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Video Cameras & Accessories
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Small super EX-View lipstick or IR Illuminated bullet!
Universal mounting brackets
Weatherproof and easy to connect
Meets IP57 standards!
Runs on 12VDC
Welcome To The Super
Resolution Department!
The Sony EX-View color CCD sensor in the CCD340 provides the highest resolution and sensitivity available. Formerly only available in larger and
much more expensive cameras, the EX-View is perfect when you want the finest picture quality possible. Great for medical coverage, precision inspec-
tion, or detailed surveillance use. Ultra thin lipstick design with universal swivel mount, makes it a breeze to install anywhere you need video coverage.
You've seen bullet cameras before, but never like this! Yes, the CCD309 is a high quality color CCD camera during the day, but once the light level falls below minimum requirements
it automatically changes to an IR B&W camera, and turns on the built-in TEN IR illuminating LEDs to see in the dark! Now you don't have to sacrifice color operation because you
need total darkness coverage at night. You can have both in one camera! That's not all! Just look at the case. Jet black solid aluminum case that's WATERPROOF to IP57 standards!
Yes, that includes temporary complete immersion in water! That means you can mount it outdoors without one of those expensive environmental housings! And that saves a LOT of
money and makes the installation less conspicuous! Whether you’re looking for a tiny high quality lipstick camera or a waterproof IR illuminated camera, we’ve got you covered.
outdoor webcam on our site is a CCD309, check it out at
Hi-Res Weatherproof Cameras
Color Super Hi-Res Lipstick Camera, EX-View CCD Sensor
Weatherproof Color Hi-Res IR Illuminated Camera
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
Imagine being able to see in total darkness! Well, while you can’t, virtually any black & white CCD camera can... with a little help from some invisible
infrared light! It’s easy with our IR1 Infrared Illuminator! A huge array of 24 high intensity infrared LEDs illuminate a good size area so the camera “thinks”
it’s daylight! There’s nothing magical about it; CCD sensors are sensitive to IR light that you can’t see so to the camera the area seems lit perfectly!
The illumination provided is about the same as you would expect from a very bright wide beam flashlight. The illuminator runs on 12-15VDC and is built on a convenient PCB ready
to install wherever you need it. One of the neatest things about IR illumination is that it’s invisible to the human eye. The illumination will not be detected and can be easily dis-
guised! Order our AC121 power adapter for a simple plug-in connection. Board measures 3” x 2.25”.
(The mouse that only came out in the basement at night was seen and found!)
IR Illuminator Kit
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
Allows you to “See In The Dark”!
Amazing illumination!
Invisible to the human eye!
Works with B&W CCD cameras
Operates on 12-15VDC
Don’t Let Darkness
Dim Your View!
Infrared (IR) Camera Illuminator
Perfect video transmission from a transmitter you can hide under a quarter and only as thick as a stack of four pennies!
Transmits color or B&W with fantastic quality - almost like a direct wire connection to any TV tuned to cable channel 59. Crystal
controlled for no frequency drift with performance equal to law enforcement models that cost hundreds more!
Basic 20 mW model transmits up to 300’ while the high power 100 mW unit goes up to 1/8 mile. Units run on 9 volts and hook up easily to most
any CCD camera module. Any color or black and white video camera will work great with the Cubes. They are fully assembled and tested - just hook-up power and you’re
on-the-air with a killer system! (
These new quarters are getting uglier each year & take bad pictures!)
Crystal clear transmission
Transmits on CATV channel 59
Ultra small for ANY application!
Cube Video Transmitter, Factory Assembled & Tested
High Power Cube Video Transmitter, Factory Assembled & Tested
Wired & Tested
The Size Of A Quarter?
You Bet!
The Cubes!
Mini Video Transmitters
One of the most common questions we get is "what about a camera for my RC helicopter, helium balloon, or "hobbyist drone"? This subminiature cone-shaped
pinhole camera is the perfect solution to capture great looking video in any environment or application! We utilize them in our industrial test equipment where high resolution of
electronic devices is required. We figured why not make them available to our video and RC hobby enthusiasts! Whether you're looking for a tiny camera for a fixed application, a
miniature camera for a wireless RC application, a baby monitor, or a hidden camera piece just like the network news magazine shows, this little beauty will win you over with its
video quality and application adaptability. The cone-shaped lens gives you incredible versatility when it comes to camera placement, allowing it to fit into spaces no other camera
can, like above ceiling tiles or embedded in walls, as well as mobile, RC, and body worn applications.
To accommodate mobile and personal DVR and wirelss RC applications, the CCD18 includes a complete kit of disguise camera lens covers, including 4 sets of disguise silver and black
screws, and 4 sets of disguise small, medium, and large buttons. Simply replace your buttons with the size that fits, and no one will be the wiser! Or build the camera into your
attaché case for mobile use or a book on your bookshelf for baby monitors. Have a small footprint in your RC device, the cone-shaped lens will be easy to mount to provide a stun-
ning 78° field of view! The camera provides an incredible resolution of 550 lines, NTSC format. The package includes the camera terminated in a media tip/ring/ring/sleeve plug for
direct connection to a DVR or other device, a RCA breakout for standard signal and power connections, a 9V battery adapter, and a disguise lens button and screw head assortment.
Operates on 12VDC, included battery adapter (battery not included), or order our AC121 green 12VDC power adapter.
Subminiature Hi-Res Pinhole Camera Package
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
550 Lines of resolution!
0.2 lux Rating lets you capture video in low light situations!
4.3 Mm Conical Pinhole Lens for an amazing 78° field of view !
Sony Super HAD technology to eliminate silhouette effect!
For use with DVRs or wireless transmitters
Single miniplug connections or RCA and 12VDC power breakouts!
Incredible quality!
Ultra Hi-Res Subminiature Color Pinhole Camera
Wired & Tested
Wired & Tested
Hi-Res Camera
A/V/Pwr Breakout
9V Battery Adapter
Disguise Button
& Screw Kit
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