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Amateur Radio Gear
Here’s the ideal preamp for repeaters, base stations, mobiles - anywhere a selective, low noise signal boost is needed. Unlike other preamps the PR100
features extensive RF filtering to crush intermod before it reaches your radio.
Two poles of sharp Helical filtering combined with a 3 pole L-C tank allow only signals of interest to reach your receiver. A low noise microwave bipolar transistor
provides an excellent 1 dB noise figure while remaining ruggedly insensitive to static and strong signals. Preamp is easily configured to be powered via the coax (for
mast mount applications) or powered through a separate power cable. Kit is designed to fit snugly into a 3” long piece of 1 ½” PVC pipe with end caps, making an ideal outdoor
enclosure. Runs on 9 to 15 VDC. Size: 4”W x 7/8”H x 1 3/8”D.
2 Meter Receiver Preamp Kit
2 Meter Preamp with the sharpest filtering available!
Can be powered up the signal coax (9 to 15 VDC)
Helical filter for fantastic intermod rejection
Great Gain And
Super Selectivity!
Put some new “ears” on your rig with one of these hot little preamp kits. Their high gain combined with low noise will improve
most any receiver. Fully protected against overload and designed for low current and stable operation, these preamps employ high Q
tuned circuits which restrict out-of-band signals which can cause intermod blanking and overload of your radio’s front-end.
Don’t be misled by GaAs FET claims! The cheap dual-gate FETs (manufactured for TV tuner usage!) used by others just don’t come close to the performance of these
preamps designed with NEC microwave transistor devices. Gain is typically 16 to 20 dB and noise figure is 1 dB @ 2 Meters, 1.2 dB @ 220 MHz, and 1.4 dB @ 440 MHz. Compact
design for easy installation into most any rig. Operates on 12 to 15 VDC . Size: 1” x 3/8” x 1 ½”.
2 Meter Receiver Preamp Kit
220 MHz Preamp Kit
440 MHz Preamp Kit
Low noise (typically < 1 to 1.5 dB)
High Q tuned circuits (very narrow band) prevent
out-of-band signals from overloading front-end
Available in 2 meter, 220 Mhz, 440 MHz
The Quick And Easy
Low Cost Receiver Preamps
2-Meter Receiver Preamplifier
Now you can build those special remote control projects in a flash and have the ultimate in reliability... and security!
Unlike other units on the market, these units are crystal controlled for no frequency drift, yet are ultra small and very low
power. The decoder output provides +5VDC or 0 (1 or zero) switch output that is CMOS compatible. Encoder data
enable input also accepts the same standard CMOS compatible input.
To give these little boards even more versatility, they can be easily interfaced to the outside world by using other Ramsey
kits. Simple switches can be used on the inputs of the TX and TXE modules to control one (RX) or up to four output cir-
cuits (RXD) connected to the receiver modules. The BE164 can be used with the TXE modules along with the BD416 on
the RXD modules to control any 1 of 16 output circuits. The RI1 can be added to the output of the RX, RXD, or BD416 to
provide a switch relay to control devices like house lighting, motors, or other high voltage or current devices.
These wireless RF link boards are perfect for any wireless application - sending data, car alarms, door openers, home
security, electronic monitoring... you name it! You can also monitor a test point or an alarm point on a circuit and have it
alert you remotely. The applications are endless! Thousands of these have been provided to manufacturers for their
OEM use! You may already have one of these and not know it!
The basic TX/RX models transmit one bit of unsecure information. Great for when you only need to turn one device on
or off. Easy to connect, just solder your inputs and outputs to the provided pads.
The encoder/decoder models allow you to program each unit so that they only respond to your set address code, 256
different addresses possible. These units have four separate data lines for either sending four bit data or controlling four
separate devices. No processor or computing required! The TXE/RXD use the same simple input and output solder
connections as the TX/RX units, for the addressing simply solder desired address pads to ground. The A-Series modules
include a programmable dip switch for encoder/decoder address settings and common dual row pin-outs for easy inte-
gration into your equipment!
Two versions are available - 433 MHz and 916 MHz. 916 units can use shorter antennas (3 inches) and are better in high
RF environments while the 433 units have better range but need larger antennas (7 inches). All units will operate on 5
volts DC. Depending on model other voltages are available. Worst case 20mA operating current, stand-by current in the
low micro amps.
433 MHz Receiver/Decoder Module w/Dip Switch
433 MHz Transmitter/Encoder Module w/Dip Switch
433 MHz Receiver/Decoder Module, Assembled
433 MHz Transmitter/Encoder Module, Assembled
433 MHz Data Receiver Module, Assembled
433 MHz Data Transmitter Module, Assembled
916 MHz Receiver/Decoder Module, Assembled
916 MHz Transmitter/Encoder Module, Assembled
916 MHz Data Receiver Module, Assembled
916 MHz Data Transmitter Module, Assembled
Wired & Tested
RXD Receiver/Decoder
TXE Transmitter/Encoder
TX Data Transmitter
RX Data Receiver
The EASY way to send and receive data!
433MHz and 916 MHz units available!
Transmitters, receivers, encoders, decoders
Factory assembled & tested SMT design
Let These Modules Do All The
Work In YOUR Next Project!
RF Wireless Link Modules
Because these are subminiature SMT designed circuits and boards, they are factory assembled and tested at Ramsey! Not a kit, these are immediately ready to use or integrate
with your project!
(NO, these do NOT send audio or video, they send data, you know, those handy little ones and zeros!!! There, saved you the email!)
Make it easy!
Use our BE164 and
BD416 boards on
page 36 to interface
with these RF
RXD433A 1.28” x 1.6”
TXE433A 1.28” x 1.3”
RXD433 1.42” x 1.26”
TXE433 .75” x 1.325”
RX433 .85” x 1.26”
TX433 .57” x .75”
RXD916 1.16” x 1.7”
TXE916 .75” x 1.325”
RX916 1.04” x 1.15”
57” x .75”
Dimensions of each board are as follows:
1...,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51 53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,...80
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