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Learning & Educational
As the “Little Brothers” to our Lab Kits, our Radio Learning Kits teach you the fun-
damentals of modern radio theory and operation, and give you a working radio
when you’re finished! There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when
you finish the kit, plug in the battery, and hear it work! Yes, you did it yourself! Our
Radio Kits are available in AM Broadcast, AM/FM Broadcast, and AM Shortwave models. Take your pick! All operate on a standard 9V battery (not included).
Learn to build your own AM, AM/FM or SW
Discover how radios work!
Listen to the results!
Safe solderless assembly!
AM Radio Kit With Comprehensive Learning Manual
AM/FM Radio Kit With Comprehensive Learning Manual
AM Dual Band Shortwave Radio Kit With Comprehensive Learning Manual
Our AM2 AM Radio kit uses two transistors, 4 resistors and 5 capacitors including a variable capacitor to provide a highly sensitive AM Broadcast Radio. It covers 520 KHz to 1625
KHz and is easy to assemble with safe, solderless connections. The 18 page comprehensive learning and assembly manual covers everything from theory to parts identification and
Our AMFM7 AM/FM Radio kit is the next step up from our AM2 kit above. It features the same quality AM radio and adds a factory assembled and aligned FM tuner to cover the
88 MHz to 108 MHz FM broadcast band. Utilizes 2 transistors, 5 resistors, 6 capacitors, 1 diode, and 1 coil to provide reception in either band. The AMFM7 is easy to assemble
with safe, solderless connections. The 20 page comprehensive learning and assembly manual covers everything from theory to parts identification and operation.
Our SR3 Dual Band AM Shortwave Radio Kit takes you away from the local AM/FM broadcasters and brings you into the exciting world of Shortwave Radio Listening (SWL)! The
preassembled and aligned tuner section adds to the 2 antennas, 4 capacitors, 4 resistors, 1 transistor, and 1 variable capacitor to provide a sensitive Shortwave Radio covering 6
MHz to 8 MHz and 12 MHz to 18 MHz. The SR3 is easy to assemble with safe, solderless connections. The 20 page comprehensive learning and assembly manual covers every-
thing from theory to parts identification and operation. Operates on a standard 9V battery (not included).
Go back in time and discover how radio was first received! Learn the basics of electric motors including forward and reverse action. Plus, while everyone has heard them, learn
exactly how an alarm bell works and then build one yourself! These beginner kits are ideal for the inquisitive mind that wants to know “how and why it works”. No previous experi-
ence in electricity or electronics is required and all kits use safe, solderless connections.
Learn the basics of electronics and electricity!
Discover how to listen to AM radio without a battery!
Understand and build a working motor!
Learn how and why alarm bells work... and build one!
Safe solderless connections for the young hobbyist!
Crystal Radio Kit
Motor Action Kit
Bell Action Kit
The crystal radio was invented in 1901. It is still the basis of modern-day radio and communications equipment and lives on in a wide variety of radio systems. Go back in time,
and learn how radio detection was first done! Without a battery or power supply, you will hear AM broadcasts with your Crystal Radio Set! They contain few parts yet teach many
concepts. The comprehensive 16 page manual covers everything from how it works to why it works, with illustrated assembly instructions. Assembly is easy with solderless con-
nections, and no previous electronic experience is necessary. Relive history with a Crystal Set today!
(I built my first crystal radio Set with a cat’s wisker in 8th grade!)
Learn the basics of an electric motor with our MA1 Motor Action Kit. Learn what makes motors spin, how to control forward and reverse in a motor, and then build one that
works! Includes a fan blade and a color disk to learn how to mix color with a spinning disk! This is a great kit for the kids and for the beginner to learn just what makes the world
go round! Easy assembly with solderless connections. Requires two AA batteries (not included).
Ding-a-ling... is that a bell? Yep, we’ve all heard them but do you know exactly how they work? Our BA1 Bell Action Kit is a perfect learning kit for the beginner or the curious!
Learn what makes an electronic alarm bell ring, explore how electromagnetism is used, and how you can change the ringing characteristics of a bell! This kit is fun and safe, using
solderless connections. Requires two AA batteries (not included).
Start With The Basics...
And Have Fun Doing It!
AM/FM/SW Radio Learning Kits
Entry Level Learning Kits
What a great place for youngsters to learn the basics of chemistry... their kitchen! And
mom and dad will enjoy the fun too!
Over 100 kitchen activities relating to chemistry to keep your imagination wandering
with excitement! Includes such fun activities as balloon tricks, gas canoe, making a
geyser, cleaning old coins, cola volcano, removing an egg’s shell without touching it,
making invisible ink, cheese, finding iron in cereal and many more!
The learning guide not only describes the fun activities and chemistry experiments, but
explains exactly how they work, and why they work, from a youngster’s point of view.
A great introduction to chemistry for the budding scientist, in the safety of your own
kitchen. From Power Tech.
EDU8350 Super Chemistry Lab Kit
Kitchen chemistry fun!
100 fun activities!
From electricity to magnetics
Your Kitchen Is Your Lab!
Super Chemistry Lab
One of the neatest and most exciting learning kits for the kids! You will be building the
Turbo King R/C speedster from the ground up, ending up with a super fast car!
The detailed theory, assembly, and testing manual guides you through basic transmit-
ters, receivers, and electronic switching theories. You’ll also learn about gears, motors,
integrated circuits, and printed circuit boards! You will construct each segment, explore
the circuitry used, and test and troubleshoot it.
The end result? Turbo King with 7 remote functions, flashing top light and a full feature
remote control! Electronics runs on a standard 9VDC battery and mechanics run on 4
standard AA batteries, not included. From AmeriKit.
(What a fun way to learn electron-
ics and R/C cars at the same time!)
AK870 R/C Car Kit
7 remote control functions!
Includes remote control!
Full color assembly manual
Build It From The Ground Up!
Radio Controlled Car
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