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Learning & Educational
For over three decades, Ramsey has provided educational hobby kits that give thousands and thousands of kids their start in elec-
tronics. We’ve searched and searched for an Electronics Lab specifically designed to teach the youngest experimenter the fun and excite-
ment of electronics.
The PL130A does just that! Learn the basics and theory of electronics the fun way while building 130+ projects that you actually see working when you’re
done! The detailed instruction manual covers the hows and whys of every circuit, theory, parts identification, and description. We’ve looked at a lot of these kits and
have turned them down because of the documentation. This one is a winner!
LOTS OF PROJECTS? YOU BET! Check them out!
No prior knowledge of electronics needed!
Solderless connections for safe assembly
Build 130 different circuits and see them work!
Includes a comprehensive instruction & theory manual
written for the youngest novice to understand!
130 In 1 Electronics Lab With Comprehensive Learning Manual
Electronic Woodpecker
The Chirping Bird
Electronic Cat
Sonic Fish Caller
Machine Gun Pulse Oscillator
Electronic Motorcycle
Two-Tone Patrol Car Siren
Electronic Siren
Electronic Metronome
Electronic Grandfather Clock
Light-Controlled Electronic Harp
Horror Movie Sound Effects
Strobe Light
Rapid LED Display Switching (Persistence Vision Test)
Capacitor Discharge/High Voltage Generator
Capacitors in Series and Parallel
Resistors in Series and Parallel
Light Dimmer
Transistor Switcher
Transistor Circuit Action
Sound Amplifier
Flip-Flop Multivibrator with LED Display
Seven-Segment LED Digital Display Circuit
Basic LED Display
Transistor Control Switching of the LED Display
Transistor, CDS Cell and LED Display Circuit
Diode-Transistor Logic AND with LED Display
DTL OR Circuit with LED Display
DTL NAND Circuit with LED Display
DTL Exclusive OR Circuit
Transistor NOR Circuit with LED Display
Transistor Flip-Flop Circuit
Transistor Toggle Flip-Flop
Transistor-Transistor Logic Buffer Gate
TTL Inverter Gate
TTL Exclusive OR Gate
TTL Three-Input AND Gate
TTL AND Enable Circuit
TTL OR Enable Circuit
TTL NAND Enable Circuit
TTL R-S Flip-Flop
Toggle Flip-Flop Circuit Made from NAND Gate
TTL Line Selector
TTL Data Selector
TTL Astable Multivibrator
TTL Tone Generator
Winking LEDs
A One-Shot TTL
Transistor Timer with TTL
Buzzin' LED
Son of Buzzin' LED
Set/Reset Buzzer 1
Set/Reset Buzzer 2
Sound Machine
Big Mouth
Shot in the Dark
Variable R-C Oscillator
Oscillator with Turn-Off Delay
Temperature-Sensitive Audio Oscillator
Two-Transistor, Directly Connected Oscillator
Push/Pull Square Wave Oscillator
Pencil Lead Organ
LED Strobe Light
Electronic Organ
Daylight Early Bird
Intermittent Alarm Generator
Basic Increase in DC Voltage
Constant-Current Source
Integrating Circuit
Schmitt Trigger Circuit
Noninverting Two-Power Supply Amplifier
Inverting Two-Power Supply Amplifier
Noninverting Single-Power Supply Amplifier
Two-Power Supply Differential Amplifier
Tone Mixing Amplifier
Power Amplifier Using Operational Amplifier
Voltage Controlled Oscillator Circuit
Operational Amplifier Buzzer
Burglar Alarm
Hand-Operated Sweep Oscillator
Falling Bomb Sound
Emergency Siren
First Aid Siren
Musical Tempo Generator
Operational Amplifier Winking LED
LED Flashing Light
Two-LED Winker
One Shot Light
LED Initials
Wake Up Siren
Voice-Activated LED
Logic Tester
Alternating Current Sound
Light Control Sound Circuit
Sound Alarm Circuit
Study Timer
Kitchen Timer
Three-Input AND Gate Using Operational Amplifier
Voice Level Meter
Power-On Reset Circuit
Delayed Timer
Pulse Frequency Doubler
White Noise Generator
DC-DC Converter with Operational Amplifier
Code Practice Oscillator with Tone Control
Crystal Set Radio (Simple-Diode Radio)
Two-Transistor Radio
Wireless Code Transmitter
AM Radio Station
Operational Amplifier Radio
Aural Continuity Tester
Conductivity Tester
Transistor Checker
Sinewave Audio Oscillator
Low Distortion Sinewave Oscillator
Twin-T Audio Oscillator
Pulse Oscillator Tone Generator
Audio Signal Tracer
Radio Frequency Signal Tracer
Square Wave Audio Oscillator
Sawtooth Wave Oscillator
Rain Detector
Water Level Buzzer with Operational Amplifier
Metal Detector
Water Level Alarm
Three-Step Water Level Indicator
Start today and learn the exciting world of electronics with this excellent starter learning lab. Just imagine, build an electronic metronome, a light dimmer, a voice actuated LED light!
Or go back in time and learn all about how radio started by building yourself a Crystal Set radio... or take it one step forward and build an actual radio station!
For more advanced Electronics Labs, check out the following:
• PL200 200 In One Electronics Lab
• PL300 300 In One Electronics Lab
• PL500 500 In One Electronics Lab
This 130A In One Lab is a perfect start to a great new hobby in electronics, whether it’s for you, your kids, or your friends. The 130 electronics projects are sure to excite the “student”
young or old. And if it is even your first experience with electronics, the comprehensive training manual will guide you through each project, and explain exactly how and why it
works! If you have a budding electronics hobbyist in your family, the 130-In-One lab is the perfect starter!
A Great Start To Electronics...
With 130 Separate Projects!
Easy To Learn
130 In 1 Electronics Lab
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