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Amateur Radio Gear
These little rigs are burning up the airwaves as young and old alike are rediscovering the fun in building their own equip-
ment! Our detailed, step-by-step instruction manuals make building an enjoyable and rewarding experience. You‘re guided
carefully to the completion of a unit that not only works but will provide hours of operating pleasure. These trusted and proven
Ramsey all-mode mini rigs are routinely used worldwide by Hams of all ages.
You‘ll find you don’t need high power - K71RK worked and QSL’d all states, plus global DX QSOs from Argentina to the former USSR—with
only 2 mW! You don’t need hundreds of watts, thousands of dollars or massive equipment; you‘ll find it’s more fun with less!
These little receivers are based upon the SA-602 that we read about in Ham magazines and handbooks. Available in 20 meter, 30 meter, and 40 meter versions, the receivers are
true superheterodyne direct conversion - a simple design that does not require the use of fancy IFs, RF filters, or exotic mixers. In short, the ideal design for easy hobby building.
Only recently have high performance ICs become available that enable such circuitry to be constructed. Beginners can easily build these receivers, and experienced amateurs and
QRP enthusiasts can use them as a reliable, economical, basic foundation for modifications.
Our single PC board has plenty of room for lots of modifications and hook-ups - tinker to your heart’s content! Suggestions and technical info are included in every receiver manual.
Isn’t this what Ham radio is all about? Operates on 9 V battery (not included). Included case measures 5”W x 1½”H x 5¼”D”.
Sensitivity of approximately one microvolt rivals the big rigs!
Covers 500 KHz of selected band
Receives CW, SSB and AM
Plenty of audio output, drives any speaker or phones
Available in 20 meter, 30 meter, or 40 meter versions
20 Meter Receiver Kit With Case
30 Meter Receiver Kit With Case
40 Meter Receiver Kit With Case
Get On The Air...
For Under $40!
These nifty little CW transmitters are practical and economical take-along rigs for trips, camping, teaching or just amazing yourself with
what a watt will do! With an exceptional manual of over 20 pages, the detailed step-by-step instructions guide you to a perfectly operat-
ing finished transmitter. They are available in 20 meter, 30 meter, and 40 meter models.
The rigs use a standard crystal that is connected into a VCXO circuit - which means that you can tune around the crystal’s frequency by up to 20 KHz -
thus giving you stable crystal control while still being able to tune around! A front panel switch lets you choose between two crystals; we include one, you can add another of your
choice. A built-in T-R switch allows break-in operation.
Of course, these transmitters interface perfectly with our QRP Mini-rig receivers and our CMOS CW keyer! And for the real Ham, there’s plenty of room inside the included case for
your own circuit modifications and experiments. These little rigs are often the heart of many QRP operator’s stations. Modify “‘til the cows come home” or just use them as they are -
these little rigs pack a lot of performance into an economical package. Runs on 12-15VDC at 200 mA. Included case measures 5”W x 1½”H x 5¼”D”.
Four transistor circuit, oscillator, RF amplifier chain, and clean
keying stage
RF output of approximately one watt (3/4 W for QRP20)
Pi-network output for good matching and harmonic suppression
Provision for two internal crystals (one crystal provided), front
panel switching
VCXO tuning, frequency can be tuned approximately 7 KHz
around XTAL frequency
Available in 20 meter, 30 meter, or 40 meter versions
20 Meter Transmitter Kit, Includes 14.060 MHz Xtal And Case
30 Meter Transmitter Kit, Includes 10.108 MHz Xtal And Case
40 Meter Transmitter Kit, Includes 7.040 MHz Xtal And Case
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
Work The
World On A
QRP Amateur Radio Mini-Receivers
QRP Amateur Radio Mini-Transmitters
Need a little extra boost for your QRP rig? This nifty little amplifier may be all you need. Believe it or not, 20 watts is
only 7db (about one S unit!) less power than a full sized commercial transceiver. These compact amplifiers are easily driven
by any of our QRP transmitters or any other unit in the ½ - 2 watt range and are available in 20 meter, 30 meter, and 40 meter
Advanced power MOSFETs are used for the utmost in efficiency and purity while a multistage low pass filter is used to assure a clean signal
output. Power required is only 12-15VDC at 2 to 4 amps, depending upon power output. Complete step-by-step instructions are provided
which make building the kit a breeze. The amplifier works well for all modes: CW, SSB and AM. Included case measures 5”W x 1½”H x 5¼”D”.
20 Meter QRP Amplifier Kit With Case
30 Meter QRP Amplifier Kit With Case
40 Meter QRP Amplifier Kit With Case
Works great with Ramsey QRP rigs or any other 1-2 watt
Built-in T/R relay automatically switches between receive
and transmit
Operates all modes; CW, SSB, or AM
Cut Through The QRM
With 20 Watts!
QRP Amateur Radio Linear Amplifiers
What is QRP all about?
“People like to overcome challenges; it's part of our nature. I lack the physical skills to be a mountain climber, so I
have instead chosen to challenge the fickle layers of the ionosphere with a transmitter that runs milliwatts. It's my
way of riding the knife-edge of what can be done.”
Ed Hare, W1RFI
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