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The SG560 is more than an audio generator. It is also a signal generator that produces AC signals with DC
coupling at the output jacks like a digital signal generator. The versatility of the SG560 will allow you to recre-
ate many basic signals used in testing situations.
The SG560 allows you to generate square waves, sine waves, and triangle waves of any frequency from 0 Hz
to 5 MHz in 0.1 Hz steps. The frequency accuracy is tied to a crystal reference with an accuracy of ±15ppm
over its full temperature range. You can also step the frequency at any arbitrary increment. For example a
step of 37.5kHz can be entered and the dial or shift arrows can be used to step the frequency up and down
by this amount.
The SG560 uses a robust output stage for the final driver. It is derived from DSL modems and is essentially a
high power opamp. The opamp is capable of delivering 2.5W to a load before going into protective shut-
down. It is being used in a differential fashion which means that any common mode noise is cancelled on
the output. The output voltage can swing from 10V peak to peak with a 5V DC offset without clipping. For a
negative DC voltage output, swap the polarity of the cables attached to the jacks.
The SG560 allows digital entry of the output level with a resolution of 10mV. For example, if you enter 5.55,
the SG560 will generate a 5.55V peak to peak waveform at the jacks. The SG560 has an additional option
which allows the user to set the output impedance. It can be 50 ohms, 25 ohms, or 0 ohms impedance at
the output jacks. With a 50 ohm output impedance a 50 ohm load will drop the output signal level by ½ of
the value entered. With 0 ohms a 50 ohm load will not drop the level at all. The 25 ohm output setting can help when driving a capacitive load; the 0 ohm setting should never be
used with this type of load.
A DC offset may be entered; this is added (or subtracted if the jack connections are reversed) to the AC signal. Rather than the output AC waveform being centered on 0VDC, a set
DC voltage can be added to your signal. This allows the performance of tests that are not possible with a basic audio signal generator. For example, a small circuit can be powered
by the DC offset as long as it requires less than 2.5W of power and AC signals can be used to check for noise or EMI immunity. The DC offset can also be used to recreate digital sig-
nals in the square wave mode. For example, to create TTL square waves, enter 5V for the level and 2.5V for the offset. This will create the 5V (digital ‘1’) and the 0V (digital ‘0’) lev-
els needed for testing and clocking digital circuits. With a signal range of up to 10V peak to peak and 5V of offset, even old 4000 series CMOS signal levels can be recreated!
Additionally the SG560 contains 6 non-volatile memory units which save the full system settings: frequency, level, shape, and offset. This allows you to frequency hop or use the
memories to “script” repair, testing, and alignment procedures.
Surface mount technology is used throughout the SG560 making it extremely reliable and accurate. Frequency is entered directly on the sealed membrane key-
board and adjusted with a precision rotary encoder with an oversized knob. Both frequency and output level are displayed on a high contrast, two-line LCD dis-
play. The SG560 operates on 8 to 16VDC and includes a standard 110VAC power adapter. Because of the surface mount design the SG560 is only available fac-
tory wired and tested. If you are looking for a lab quality signal generator at a super price, the SG560 fits the bill... and a whole lot more!
DDS and SMT technology!
Frequency range 0 Hz to 5 MHz with
0.1Hz resolution!
0 to 10V peak to peak output level
Sine, Square, or Triangle waveform output!
Non-volatile memory
Factory assembled and tested
Audio/RF Signal Generator, Factory Assembled & Tested
Frequency Range:
0.0 Hz to 5 MHz
Frequency Resolution:
0.1 Hz
±15 ppm
Output Amplitude:
0 to 10 Vp-p
Amplitude Resolution:
10 mV
Amplitude Accuracy:
±0.1 dB from 0 to 3 MHz
+0.1 to -1.5 dB from 3 to 5 MHz
Output Waveforms:
Sine, Square, Triangle
Output Impedance:
50 ohm, 25 ohm, 0 ohm (current
limited) internally selectable
DC Offset:
0.0 V to 5.0 VDC
Offset Resolution:
10 mV
High contrast LCD
Entry Method:
Direct entry numeric keypad,
incremental rotary encoder
6 non-volatile memory locations
Power Requirements:
8 to 16 VDC @ 600mA max.
110VAC power adapter included
9.625” W x 3.625” H x 5.875” D
244.4mm W x 92mm H x 149.2 mm D
Wired & Tested
The Super Signal Generator...
DC To 5 MHz In 0.1 Hz Steps!
Audio/RF DDS Signal Generator
RF Sniff-It Probe, Assembled & Tested
The RF1 is a very sensitive RF detector probe that connects to any digital multimeter and provides a DC voltage output from weak RF signals.
This allows very easy tracing of low level RF signals that a counter can’t pick up. Wide frequency coverage of 100 KHz to over 1000 MHz lets you
track down most any problem in transmitter chains, receiver stages, or even complex PLLs.
Uses exotic, low barrier microwave detector diodes to give exceptional sensitivity which can see signals down to microwatt levels! A great low cost way of checking for RF. Fully
assembled and tested, with standard banana plugs for use with any standard VOM, DMM or voltmeter. If you need to measure RF and don’t want to spend big bucks, here you go!!
Use with any DMM or VOM to measure RF!
Low cost RF measurement
Can also be used as a field strength meter!
Measure RF With A
Standard VOM!
Wired & Tested
RF Detector Probe
Broadband Preamp, Factory Assembled & Tested
Ever wish you could “perk-up” your counter or scanner to read weak signals? Or how about boosting that cable TV run to drive sets throughout the
house or maybe preamping that TV antenna to bring in that blacked out football game from a distant city? The PR2 broadband preamp is the answer to
all these needs as well as many others!
Since the PR2 has such a high compression point of almost 100 milliwatts, you can even use it to boost the power of small, micro transmitters! Microwave MMIC chips from
NEC Japan enable the PR2 to have gain up to 2 GHz although we only spec the PR2 to 1 GHz. Runs on 12 VAC/DC or 120 VAC using the included wall adapter. Size: 4” x 2” x 1”.
Broadband, Low Noise...
And 25dB Gain!
Wired & Tested
Broadband RF Preamplifier
Broadband from 1 MHz to 1000 MHz, usable to 2000 MHz!
Low noise figure, less than 2.5dB
Improves AM, FM, VHF TV, UHF TV, and HF reception. 50 – 75 ohm imp.
Over 25 dB Gain with up to 100 mW of power output!
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