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Our series of PC Plane antennas have been a customer favorite for years, and with new models being
added as technology changes, they continue to be the favorite for virtually all RF and wireless applications. They are engineered, designed, and
available in log periodic, yagi, Vivendi, or quad patch versions over various broad frequency bands. Their maintenance-free construction on rugged FR-4 material boasts the added
advantages of no tuning and no fragile antenna elements to break or twist!
Their directional properties provide extremely high gain over their omnidirectional counterparts. Whether it be HD TV reception, microwave link reception, wireless LAN reception,
ATV and data transmission, RFID detection, or RF test and measurement, these antennas are your perfect solution! If you are looking for a dedicated point-to-point link antenna sys-
tem, they have no equal!
Each PC Plane antenna is provided with a suitable RF connection as described below, making it ready to connect to your equipment. Pick the one that's right for your application and
start enjoying the fruits of a well-designed RF antenna system!
Logi Log Periodic PCB Antenna, 400-1,000 MHz, 6 dBi Gain, SMA Female, Factory Assembled & Tested
Logi Log Periodic PCB Antenna, 900-2,600 MHz, 6 dBi Gain, SMA Female, Factory Assembled & Tested
Logi Log Periodic PCB Antenna, 850-6,500 MHz, 6 dBi Gain, SMA Female, Factory Assembled & Tested
Directional Yagi PCB Antenna, 1,250-1,300 MHz, 6-7 dBi Gain, SMA Male, Assembled & Tested
Logi Log Periodic PCB Antenna, 2.1-11.0 GHz, 6 dBi Gain, SMA Male, Factory Assembled & Tested
Directional Yagi PCB Antenna, 900-930 MHz, 6 dBi Gain, BNC Male, Factory Assembled & Tested
Directional Yagi PCB Antenna, 2.4-2.48 GHz, 8.5 dBi Gain, SMA Male, Assembled & Tested
PCB Vivaldi PCB Antenna, 5-18 GHz, 6-8 dBi Gain, SMA Male, Assembled & Tested
PCB Quad Patch PCB Antenna, 2.4-2.48 GHz, 12 dBi Gain, SMA Male, Assembled & Tested
PCB Quad Patch PCB Antenna, 5.8 GHz, 10 dBi Gain, SMA Male, Assembled & Tested
Small thin size with excellent performance
Very directional—ideal for transmission or
reception use
No tuning needed!
Rugged FR-4 construction
Available log periodic, yagi, Vivaldi, or
Wired & Tested
Coverage And
Ideal for handheld portables, receivers, and communications test equipment. Professional chrome finish with integral swivel mounted BNC connector for virtually any applica-
tion! From the top of equipment to 90 degrees on the back of equipment, it will work like a champ! Whip extends 5.25” to 27.75” to cover a wide variety of ranges with ease!
Telescopic Whip Antenna
High quality with BNC connection
Covers VHF and UHF bands
Swivel BNC Mount For Any Application!
Precision PC Plane Antennas
Telescopic Whip Antenna
FM Broadcast Low Power Antenna Kit (25W Max)
Looking for a perfect low cost FM antenna? Our extremely popular TM100 Tru-Mach antenna will fit the bill! Matching your antenna to your transmitter is the
single most important link in your transmitter setup. Without a proper match, power is reflected away from the antenna and back into the transmitter! This
can cause the final amplifier stage to be damaged, not to mention spurious signals and (no better way to say it!) lousy range.
The unique design features PVC tubes and fittings to make it waterproof and impervious to rain and snow, which make the TM100 one of the most reliable
antennas available for the private broadcaster! Unlike other FM transmitter antennas that need to be tuned to a specific frequency, the TM100 is broadband
over the entire 88-108MHz band yet still maintains an excellent match! The antenna terminates with a standard "F" connector for easy connection with stan-
dard 75 ohm TV coax to your FM10C or FM25B. See our connectors section to adapt the "F" connector to a "BNC" for easy matching of professional 50 ohm
coax or 75 ohm TV coax for use with our FM30B or FM100B series transmitters. Maximum power rating of the TM100 is 25 watts. BTW, also makes a GREAT
and easy-to-connect omnidirectional receiver antenna!
Rugged PVC Construction...
Keeps The Weather Out!
Fully weatherproof - rugged PVC construction
Matches 50 or 75 ohm systems!
Broadband for perfect match!
FM Broadcast Antenna
5/8 Wave Collinear Antenna, 300 Watt RF Power Rating
The FMA200 antenna has been our most popular FM broadcast antenna... now it’s even better, with the new revised model! The proven omni-
directional ground plane 5/8 wave design keeps your signal low to the horizon and not uselessly radiating up into space - great if your listen-
ers are out in space but the pits for the folks out at the edge of town! Imagine a donut shaped pattern of signal radiating from your antenna.
For the most range out to the horizon, we need to "squish" that pattern flatter to squeeze more signal out - and that's exactly what this anten-
na does! And now the FMA200E has increased power handling capacity to 300 watts, and includes a complete tool kit to make installation a
The antenna is easy to assemble and is adjustable to your specific frequency during assembly. Makes a super match and a perfect VSWR to
your transmitter! The base of the antenna mounts on any standard antenna mast or pipe (not included). A professional SO-239 connector is
provided at the base of the antenna to match a standard PL-259 connector. Height: 7' 7", 300 watt power rating. Visit
ics.com for matching coax cable assemblies to match up to your transmitter.
New Version For Even Greater
5/8 wave for excellent gain and maximum range
Field adjustable for a perfect match
3.4 dB gain effectively doubles your power!
5/8 Wave Collinear Vertical FM Antenna
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