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Wait, you can't use a radio receiver onboard aircraft because they contain a local oscillator that could generate interfering signals. We have you covered on that one. The ABM1 has
no local oscillator, it doesn't, can't, and won't generate any RF whatsoever! That's why our patent abstract is titled “Aircraft band radio receiver which does not radiate interfering sig-
nals.” It doesn't get any plainer than that!
What about an air show? The ABM1 is the perfect solution to communications monitoring! A lot of unknown frequencies are used between the ground and each plane flying. Listen
to air-to-air, the air boss, PA talkthrough and the stunt planes with ease! With a normal receiver you need to know the frequency and tune into it. The ABM1 simply hears the activity
as it occurs, perfect for an air show... should be standard equipment for all the spectators!
Then there are the private and commercial pilots! A lot of private pilots rent aircraft. With an ABM1 they can listen to field traffic and ATIS broadcasts before firing up the aircraft
avionics; this saves on Hobbs time (inactive rental time!) and is convenient! Same with commercial pilots. Your access to ATIS and other broadcasts can be as close as your flight
bag, briefcase, or pocket!
The receiver is in a compact case complete with a belt clip. Just plug your favorite pair of headphones or the provided set of ear buds into the receiver, turn it on, and you are now
monitoring all local aircraft! A squelch control is even provided to mute background noise and interference! The receiver runs on a standard 9VDC battery (not included). You will
hear all nearby aircraft, ground transmissions, local control towers, and any other traffic within the frequency range! Here in Rochester while I'm writing this catalog page I'm hearing
local aircraft overhead calling Rochester Approach and Cleveland Center, and just heard the local News Chopper!
Even with its compact design, we engineered the ABM1 kit version for easy construction by the electronic hobbyist. Through-hole parts are used for all customer assembly. Several
SMT components are part of the circuit, and they are pre-installed at the factory! We also realized that this receiver will be popular with aircraft enthusiasts that really don’t have the
time or ability to build an electronic kit. Therefore our engineering staff went into overdrive and designed a similar version using an all-SMT design as a factory assembled and tested
unit. This unit features additional shielding only available with SMT design to reduce adjacent channel overloading. Whatever your choice is, both versions keep you in touch with the
entire band with flying colors!
Where's the antenna you ask? The headphone wire is your antenna! We even discuss a couple of component changes you can make to optimize performance with other than nor-
mal lengths of headphone wires. A professional set of stereo ear buds is included with the ABM1 to get you listening quick! You can also use your favorite set of Walkman type
headphones with the ABM1.
If you're a private pilot, commercial pilot, airport worker, aircraft enthusiast, attend air shows, or spend a lot of time in airports or onboard aircraft, the ABM1 is for you. The handy
case has a built-in belt clip and measures 2.5” x 4.6” x .9”.
(If I had an Icon for “Super Top Seller” it would be right here!)
Monitors the entire aircraft band without tuning!
Passive design, can be used onboard aircraft, no
local oscillator, generates and creates no interference
Great for air shows!
Patented circuit and design!
Passive Air Band Monitor Kit
Passive Air Band Monitor, SMT Version, Factory Assembled & Tested
Monitors The Entire
Aircraft Band For Activity...
Without Any Tuning!
Wired & Tested
Passive Aircraft Monitor Receiver
The ABM1...Reviewed in
Monitoring Times
Author Bob Grove reviews the Ramsey ABM1 Passive Airband Monitor...
“I can't see the planes anywhere, but the ABM1 can hear them, and obviously from many miles away”
“Ramsey provides a nice manual with an introduction to air-band monitoring, which contains a
complete schematic diagram of the monitor, along with stage identification”
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1. At an air show! Just imagine sitting there listening to all the traffic as it happens, even the unknown frequencies!
2. Onboard aircraft to listen to that aircraft and associated control towers
3. Private pilots to monitor ATIS and other field traffic during preflight activities (saves Hobbs time!)
4. Commercial pilots to monitor ATIS and other field traffic as needed at their convenience
5. General aircraft monitoring enthusiasts
6. Avionics service technicians to quickly verify transmitter go/no-go operation
For decades we have been known for our novel and creative product designs. Well,
check this one out! An aircraft receiver that receives all nearby traffic without any tun-
ing. It gets better... there is no local oscillator so it doesn't produce, and can't produce,
any interference associated with all other receivers with an LO.
That means you can use it onboard aircraft as a passive device! And what will you
hear? The closest and strongest traffic, i.e. the plane you're sitting in! How unique is
this? We have a patent on it, and that says it all!
This broadband radio monitors transmissions over the entire aircraft band of 118-136
MHz. The way it works is simple. Strongest man wins! The strongest signal within
the pass band of the radio will be heard. And unlike the FM capture effect, multiple aircraft signals will be heard simultaneously with the
strongest one the loudest! And that means the aircraft and towers closest to you! All without any tuning or looking up frequencies! So,
where would this come in handy?
Frequency Range:
118 MHz to 136 MHz
Receiver Type:
Patented Passive Detector
IF Frequencies:
Receiver Sensitivity:
Less than 2 uV for detectable
Audio Output:
700mW, 8-24 ohms
Headphone Jack:
3.5mm stereo phone
External Antenna:
Headphone cord coupled
Power Requirement:
9VDC battery
2.25” x 2.8” PC Board
2.5” x 4.6” x .9” Case
4 oz. with battery
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