Thermal Control!
Digital LED Thermostat/Thermometer with Relay
Wired & Tested
What a simple, neat, and “custom” way to add a tachometer to your vehicle or any other application where you need to count revo-
lutions! This digital tachometer includes two interconnected boards. One contains two bright 7 segment LED displays to provide a unique digital
display of your RPM! The 2nd board is connected with a flexible ribbon cable to make installation a breeze in any vehicle or application. Range is 100 to
9900 RPM to cover anywhere from a a slow idle to a lead foot (usually followed by a blown engine!). An attractive red filter front bezel is included to give you a perfect custom
“built-in” look! Runs on vehicle voltage (10-15VDC) at 200mA.
The small main board measures 3.2” x 2.4” and the display PCB measures 3.2” x 1.8”. The matching red filter bezel measures 2.8” x 3.5”. If you’re looking for a super looking
tachometer for your vehicle, the K2625 does the trick. From Velleman.
(This one isn’t chrome and sticking out of the hood facing the driver like my SS396 was!)
Digital Tachometer Kit
100 to 9900 RPM!
2 digit display
Easy calibration!
Includes front bezel
Runs on 10-15VDC@200mA
The Easy Way To Display RPM...
Or Simply Revolutions!
Digital Tachometer
The OM2 provides an optically isolated interface between two devices. It can be used to convert nearly any AC or DC signal to logic level
signals. It can also be used to activate a relay upon detection of an input signal. BUT the really great thing about the OM2 is the input and output
totally isolated
from each other! Use virtually any voltage input level above 1.5 volts (as long as the input current is limited to a maximum of
60mA). The input can be a simple DC level or an AC signal with a frequency up to 250KHz. The input and output are optically isolated from each other to
5000 volts AC (rms), and the output can drive up to 150mA at up to 40VDC. It even provides active low and high outputs when the input is activated!
5000 VAC of isolation!
Drives up to 150mA at up to 40VDC
Works with your existing projects and applications
Optically Isolated Interface Module
Optically Isolated Interface Module
The Hobbyist’s Problem And
Headache Solver!
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