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It’s back and even better! The new 200-in-1 learning lab contains 200 fun and exciting projects to spark the
interest of anyone wanting to explore electronics... young or old!
The exclusive front panel contains a built-in speaker, earphone, meter, 7-segment LED digital display, two con-
trols and more to make the finished projects fun to use. Now you can build your own AM broadcast station, bur-
glar alarm, telegraph, sound effects, radios, and other interesting circuits that give you hands-on fun when done!
The unique front operating panel and special projects make this the popular choice for entry level learning labs.
Requires 6 standard AA batteries, not included.
Includes the following super-fun learning projects:
Build 200 very special and super-fun projects!
Front panel speaker, meter, controls, and more!
No tools required!
Comprehensive instruction & theory manual!
200 In 1 Super-Fun Electronics Lab With Comprehensive Learning Manual
Surprise and Game Projects
Wheel of Fortune
The Noisy Light
Electronic Candle
Rain Detector
Ear splitter
Pencil Lead Organ
The Electric Human
The Electrosonic Human
Electric Birthday Cake
Quick Draw
Quick Draw II
Electronic Safecracking
UFO Invasion
Tug of War
Shot in the Dark
Burglar Alarm
SOS Alert
Target Range
"Catch" the Eight
Marching LEDs
Turn Signal Flasher
Leapin' LEDs!
Lights Out
Back to the Basics
Light Telegraph
Frontier Telegraph
Introducing the Resistor
Parallel Resistors
Secret Resistance
A Variable Resistor
Capacitors in Series and Parallel
The Electronic Gas Tank
Discharge Timer
Light Dimmer
The Quick Capacitor
Electronic Timer
Capacitors and Oscillators
A Variable Capacitor
Resistors and Capacitors Together
Resistors and Capacitors Together II
Meet the Diode
Voltage Drop
Voltage Regulator
LED - A Special Diode
How a Transformer Works
A Chopper Circuit
An AC Simulator
Electronic Buzzer
Electronic Jigsaw Puzzle
Night Light
The Light Switch
Electronic Elephant
Capital Letter Displays
Small Letter Displays
Numeric Displays
Meet the Transistor
Transistors as Switches
Electricity from Sound
Electric Money
Electronic “Building Blocks”
A Push-Pull Amplifier
Understanding Oscillators
A Push-Pull Oscillator
An Inverter Circuit
Meet the OR Circuit
Introducing the AND Gate
Using the NOR Gate
Meet the NAND Gate
How a Multivibrator Works
A "One-Shot" Multivibrator
An R-S Flip-Flop
Putting Electronics to Work
Sound Scooper
Liquid Conductivity Tester
Super-Sensitive Photometer
Motion Detector
Two-Tone Buzzer
Variable Capacitor Oscillator
Variable RC Oscillator
Electronic Metronome
Door Alarm
Frequency Shift Oscillator
Code Practice Unit
Light/Sound Code Practice Unit
Strobe Light
Noisy Strobe Light
CdS-Controlled Oscillator
Shot in the Dark II
Does Money Talk?
Radio Circuits
"Crystal Set" Radio
"Funny" Transistor Radio
One Transistor Radio
Spark Gap Transmitter
Morse Code Transmitter
Remote Water Level Detector
AM Broadcaster
Sonic Zoo and Sound Factory
Basic Audio Oscillator
Light-Controlled Bird
Electronic Motorcycle
Chirping Bird
Electronic Siren
Fish Caller
Plant Growth Stimulator
Electronic Organ
Electronic Raindrops
Electronic Cat
Electronic Bird
Digital Rhythm
Sound Machine I
Sound Machine II
Sound Machine III
Electronic Decision-Makers
Electronic Coin Toss
Electronic Coin Toss II
Even or Odd
Electronic Roulette
Electronic Dice
Roulette with Sound
The Light Fantastic
ESP Tester
A Trip to Digital Land
Three-Input OR Circuit
Three-Input AND Circuit
RTL Inverter
RTL Buffer
DTL Exclusive OR Gate
TTL Inverter
TTL Buffer
TTL 3-Input AND Gate
More Adventures in Digital Land
TTL NAND Enable Circuit
TTL AND Enable Circuit
TTL OR Enable Circuit
TTL Line Selector
TTL Data Selector
TTL R-S Flip-Flop
TTL R-S Flip-Flop II
Transistorized Toggle Flip-Flop
NAND Toggle Flip-Flop
J-K Toggle Flip-Flop
TTL Astable Multivibrator
TTL J-K Flip-Flop
TTL D Flip-Flop
TTL Latch Circuit
Shift Register
Circuits That Count
Basic Counter Circuit
Synchronous Counter
Asynchronous Counter
Counter with Line Decoder
Divide by 4 Counter
Divide by 4 Counter with Line
How a Line Decoder Works
Multiple Counter
Binary Counter with Display
Divide by 3 Counter with Display
Divide by 4 Counter with Display
Some Silly Circuits
Light or Sound
Be Your Own Multivibrator
Big Mouth!
Sound Stop
Multivibrator Switching
Winking LEDs
A Phony Counter?
Alphabet Flasher
A One-Shot TTL
Winking LEDs II
Transistor Timer
TTL Tone Generator
Meet the VCO
Sound Out Timer
Buzzin' LED
Son of Buzzin' LED
Octave Generator
Crossing Signal
Digital Timer
Set / Reset Buzzer I
Set / Reset Buzzer II
Set / Reset Buzzer III
Optical Counter
LED Sound Meter
Shot in the Dark III
Set / Reset Match
Number Displays
Testing and Measuring Circuits
Circuit Continuity Checker
Acoustic Ohmmeter
DC Voltmeter
Voltage Level Detector
AC Voltmeter
Audio Signal Generator
Volume Level Meter
Capacitance Checker
Diode Tester
Transistor Checker
200 Exciting
Projects In A Super
Fun-To-Use Package!
200 In 1 Electronics Lab
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