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Telephone Accessories
What is a telephone ring down, you may ask? They have been used for years as dedicated communications paths between two standard
telephone sets. Over a single pair, with a phone at either end, merely going off hook with one phone immediately rings the other phone.
When picked up you have a complete intercom path to talk. No dialing necessary! What are they used for?
Well, on the intercom or communications side they are commonly used for elevator phones, guard post hotlines, door entry phones in homes and offices, and on commercial job
sites for rugged intercoms. But that’s just the beginning!
They can also be used to test ringing, answering, and signal path conditions of devices, two-wire off premises extensions, PABX to Key System tie lines, and more. Ringing pattern is
selectable to continuous ring; 1 on 1 off; 2 on 2 off; 2 on 4 off. Runs on 12 VAC at 500 mA (Power Transformer is included) or 20–28 VDC at 300 mA.
If you work on telephone equipment or are just looking for an ultra reliable telephone, the QLRD1 can’t be beat! Measures 5/8 x 4¼ x 2½ inches and is totally encapsulated in UL
94V-0 flame-resistant epoxy resin for long, reliable operation.
(I used to install ring-downs with rotary dial 500’s! I guess I’m REALLY dating myself!)
Instant off-hook ringdown access between two telsets
Private full duplex intercom with selectable ringdown
Instantly generates call on offhook, no dialing!
Test ringing, answering, and signal-path functions of
any telecom device
Wired & Tested
Automatic Telephone Ring Down, Factory Assembled & Tested
Fully Automatic, Just
Go Off-Hook!
Automatic Telephone
“Ring Down”
The QLRD1 above is the ultimate (and very popular) telephone ring down. As described, it provides an ultra reliable dedicated communications path
between two standard telephones while providing an automatic ring of the called station by merely going off hook with the calling station. These 2-station
ring downs have been used for years.
But now the plot thickens! What if you needed to to have multiple stations in the path? What if you needed up to 4 stations to simultaneously ring with an off hook of any one sta-
tion? No problem with the new QLRD4 Call-All-Station Extender! Add it to the QLRD1 Ring Down and you now have a complete 4 station automatic ring down. If any station of the
4 goes off hook, it rings the other three stations. When a ringing station goes off hook to answer, a full duplex intercom path is established between all 4 stations!
It gets even better! With both units designed to run on 24VDC, the pair can provide the legal requirement for some public locations (ski lodges, etc.) to have a battery backed emer-
gency communications system between several points. Use standard gel cells, telco batteries, even two car batteries in series to provide a complete stand-alone system. Use AC
chargers or even solar chargers to keep the system charged. The extender can also be run on the 12VAC power source from the QLRD1!
The extender is compatible with standard and electronic telephone sets. Just connect the stations, use modular RJ-11 cables to connect to the QLRD1, provide 24 VDC, and you’re all
set. Just like the QLRD1, the extender measures 5/8 x 4¼ x 2½ inches and is totally encapsulated in UL 94V-0 flame-resistant epoxy resin for long, reliable operation. Makes it easy
to mount in a small outdoor call box or other suitable enclosure.
Extends your ring down to multiple stations
Any off hook rings all stations
Meets legal requirements for backup communications!
Compatible with standard and electronic telephones
Runs on 24 VDC or 12VAC
Wired & Tested
Call-All-Stations Ring Down Extender, Factory Assembled & Tested
Calling All Stations...
Calling All Stations!
“Ring Down”
Not a speakerphone, but a high performance isolated input amplifier that connects directly to a telephone line. Unlike a lot of amplifiers, this one
provides both speaker output and line output. Speaker output is perfect for “group listen” applications with standard telephones for group gatherings
without the inconvenience and interruption of vox operated speakerphones.
The K4900 also features line level output designed to be connected to the aux input of any standard audio mixer or amplifier. This makes it perfect for
radio stations, home broadcasters, and larger applications that need to connect their phone line into their systems. Features a standard isolation transformer input for zero loading of
the phone line. Speaker output is a half watt into 8 ohms. Line output is 0dB (.775Vrms). The circuit runs on 7-10VAC or 9-12VDC at 150mA. Board measures 2.5” x 2.1”. This unit
can be built into existing equipment, or as a stand alone amplifier with the optional G416 housing. From Velleman.
(Group listen is great, no speakerphone interruptions, no VOX
clipping, yet everyone in my office can hear!)
Telephone Amplifier Kit
Recommended Case/Housing For K4900
Connects directly to a phone line!
Speaker and line outputs
High performance, small size
Drives Speakers Or Mixers!
Group Listen Telephone Amplifier
When In The Area...
If you're an electronic hobbyist, have an interest in our unique
products, and find yourself traveling through the Rochester,
NY area, feel free to stop in!
Likewise, if you are local, and simply want to “run down the
street” to pick up your next kit, our friendly and knowledgable
CSR staff welcomes your visit!
We’re located in Victor, NY, we are 5 minutes away from exit
43 on I-90 or exit 29 on I-490 East.
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