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This is a beginner’s project specifically designed to teach you the
fundamentals of soldering and working with printed circuit boards.
Like any skill, good soldering requires practice as well as an understanding of the princi-
ples involved. You will become familiar with PC boards, the hows and whys of solder-
ing, components, component installation, and troubleshooting soldering problems
(including solder bridges!). Project runs on a standard 9VDC battery, not included.
Practical Soldering Kit
Learn soldering and PC boards!
Includes practice exercises!
Comprehensive training manual
Learn To Solder!
Not only will you learn soldering and desoldering but you will also
learn component identification and color codes.
With 163 solder points, you will learn and practice standard soldering, close tolerance
soldering, tack soldering and desoldering. Plus you will learn component identification
and complete color codes. Even includes a color code calculator! Plus you’ll learn volt-
age and resistance analysis in circuits. Comprehensive manual includes written and
visual exams. Project runs on a standard 9VDC battery, not included.
Practical Soldering & Parts Kit
Learn soldering, boards, and components!
Learn color codes!
Comprehensive course and exam included
Learn Soldering & Components!
Surface Mount Technology (SMT) has become a way of life for electronics. Virtually all new high tech products utilize SMT
design and components. Even our latest Ramsey kits include various SMT components. There are two problems with
SMT: First, the parts are extremely small, at times the size of a pin head! Therefore, you need to have the proper tools,
not only to hold them and solder them, but to see them! (Check out the tools section for help!) Secondly, unlike “through hole” parts, SMT components are
soldered directly on the surface of the PC board (hence the name SMT!). This is an entirely new method of soldering and it takes practice to get it right. Trust
me, I’ve created a number of solder bridges myself when I first started soldering SMT components!
Taking this course and practicing on the neat little kit will prepare you for the future in electronics. Includes the PC board, all the SMT and other components required, and a com-
prehensive training course covering all aspects of SMT soldering, desoldering, removing, and component placement. The finished project is a neat little “Decision Maker” that includes
6 flashing SMT LEDs, complete with a professional overlay panel. The finished Decision Maker runs on a standard 9VDC battery, not included.
(Hey, I mentioned that I created solder
bridges when I first soldered SMT... now I can’t even see them without my reading glasses!)
Practical SMT Soldering Course
Learn all about those tiny little parts!
Develop and practice your SMT soldering skills!
Includes SMT training sessions
End up with a neat “Decision Maker” project
Learn & Practice SMT
Component Soldering!
Practical Soldering Kit
Practical Solder & Parts Kit
Practical SMT Soldering Course
Have an adventure with Fiber Optics and learn at the same time! At one time, fiber optics technology was just used for those cute little holiday
trees you see at the stores. Then they realized that fiber can be used for communications and data transmission without the problems or line
loss of conventional copper wires. Today fiber networks carry the bulk of the telephone, CATV and broadcast television programs. They are quickly replacing land lines, microwave,
and satellite communications. Just like SMT, fiber optic technology is the wave of the future!
While this project and course will not build you a nationwide fiber communications network, you WILL learn the basics of fiber optics and its use in telecommunications. The learning
kit includes a transmitter board, receiver board, fiber optic cable, and a comprehensive learning course. The transmitter converts an audio signal into a light signal. The receiver
accepts the light and converts it back into an electrical signal. You will learn how the converted signal is then reshaped into the proper form to be heard.
Fiber optic cable, its protective covering, and connectors to attach the cable to the transmitter and receiver are also included. PC board soldering is required. The transmitter and
receivers both utilize a standard 9VDC battery, not included. FO25 is a great project kit to learn about Fibre Optics.
(There, I finally spelled fiber the way it should be... fibre!)
Fiber Optics Voice & Data Learning Kit
Fiber Optic Cable, 1,000µm (sold by the foot)
Send voice over fiber optic cable!
Includes transmitter, receiver, and fiber optic cable!
Learn the theory and exactly how it works!
Fiber length can be extended
Fiber Optics, Used For More
Than Holiday Decorations!
Practical Fiber Optics Voice & Data Kit
1. If the soldering iron tip is covered with burned rosin, it can’t heat your connection
very well.
2. If you heat only the wire and not the wire and PC trace together, a cold, bad connection
is likely.
3. If your soldering tip is big enough to bridge two adjoining connections, it probably will!
4. Dirty, grubby solder will contribute to dirty, grubby connections.
5. Any use of acid core (plumbers!) solder in electronics work will destroy everything...
6. A connection in a large area of PC-board copper requires more heat than one pin of an IC.
7. If your connection looks dull or brittle, it's no good.
8. If your connection looks like a ball instead of a shiny cone, it's no good.
9. Thin fresh shiny rosin core solder is easier to use for PC-board work than thicker “hardware store” solder.
10. Pre-tin any stranded wires leading in and out of your PC-board kit project. It will prevent problems later!
Through Hole
Surface Mount
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