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Controls & Timers
This digital count down / up timer is highly flexible, allowing you to set the required time period from 1second to 100 minutes
in 1 second increments; or from 1 minute to 100 hours in 1 minute increments. It can be set to count either down (display shows
remaining time), or up (display shows elapsed time). The timer stores the preset time and current settings in non-volatile EEPROM
memory, which means the last preset time is easily recalled even if power is disconnected from the unit!
A bright LED display plus the three push buttons for control are right on the board, making it easily panel-mountable. All that, plus this timer includes a relay that can handle loads of
up to 10A / 110V AC or 24V DC! Supply Voltage: 12VDC / 100mA. Dimensions: 2.34” x 2.68”. From CanaKit.
Count Down (time remaining) and Count Up (time elapsed) modes!
Adjustable from 1-100 minutes in 1s increments or 1-100 hours in 1m increments!
Built-in relay for direct device control!
Mini Digital Count Down/Up Timer w/LED Display and Relay, Factory Assembled & Tested
Mini Digital Count Down/Up Timer w/LED Display and Relay
This is a robust and reliable professional electronic code lock with an external keypad that can be mounted remotely
using standard CAT5 networking cable with a standard RJ45 connector!
The unit uses a PIC Microcontroller and stores the selected code (up to 10 digits long) in nonvolatile EEPROM memory.
The code is extremely easy to program - no jumpers required! Built-in time lock (relay) will remain open from 1 to 9 sec-
onds (adjustable).
Also includes a buzzer for audible feedback and as well as Locked / Un-Locked LED status indicators. A silk screened panel for the keypad is included, perfect for wall-mounting, and
the built-in 5A relay can easily be connected to control any electric lock or strike! Supply Voltage: 12VDC / 100mA. Dimensions: Main Board - 2.34” x 2.21” Keypad - 2.20” x 1.51”.
From CanaKit.
Build your own security!
Up to 10 digit security codes!
Built-in relay for electric lock control!
Includes CAT5 for remote keypad placement!
Cool AND Reliable
Custom Security!
CAT5 Code Lock Relay Switch With Keypad
This circuit consists of two independent timers: a delay timer and an ON period timer, each individually adjustable from a few seconds to 20 min-
utes. What does that mean? Using this timer allows you to first turn on a device after a certain preset delay time (Timer 1) and then to turn it OFF
after the preset ON period (Timer 2)! Endless convenient applications! The timer includes a relay that can handle loads of up to 10A / 110V AC or
24V DC. Supply voltage: 12VDC or 9VAC transformer. Dimensions: 3.05” x 19.2”. From CanaKit. (
If your brain isn’t already coming up with a ton of cool
stuff to do with this... think harder!
20 Minute Adjustable Delay Dual Timer With Relay Kit
20 Minute Adjustable Delay Dual Timer With Relay, Factory Assembled & Tested
Turn Anything On...
Then Off... Automatically!
Wired & Tested
20 Minute Adjustable Delay Dual Timer With Relay
Wired & Tested
Code Lock Relay Switch With Keypad, Factory Assembled & Tested
Optional Enclosure for Main Board
Wired & Tested
Electronic Thermostat
This handy little temperature control circuit is compact, power-
ful, and ready to implement into any project requiring sensitive
automatic temperature adjustment! Based on the LM35 IC, it
includes a built-in relay that allows it to turn on or off loads up to 10A.
The circuit also incorporates separate trim potentiometers for easy adjustment of both
temperature and hysteresis. Temperature adjustment can be made between 32 to 158°F
and hysteresis between 0.9 to 3.6 °F approx. Dimensions: 3.00” x 1.82” Supply Voltage:
12VDC or 9VAC at 100mA. Relay Rating: 10A at 110VAC or 24VDC. From CanaKit.
Control loads up to 10A
Adjust temperatures 32-158
Built-in relay for easy integration
CK112 Electronic Thermostat Kit
UK112 Electronic Thermostat, Factory Assembled & Tested
AC121 12VDC/1A Power Supply, 100-240VAC Green Level-V
Wired & Tested
This clapper switch will activate it’s onboard relay when its
sensitive microphone receives a sound such as a handclap.
The relay will stay activated until the microphone receives another
sound. The sensitivity of the microphone is adjustable, so no worry-
ing if your clap is not powerful enough... or if it is too powerful! The cir-
cuit includes a relay that can handle loads of up to 10A at 110V AC or 24V DC.
Dimensions: 3.76” x 1.79”. From CanaKit.
CK252 Clap On/Clap Off Relay Switch Kit
UK252 Clap On/Clap Off Relay Switch, Factory Asmb & Tested $27.95
Automatically senses presence!
On-board SPDT relay
Protects against RF input damage
Clap On, Clap Off...
Dodge Lawsuit!
Clap On/Clap Off Relay Switch
Wired & Tested
We’ve all seen them on TV... the professional weather talent (now known as meteorologists!) standing in
the middle of the hurricane report holding up their wind meter clocking the fastest wind gusts. Usually
that’s just before they get blown to the ground along with their producer and camera crew! Well now you
can have the same professional wind speed meter on a hobbyist budget!
This meter goes beyond just displaying the current wind speed! Besides displaying the realtime instanta-
neous wind speed it also stores and records the maximum gust AND average since it was powered up!
Realtime wind speed is also displayed on a Beaufort wind scale ranging between 0 and 12. Whether in
the middle of a storm, on your boat, hiking, the EA3010 is your answer.
(Stop the boat first!)
Handheld Wind Speed Anemometer
No More Guessing...
KNOW The Wind Speed!
Wired & Tested
Wind speed range: 0.44 to 67.0 mph
Wind speed resolution: 0.1 for all units of measure
Temperature range -21.8 to 138.2 °F (-29.9 to 59 °C)
Temperature resolution: 0.2°F (0.1°C)
Records and displays max and average wind speed since power up
Beaufort scale bar graph, 0-12
Wind chill display in °F or °C
Runs on one CR2032 lithium button cell for 12 months life
Measures 7” x 4” x 1.63”
Handheld Wind Speed Anemometer
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