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There couldn’t be a better time to look into this tiny little OBDII vehicle data logger for your car! It can seriously help your car’s performance,
teach and enforce good driving habits, help with the environment, and put a good size dent in your fuel costs! Those are some pretty incredible results for a 99 buck part!
What is it you ask? I’m sure by now you’ve see your repair shop “plug-in” their test set to check your vehicle status. Likewise with annual inspections. The diagnostic connector in
your vehicle is called the OBDII port and it is always located on the driver’s side of the passenger compartment near the center console. It provides access to a lot of data from the
vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The OBDII connector is standardized and was made mandatory in 1996 for all cars sold in the US.
The CarChip Pro is an incredible little plug-in data logger that stores and records up to 300 hours of trip details! Just plug it into your OBDII connector and it starts logging time and
date for each trip, distance traveled, speed, idle time, hard and extreme accelerations and brakings, and engine diagnostic trouble codes status. Plus you can choose up to 4 addi-
tional parameters to log, including RPM, throttle position, engine load, fuel pressure, fuel system status, short term fuel trim, long term fuel trim, battery voltage, timing advance,
coolant temperature, air flow rate, intake air temperature, intake manifold pressure, and oxygen sensor! Plus, on top of all that, there is an automatic accident log that stores and
records all critical data 20 seconds before any impact! Yep, it’s like the black box in the airplanes!
Can it get any better than that? You bet! You know that annoying “check engine light” (multifunction indicator light) that comes on? You will be able to read the diagnostic trouble
codes (DTC’s) get the status, date, and time of each trouble code, and reset the light!
To access the data, you don’t have to bring a laptop or computer to your car, you simply pull the
CarChip Pro, and take it to your PC! With the included software and a simple USB connection you
can easily view all of this graphically on your computer screen, giving you a moment-by-moment
picture of how you (
or your employees or kids!
) are driving! You can also set thresholds and
alarms for speed, acceleration and braking, as well as view the number of times those thresholds
were exceeded! Alarms are in the form of an audible beep inside the car! Comprehensive reports
are available to view, store, and even copy to spreadsheets and text documents for further analysis.
The CarChip Pro includes the CarChip Pro plug-in data logger, software, USB cable, and
detailed instructions. Requires a PC compatible with USB. From Davis Instruments.
(One of my kids, the performance car guru, asked to borrow the Hemi, he didn’t know it
had one of these in it... no more borrowing that vehicle! See the summary to the left!)
Davis OBDII CarChip Pro
Monitor complete vehicle performance to save gas!
Stores up to 300 hours of trip details!
Monitor and check for emission issues to help the environment!
View and reset engine diagnostic trouble codes and “check engine” lights!
Record extreme acceleration and braking!
Audible alarms with user-set thresholds for speed, acceleration and braking!
Automatic accident log records the last 20 seconds before impact!
Simple USB connection to retrieve all stored data
Detailed intuitive software is included to review and clear all diagnostic
codes, build reports, and export data into spreadsheets or other applications.
CarChip Pro
Vehicle Data Logger
Record speed every second of every trip, keep your car in peak condition,
teach your kids safe driving habits...
and SAVE GAS while you’re doing it!
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