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Antennas & Accessories
Outstanding results from 500 KHz to 15 MHz!
High-Q Ferrite Rod antenna with Faraday shield
eliminates noise from power lines, light dimmers, most
static crashes, and more!
Really improves HD AM radio reception & locking!
Remove The Noise
Wired & Tested
Our AA7C had been a favorite for the serious DX’ers, and now it’s even better! It works on all bands - shortwave, HF, VHF
and UHF! Imagine a self-contained unit just 4 inches square that pulls in the signals like a 60 foot long wire; that’s the
advantage of an active antenna! For jazzing up VHF/UHF receivers and scanners the AA7B has you covered too. Over 15 dB
of gain pulls in the weak ones whether you use the included telescopic whip or an outside antenna.
Unlike it’s predecessor, the AA7B requires no band switching to cover the range of 1MHz to 800MHz. That’s right, it has a bandwidth
of 800Mhz with up to 20 dB of gain at an input signal level up to -20dBm. A pair of N-Channel MOSFET tetrode transistors provide the gain.
Because they are tetrode MOSFET devices, the gain adjustment is accomplished using a variable DC control voltage so the gain control potentiometer
won’t cause any noise if it gets “dirty.” The transistors and solid state relays are surface mount devices, so the signal path (and therefore a lot of potential signal loss!) is minimized.
What if you don’t need any gain? No problem! Just turn the AA7B off and the solid state relays automatically route the signal directly through with no amplification and a very mini-
mum, 1dbm or less, of signal loss. There are no mechanical switches in the signal path to get dirty and degrade the signal levels. High quality BNC connectors provide input and out-
put connections to your antenna and receiver.
You can power the AA7B from a standard 9 volt battery for portable operation or plug in an external power supply between 7 and 15 VDC. The battery will be automatically discon-
nected when you use an external power source. There’s even an LED indicator to show you the AA7B is turned on and ready to go.
Features of the AA7B include: Front panel RF gain control, power switch with preamp bypass switching, rear panel input and output connectors, convenient 9 volt battery operation
and telescopic whip antenna (or connect your own antenna with the BNC connector). We think you’ll agree that the AA7B is simply the most practical and best value of any active
antenna on the market! Includes whip antenna and matching case set. Operates on a standard 9VDC battery (not included). Case size 5”W x 1½”H x 5¼”D.
(My parents would
have appreciated this when I was a kid, rather than drilling holes through the wall to get the long wire for my Star Roamer out of my bedroom, and across the yard to a tree!)
Active Antenna Kit With Case
Works with HF or VHF/UHF
Performs like a 60’ Long Wire!
Operates as a stand-alone antenna or in
conjunction with an existing antenna
Next generation of the proven AA7C!
Signal Magnet Noise Reduction Antenna Kit With Case
Factory Assembled & Tested for AM Band
This antenna responds only to the magnetic field of the desired station and ignores the electrostatic field where most interference is
found. It does a remarkable job pulling in stations lost down in the noise of power line crud, fluorescent lamp buzz, and light dimmer
hash. Plus, it’s very directional, able to null strong stations on the same or nearby frequencies! Being in Rochester NY, we developed this
antenna to pull in the Buffalo AM station more than 75 miles away, so we could listen to Buffalo Bills talk radio during the night. You can
imagine all the power line and equipment noise we have here at the factory. So, we came up with this ferrite rod, varactor tuned active antenna
that’s Faraday shielded - it only responds to the magnetic field - and boy does it do the job!
Enough of why the SM100 was developed. Now for the specs! The SM100 is designed to cover the AM broadcast band but includes details on building for any frequency range up to
15 MHz (works gang-busters on Shortwave)! The antenna portion works indoors or out and is contained in rugged PVC pipe with a single F-type coax cable connector. Operates with
up to 500 feet of coax cable (not provided!) between antenna assembly and control box. This compact antenna has remained a favorite with low frequency receiver enthusiasts, and
works equally as well as the long wire antenna alternatives at a fraction of the cost and with a whole lot less hassle!
And it really helps out your HD AM radio from constantly unlocking from that overlapping 20kHz channel and falling back to the analog mode
(something that really annoys me!)
we discussed the Buffalo Bills stellar performance in 1990 to HD AM Radio in 2012... I guess you could say the SM100 is extremely popular, we’ve been around for quite a while, and
apparently I’m getting old! Includes all parts, matching case set and precut PVC materials. Operates on an external 120 VAC power adapter that is included. Antenna is 9 1/2” x 9”
long, L-Shaped 1” PVC pipe with end caps. Control box case measures 5”W x 1½”H x 5¼”D.
(It worked just great to listen to the Bills players explain for 4 straight years why they
lost the Super Bowl and why you know who couldn’t kick a 47 yard field goal!)
The Easy Antenna...
Regardless Of Frequency!
Signal Magnet
Ferrite Rod Antenna
Active Receive Antenna
This is the famous preamp that’s been written up in all the radio and electronics maga-
zines. New low-cost microwave transistors make it possible to give performance
unheard of a few years ago!
Provides 16dB gain from 100kHz to 1GHz and is unconditionally stable! Runs on 12-
15VDC at 15mA. Input and output impedance is 50-75 ohm. Measures 1” x 3/8” x
SA7 RF Preamp Kit
Broadband from 100 KHz to 1000 MHz!
High Gain: 16 db
Low noise, less than 4dB!
Designed specifically for AM/FM radio reception, the K2622
provides 22dB gain between 10MHz and 150MHz. The sleek metal housing provides
the necessary shielding and assures you of the least amount of interference.
Input power is 12-15VDC at 2mA and can be powered directly or up the coax.
Input/output impedance is 50-75 ohm. Measures 3.4” x 1.4” x .9”. From Velleman.
K2622 AM/FM Preamp Kit
10MHz to 150MHz!
Shielded metal housing
Direct or line fed DC supply
We’re Talking Broadband!
Amplify Those Signals!
RF Preamplifier
AM/FM RF Preamplifier
DOPPLER DIRECTION FINDER... Find That Transmitter Quick!
Track down jammers and hidden
transmitters with a built-in compass heading display!
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