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Controls & Timers
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Controlling a DC motor’s speed is not as easy as just varying its supply voltage. The motor loses torque (power) as
the voltage is lowered and it finally stops rotating. The MSC1C uses a technique known as “Pulse Width Modulation” -
PWM - to control speed. This is the same system used on electric cranes, buses and subway cars.
With PWM the motor receives full voltage whenever energized - however, the duration of the voltage changes; it’s sort of like flipping
an on/off switch very rapidly! The motor rotates smoothly and with full power - no matter what the speed.
The MSC1C will control DC motors from 3 to 50 volts at up to 10 amps! Complete instructions detail how the PWM circuitry operates and some hook-
up ideas. Assembly takes only an hour or two. Kit operates on 6 to 15VDC and controls motor supply of 3 to 50 volts. Includes our custom case set measuring 5”W x 1½”H x
(To our friend that tried to use this to control 480V/100A industrial motors... sorry about the melted case!)
DC Motor Speed Control Kit With Case
Real pulse width modulation for accurate, stable motor control!
Controls DC motors from 3 to 50 volts - up to 10 Amps!
Includes attractive matching case set!
Full Power...
Any Speed!
DC Motor Speed Control
The motors are top quality but how the heck do you drive them without shelling out a fortune? Easily, with the Ramsey
Super-Stepper! Build an accurate positioner, X-Y controller, plotter or even a Robot!
The Super-Stepper will drive almost any stepper from 5 to 15 volts. You’ll be able to control direction, speed, step size (rotational
increment), and even power-down the motor after rotating it. An on-board clock generator is provided for easy hook-up-and-go operation
or you can externally drive the kit for more exotic control.
We give complete details and ideas for additional uses. Put those versatile, first rate (and cheap!) motors to work with this exciting kit. Includes the matching black custom case set.
Operates on 5 to 15 VDC. Case size 5”W x 1½”H x 5¼”D.
(The first, and still the most popular stepper controller!)
Stepper Motor Driver Kit With Case
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
Controls direction, step size, and power
to the motor!
Output drives 5 to 15 volts!
Uses Motorola Stepper Motor Driver IC Chip
Includes matching case set!
Finally...A Stepper For All
Those Surplus Motors!
Stepper Motor Controller-Driver
This controller was designed to control AC motors with carbon brushes, anything from drills to vacuum cleaners to saws. Unlike normal dimmers
there is a phase-cut only once per period.
The moment of cutting determines the speed, which can be adjusted from 5-95%. Thanks to this control, this kit provides high
torque even at low speeds! Not just for 110VAC and 220VAC motors, this kit can also be used for low voltage (24VAC) AC motor
loads. The supply and load circuits are electrically isolated from each other for both safety and reliability. Unlike a lot of AC con-
trollers, RFI is suppressed to eliminate noise and interference. AC power input is 110-240VAC. Load voltage is 24-240VAC.
Measures 5.1” x 3.0”. From Velleman.
AC Motor Speed Controller
Load 24-240VAC at 5.5 amps!
Input voltage 110-240VAC!
Speed range 5-95%
Adjust Speed But Maintain Torque!
AC Motor Speed Controller
Voltage Supply:
Load Voltage:
24-240VAC, 5.5A maximum
Speed range:
5-95% of rated motor speed
5.1” x 3.0”
Packed With Motor
Control Features!
This dual bi-directional motor driver is based on the very popular L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Integrated Circuit and allows
you to easily and independently control two motors of up to 2A each in both directions. It is ideal for robotic applications and well
suited for connection to a microcontroller, requiring only a couple control lines per motor.
It can also be easily controlled with simple manual switches, TTL logic gates, relays, etc. 4 directional LEDs (2 per motor) tell you at a glance
which motor is spinning which direction, and an additional power LED tells you when the unit is operating.
Other features include a built-in heat sink to prevent overheating, screw-terminal connectors, and eight Schottky EMF-protection diodes. Two high-
power current sense resistors are also included to allow monitoring of the current drawn on each motor through your microcontroller! As if this wasn’t
enough, the onboard user-accessible 5V regulator can also be used to supply any additional circuits requiring a regulated 5V DC supply, and the circuit offers a bridged mode of
operation for bi-directional control of a single motor of up to approximately 4A! Supply / Load Voltage: 6-35VDC. Output Power: up to 2A Each or 4A bridged. Dimensions: 2.50” x
2.50”. From CanaKit.
Control dual 2A motors or one 4A motor in bridged mode!
Simple to control with standard TTL logic!
Great for robotics applications!
Current sense outputs!
External diode bridge for output!
4 LED directional indicators plus LED power indicator!
4A Dual Bi-Directional Motor Driver Kit
4A Dual Bi-Directional Motor Driver, Factory Assembled & Tested
4A Dual Bi-Directional Motor Driver
Wired & Tested
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