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Continuing the legacy of our famous AR1 we decided to design the ultimate aircraft receiver kit. Now you’re not limit-
ed to an all band receiver or scanner that has substandard performance in the AM aircraft band. Instead, you can have a super
performance receiver designed specifically for the best aircraft reception possible! To begin with, we designed it with the latest technolo-
gy, utilizing a rock stable synthesized PLL dual conversion receiver. We gave it superb image and adjacent channel rejection to allow you to lock
onto the signals you want and not to be bothered by those you don’t!
Once we got the RF portion designed we took a close look at the features desired in such a receiver. We gave it a neat
2x8 line LCD display to show you all the functions. Control of modes and setups is obtained through the front panel con-
trols and confirmed on the LCD display. On/Off/Volume and Squelch controls are also provided on the front panel. We
even gave it a front panel speaker in case you stack the lighting controller or something else on top of it!
So far we’ve described the ultimate aircraft receiver that’s not only the perfect field monitor for a hangar or airport manag-
er’s office but for the serious enthusiast as well. Can it get any better than that? It sure can!
The top request we’ve had for a professional aircraft receiver was to embed automatic runway lighting control. Consider it
done! The lighting controller follows the standard protocol for remote runway lighting. The pilot “keys” his microphone
on the local CTAF channel for the specified number of times. All you need to do is
set the receiver for the lighting control mode and then make sure the squelch is
closed and will open on a suitably strong signal. Typically the number of “keys” or “events” according to the receiver control the lighting
as follows: 3 events, 25% brightness; 5 events, 50% brightness; and 7 events, 100% brightness. The AR2’s adjustable lighting timer
sets turn-on duration to your needs.
And what happens in the event of a local power failure or interruption to the AR2? Absolutely nothing! All receiver settings and all
lighting control settings are saved in the internal memory. The rear panel lighting control output of the AR2 connects to our AR2L to
interface with individual runway lighting control circuits.
As we do with all of our kits, a detailed instruction manual not only leads you through the step-by-step construction and assembly proce-
dures, it teaches you the circuit theory as well. Learn all about RF receivers and how a dual conversion PLL radio works! You’ll be proud to
tell your friends that you built this outstanding aircraft receiver!
Includes the matching case and knob set, plus power supply. For the aviation professional that is not interested in building the receiver, the AR2 and the lighting controller are also
available factory assembled and tested, ready to go. Just plug it in and you’re all set.
(I can’t get this thing off my desk, now I’m addicted to listening to Rochester approach!)
Synthesized Aircraft Receiver Kit With Case, Antenna, and AC Power Supply
Factory Assembled AR2C With Case and AC Power Supply
Plug-In Runway Lighting Controller Interface Kit With Case & Power Supply
Factory Assembled AR2LC With Case and AC Power Supply
Rock solid dual conversion PLL receiver!
Airport runway lighting controller output!
Full band scanner mode
4 user memory scanner banks, 20 frequencies each
Full band skip scanner mode
Adjustable skip scanner timing
Internal front panel speaker
External antenna input, speaker out, headphone out
Stylish and shielded metal enclosure
Frequency Range:
117.975 MHz to 137.000 MHz
25kHz steps
Receiver Type:
Dual Conversion PLL
IF Frequencies:
10.7 MHz & 450 kHz
Receiver Sensitivity:
Less than 1 uV across the band
Image Rejection:
Greater than -80 dB
Adjacent Ch. Rejection:
Greater than -40dB
Scanner Banks:
4, 20 frequencies each
Audio Output:
1 watt, 8 ohms
Light Controller Output:
3 events, 5 events, 7 events
output to controller
Power Requirement:
13.8-15VDC, 500mA
External Antenna:
BNC female, rear panel
5.55”W x 6.45”D x 1.5” H
Wired & Tested
The Ultimate & Affordable Aircraft Receiver...
Even Controls Runway Lights!
Digital Tuned High Performance Aircraft Receiver
Runway Lighting
Dan Lipko of Pine Bottom Aviation in Pennsylvania has put
the AR2 and AR2L to good use – landing his helicopters!
Here you can see where Dan has mounted his AR2 and
AR2L units in a weatherproof housing panel box “to keep
the snow and the PA Whitetail’s out”!
The AR2L activates the landing lights through the
110VAC/40A light relay on the right. A mobile antenna
on the top of the box enhances the reception. Says Dan:
“The timing function is really nice, as I've set mine to 6
minutes (save those $11.00 bulbs!). Also, the pulsing at
the end is nice and gives you the time to ask for six more
minutes... squelch is set to quieting and a nudge... my
range is 3 miles out they light up.” (for more information
Ramsey AR2 In Action!
AR2 & AR2L Mounted in an
outdoor enclosure with
110V lighting relay controls
Runway and landing area,
marker lights controlled
remotely from the air!
Landing a Robinson
R44 Raven II
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