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Power Supplies
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Collectors often come across great deals on antique battery-powered radios, but then find themselves
faced with the challenge of how to power them. Many classic radios operated on batteries only, and in
many cases a series of three batteries for each radio were required!
Quick lesson time for the young readers out there... The A battery provided power to the filament of a
vacuum tube, the B battery provided the plate voltage for the tube, and the C battery provided bias to the
control grid of the tube. But then again, if it’s lesson time, we’ll have to explain what a tube is, what the
plate is, and what the control grid does! The new ABCE1 Battery Eliminator gives you an easy way to
replace all these batteries with a simple household AC power connection. For our International friends,
we even designed it with a tapped primary so you could run it on either 110VAC or 220VAC with a simply jumper selector!
Just plug it in, hook it up, and resurrect your vintage antique radios! The ABCE1 provides the required operating voltages, and all supplies are isolated from each other and input line
voltage for the ultimate in safety as well as compatibility and easy interconnection for virtually any required configuration you may have. All output voltages are connected using con-
venient screw terminals on the board, making hooking up your equipment a snap! For added protection, the input line is fused for 1A with an externally accessible fuse. The ABCE1
is housed in a sturdy, fully enclosed and vented, 3"x5"x7", aluminum case and weighs only 2.75lbs.
(Before you ask, you wouldn’t believe what just the custom transformer costs us!)
Vintage Radio Battery Eliminator Kit
Powers virtually all antique battery-powered radios
Easy connections to your equipment!
Runs on either 120VAC at 60Hz or 240VAC at 50Hz
Bring Your Classic
Battery-Powered Radios
Back From the Dead!
Vintage Radio Battery Eliminator Power Supply
"A" Filament Supply:
Adjustable from 1.25VDC to 6.5VDC @ 2.5A max *
"B" Plate Supply:
22VDC, 45VDC, 67VDC, 90VDC, 135VDC fixed outputs
@ maximum of 60ma total for all loads.
"C" Bias Supply:
-3VDC, -4.5VDC, -9VDC, -22VDC fixed outputs
@ maximum of 20ma total for all loads.
* The "A" filament supply + voltage is bonded to the AC input line equipment ground.
The K8042 is a great little symmetric power supply designed to provide ±1.2 to 24VDC
regulated at 1A. Perfect for amplifiers, op-amps, and other applications requiring a nice-
ly regulated ±DC source. The circuit provides short circuit and thermal protection.
Just provide a suitable power transformer or AC source (up to 24V) and heatsink and
you’re all set. Features LED status indicators. Board measures 3.1” x 2” x .9” From
K8042 Symmetric 1A PS Kit
Plus & minus 1.2V to 24VDC!
Thermal protection
Just add a transformer & heatsink
If you’re looking for a small power supply regulator and don’t want to build it up from
scratch, the K1823 is just for you! Designed around the LM317 regulator, it will provide
a variable regulated output between 1.5 and 35VDC. Continuous output current is con-
servatively rated at 1A with a maximum output current of 1.5A. Maximum input voltage
is 40VDC for rated output.. Both current and thermal overload protection is provided by
the LM317. Heatsink is not included and is required for maximum rated output. Board
measures 2.1” x 2.1”. From Velleman.
K1823 1A Power Supply Board Kit
1.5 to 35VDC at one amp!
LM317 regulator circuit
Current and thermal overload protection
Low Cost, Easy to Build!
1 Amp Up To 35 Volts!
Symmetric 1A Power Supply
Regulated 1A Power Supply
These small power supplies provide a regulated DC voltage adjustable from 0
to 18V with the maximum current adjustable from 0 to 1A (CK051) or 0 to 2A
(CK052). Both use the popular LM723 regulator Integrated Circuit in conjunction
with 2 transistors to provide a well regulated DC output with the added features of cur-
rent limiting and overload protection. They both feature oversized board mounted gold
anodized heat sinks. From CanaKit.
Well regulated adjustable DC output, 0-18VDC
Current limit and overload protection
Large PC board mounted heat sink
Board mounted potentiometers for easy panel mounting
Rock Solid Power for
Your Custom Projects!
0-18VDC Regulated Power Supplies
Supply Voltage:
14-16VAC / 1A (CK051) or 2A (CK052)
Output Voltage:
Adjustable from 0-18VDC
Output Current:
Adjustable from 0-1A (CK051) or 0-2A (CK052)
< 0.05%
< 5mVp-p
3.50” x 2.40”
Wired & Tested
Instant Protection From Over-Current!
These high quality power supplies feature continuously variable regulated output
voltages adjustable from 0 and 30V DC. Based on three Op-Amps, they incorporate an
electronic output current limiter that limits the output current from 0 to a maximum of
1.5A or 2.5A depending on the model. This makes them ideal bench and lab supplies, since
you can limit the current to the typical maximum for circuits under test, protecting them from
any damage that might be caused under excessive load! The supplies also feature an overload indi-
cator LED, to alert the operator immediately if the circuit is exceeding the preset limit. These power
supplies are a great time saver during experimental work! From CanaKit.
Includes overload indicator and overload protection!
Built-in current limiter and oversized heat sink!
Adjustable from 0-30VDC / 0-1.5A or 0-2.5A
Adjustable Regulated Power Supply 0-30V / 0-1.5A Kit
Adjustable Regulated Power Supply 0-30V / 0-1.5A, Factory Assembled & Tested
Adjustable Regulated Power Supply 0-30V / 0-2.5A Kit
Adjustable Regulated Power Supply 0-30V / 0-2.5A, Factory Assembled & Tested
0-30VDC Regulated Power Supplies
Supply Voltage:
24VAC / 1.5A Transformer
Output Voltage:
Adjustable from 0-30VDC
Output Current:
Adjustable from 0-1.5A or 0-2.5A (CK239)
< 0.05%
< 5mVp-p
3.80” x 2.50” (CK182) 5.75” x 2.63” (CK239)
Wired & Tested
Adjustable Regulated Power Supply 0-18V / 0-1A Kit
Adjustable Regulated Power Supply 0-18V / 0-1A, Factory Assembled & Tested
Adjustable Regulated Power Supply 0-18V / 0-2A Kit
Adjustable Regulated Power Supply 0-18V / 0-2A, Factory Assembled & Tested
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