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Amateur Radio Gear
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Get in on the fun of radio direction finding (RDF) with this
super kit ! The latest in affordable Doppler direction find-
ing equipment available in a complete kit form ...this one
even includes the receiving antenna assembly!
A must for the “fox hunter” at an unheard of price! Radio
direction finding is a fascinating hobby and is becoming
more and more popular in today's portable world.
With the increasing number of intentional jammers and other unknown transmitters around, Doppler DF locators have
become the rage with a display that gives you a direct bearing on the location of the transmitter. Pretty neat trick consid-
ering you don’t need multiple separate receivers at different locations to triangulate on the mystery transmitter!
The kit includes the Doppler Direction Finder display unit and all the parts necessary to build your own four point, 5 piece
magnetic antenna assembly for easy setup and use. Operates on 12-15VDC and includes a matching 12VDC power plug
for custom integration and connection into your vehicle or portable power supply. Easy to hook up to any FM receiver.
Transmitter (the object of your DF'ing) need not be FM, it can be AM/FM or CW.
Requires only a connection to your receiver's speaker jack and radio's antenna. The whips can be cut and optimized for any frequency from 85-1000 MHz. An easy to build, reliable
kit that compares most favorably to commercial units costing upwards of $1000.00! Comes complete with matching case, 12VDC plug, magnetic antenna kit with cables, and a com-
prehensive instruction manual.
(Editors rule of thumb: always look across the street for a guy on a lawnmower before you take the picture!)
Doppler Direction Finder Kit, With Case, Power Cable, And Magnetic Antenna Kit
Factory Assembled & Tested DDF1 With Case, Power Cable, And Magnetic Antenna Kit
Track down jammers and hidden transmitters with ease!
Elegant and cost effective design thanks to WA2EBY!
Featured in QST Magazine
Convenient LED 22.5 degree bearing indicator
Adjustable damping rate, phase inversion, scan enable/disable
Utilizes high speed CMOS technology for signal conditioning
and audio processing!
Wired & Tested
Track Them Down...
Doppler Direction Finder
There are no short cuts taken in the design of these units, sensitivity is equal to full size monitor receivers or scanners. Schools,
scout troops, clubs and hobbyists use these receivers for teaching, monitoring, and just plain building enjoyment. Any one of
these little receivers is ideal for easy chair listening and with no big clunky box and wiring to aggravate the XYL!
All four receivers can be tuned outside of the intended amateur bands. For example, the FR146 two meter receiver will tune any 5 MHz segment
from 130 to 180 MHz. Choose your band and enjoy FM repeater and simplex monitoring on a budget! Help a newcomer discover the 220 MHz novice
band. Listen in on exciting 10 Meter international FM action. Rediscover the fascination of 6 Meter sporadic E band openings and uncrowded new FM repeaters. For a professional
finished look, our matching case and knob set is included. Kit includes detailed step-by-step manual that carefully guides you to a finished working radio. Runs on a standard 9VDC
battery (not included). Case measures 5”W x 1½”H x 5¼”D.
Tunes any 5MHz portion of selected receiver band
Excellent performance, less than 1µV sensitivity
True Superhet Receiver with sharp ceramic IF filters
Front panel volume, squelch, and tuning controls
2 Meter Receiver Kit With Case
6 Meter Receiver Kit With Case
10 Meter Receiver Kit With Case
220 MHz Receiver Kit With Case
Low Cost...
Easy To Build!
Mini VHF Series Receivers
Add to your CW fun with our low cost CMOS Keyer Kit. You'll send clean code that’s a pleasure to copy; self completing
dots and dashes with properly weighted spacing and timing are all programmed into the CW7C’s design. Assembly of the
keyer is fast, easy, and fun. Our step-by-step instructions lead you to a finished unit in only one evening. Great for beginners
to learn proper and perfectly formed CW right from the start!
Built-in tone, adjustable pitch, and front panel speed and volume controls are featured. The CW7 is the ideal companion to our QRP trans-
mitters or any other rig you may own. You need to supply an external set of paddles (Manual includes details on constructing economical pad-
dles). The included custom case and knob set matches our QRP receivers and transmitters and gives your keyer a nice attractive finished look.
Runs on a standard 9VDC battery (not included). Case measures 5”W x 1½”H x 5¼”D
CW Keyer Kit With Case
Perfect CW in one night!
Ideal for code practice
Great features-budget price
Works With Any Rig!
EZ Key CW Keyer
Looking for a great starter kit to spark the interest of a future engineer? Looking for an easy way to either learn or practice your code? This little
code practice oscillator is inexpensive, easy to build, easy to use, and features an audio tone adjustment for your listening pleasure. The unique “key”
built on the board simulates a standard CW key making it unnecessary to connect an external key. A small built-in speaker provides you a clear audible tone complete with
adjustable pitch. Uses the ever popular 555 timer IC with full theory of operation to guide you through the construction. Handy 9 VDC battery operation (not included) insures hours
of enjoyment and the chance to practice your CW code anywhere you go. Size: 3 1/2” X 1 1/2” X 3/4”.
Code Practice Oscillator Kit
Great starter kit for young or old!
Ideal scouting project
Practice your code anywhere!
Learn Code The Simple Way!
Code Practice Oscillator
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