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Data Control
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This professional quality USB relay controller and data acquisition module allows computer con-
trolled switching of external devices, plus full bi-directional communication with the external
world using the USB port of your computer.
The perfect solution for Data Acquisition applications! The controller is very flexible and can be
used for a wide range of custom applications, including weather stations, temperature monitor-
ing, logging and control, etc.
It is compatible with both Windows and Apple OS X, as well as various Linux flavors. When you plug it into
your computer, it appears as a USB CDC (Communications Device Class) device that creates a Virtual Serial
(COM) port allowing easy communication with the board through any programming language that supports
serial communications (VB, VB.NET, C#, C, C++, Perl, Java, etc). A complete set of easy to use commands
are available for complete control of all relays, I/O channels and sensors!
The controller also features four onboard relay outputs with a current rating of 10A each. Also
onboard is a 6-channel Input/Output interface, with each channel individually configurable as Digital
Input, Digital Output, Analog Input (10-bit
Resolution), or Temperature Sensor (Dallas-Maxim
1-Wire DS18B20 series).
In Digital Input/Output modes, each channel can
support a TTL compatible or ST (Schmitt Trigger)
input (depending on the channel) or a 5V output
signal. In Analog Input mode, each channel can convert a
voltage of between 0 to 5V (or higher voltage using a voltage-
divider) into a 10-bit digital representation.
Finally, in Temperature Sensor mode, each channel can be connected to a Maxim/Dallas DS18B20 series 1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensor (sold separately)! From
(Who would have ever thought we’d come to this after watching Mr. Gates’ introduction to USB fail to the blue screen of death on live TV in 1998! Go
ahead, Google it!)
Individually configurable I/O channels!
Compatible with Maxim-Dallas DS18B20 1-Wire temperature sensors!
USB control for versatile custom programming!
4 separate relay control outputs for easy interface to your equipment!
4-Channel USB Relay Board With 6-Channel A/D Interface, Factory Assembled & Tested
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
4-Channel USB Relay Board With 6-Channel A/D Interface
Supply Voltage:
12VDC (For Relay Operation Only)
Number of Relays:
Number of I/O Channels:
Relay Rating:
10A / 100V AC or
24VDC ( 5A / 220VAC) (Resistive Loads)
A/D Converter Resolution:
4.11” x 2.14”
Wired & Tested
The Ultimate USB Interface And Controller!
With the rapid growth of technology, we have begun to see remote access and control of higher end devices via the internet. It has
become commonplace these days to see remote access of your PC, remote access and control of your home alarm system, and many of us would
be lost without the capability to set our DVRs at home from a remote location. Just imagine, where would we be if we couldn't remotely set our DVR to
record Honey Boo Boo because we forgot to at home!
(Editor's comment.... probably better off!)
However, all of these remote access functions are typically built
into the specific devices and similar remote control of user defined equipment has never been feasible... until now!
Now you can easily control and monitor up to 8 separate circuits via the standard Ethernet network in your home or office. Connection wise it couldn't be sim-
pler. The controller functions as an IP based web server, so it can be controlled by any internet browser that can reach your network! There are no drivers or
proprietary software required, just access the controller like any web page from your PC, laptop, or even your smartphone! Security is assured allowing up to 4
separate user credentials. The controller can be set to a specific static IP within your network subnet or can
be set to DHCP (auto negotiate). The controller can even be programmed to send you an email to notify and
confirm power up and status changes!
To simplify the connection of your equipment to the controller, 8 separate and isolated relay outputs are pro-
vided! This gives you internet or network control of up to 8 separate functions. No need to worry about
interfacing a logic high or logic low, or burning up the interface! The applications are endless! From some-
thing as simple as turning on and monitoring lights at your house with a normal latched closure to advanced
control of your electronic gadgets, radio equipment, or even your garage door!
Each relay contact is rated at 12A at 30VDC or 16A at 230VAC. Each of the 8 channels has built-in timer and
scheduler programs for day, weekend, working days, every day, and every day except Sunday. Relay control
functions are programmable for on, off, or pulse (1-99 seconds, 1-99 minutes, or 1-99 hours). In addition to
control functions, the web interface also displays and confirms the status of each channel. Each channel can
be custom labeled to your specific function name.
The controller operates on 12VDC or 12VAC at 500mA. If you are building the controller into a commercial or industrial control equipment rack, a standard DIN rail
enclosure is also available.
(Give us a call, or check our website at
for availability.)
Channels: 8, separate relay outputs
IEEE 802.3 compatible Ethernet, 10Mbps
TCP/IP: IPV4, static or DHCP
NETBios: User defined name
TCP, SNTP, email
TCP Port: User defined
Display: On-board LCD, time or network status
User defined for input and all outputs
Administrator plus 3 users
28 times max
Contacts: 12A@30VDC, 16A@230VAC x 8
12VDC, 12VAC, 500mA
Mounting: PC board or optional DIN rail enclosure
8 separate relay controls!
Built-in web interface for easy operation!
User defined TCP server port!
Static or DHCP IP address!
Sends email at power-up and event changes!
Multiple user authentications
On-board LCD display
Remotely Control and
Monitor Your Equipment
From The Internet!
Wired & Tested
8-Channel Ethernet Controller
8-Channel Ethernet Controller, Factory Assembled & Tested
DIN Rail Enlosure for VM201 Controller
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level V Efficiency
January 2013!
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