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AM/FM Broadcasters
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“Clean Up” Your
FM Broadcasts!
FM Low Pass Filter Kit
FM Low Pass Filter, Factory Assembled and Tested
The FM Low Pass Filter kit came about while designing the PX1 and the PX50 Professional FM Transmitter. FCC Ruling 99–25 created a class of radio stations designed to serve local
communities by authorizing new classes of non-commercial, low power FM radio services (LPFM). In order to meet the stringent guidelines of the FCC, the PX1 and PX50 underwent
months of design sessions and many hours of painstaking tests.
One of the secrets to its clean output is the FMLP1. If you own one of those spectrally dirty “import” exciters you’ll definitely want to add the FMLP1 to clean up the output and
properly match your power amplifier. Maximum input power is 50 watts. The kit utilizes surface mount chip caps, so you’ll need ultra fine solder and a magnifying lamp! Includes
outdoor PVC housing shown above.
Wired & Tested
Discover the 1st rule of amplifiers... do it BEFORE the noise! We developed this amplifier to receive a low power college FM station miles
away while we had a nearby 50kw AM station. Standard preamps were simply overloaded. We took our LPA1C and redesigned it for mast
mounting, sending power up the coax. Wow, did it work!
As an experiment, we tried using it to boost one of our FM transmitters for a customer overseas. We couldn't believe the increase in transmission range, and the lowpass filtering
made us feel pretty good about not futzing up anyone else's reception! Naturally, this is a no-no in the USA, but great for the export markets that allow such equipment. Includes
the outdoor PVC enclosure and the matching black case & knob set.
(Note: The FMBA1C is a do-it-yourself learning kit that you assemble. Please remember that the end user is
responsible for complying with all FCC rules & regulations within the US, or any regulations of their respective governing body in regards to the application and use of the FMBA1C).
High Intercept Point FM Amplifier Kit With Case
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
Virtually overload proof
Mast mount for best performance and signal to noise ratio
Put your power at the antenna not in the feedline
Very well filtered with 5 sections of low pass filtering
Includes outdoor PVC housing!
Amplify BEFORE
The Line Loss!
External FM Broadcast Low Pass Filter
High Intercept Point FM Broadcast Amplifier
Our Famous Broadband
RF Amplifier!
RF Linear Power Amplifier Kit With Case
12VDC/1.0A Regulated Power Supply, 100-240VAC, Green Level-V Efficiency
The LPA1 is the ticket for boosting power up to 1 watt over a frequency range of 300 KHz to over 1000 MHz! It is perfect for use as a broad-
band amplifier for test equipment to amplify low level signal input. It has been one of the most popular lab amplifiers for years! In addition, many
users in foreign countries outside the US use the LPA1 to boost their low power FM stereo transmitters to a watt of power capable of providing radio
service through an entire town. This application is limited to international areas not under the jurisdiction of the FCC or other similar agencies limiting the
power output of your transmitter. Power required is 12 to 15 volts DC at 250 mA via 2.1mm male power jack. Gain of 38 dB at 10 MHz, 10 dB at 1000 MHz. Includes the custom
matching case & knob set for a neat, professionally finished look. Case size 5”W x 1½”H x 5¼”D.
(Note: The LPA1C is a do-it-yourself learning kit that you assemble. Please
remember that the end user is responsible for complying with all FCC rules & regulations within the US, or any regulations of their respective governing body in regards to the appli-
cation and use of the LPA1C).
Up to one watt RF power output!
Broadband range 300KHz to 1000 MHz!
Runs on 12-15 VDC
RF Broadband Power Amplifier
Clean up the output of a low quality FM exciter
Designed around our FCC Certified LPFM transmitters
Easy to put in line with your transmitter
Includes outdoor PVC housing!
FM Broadcast Low Power Antenna Kit (25W Max)
Looking for a perfect low cost FM antenna? Our extremely popular TM100 Tru-Mach antenna will fit
the bill! Matching your antenna to your transmitter is the single most important link in your transmit-
ter setup. Without a proper match, power is reflected away from the antenna and back into the
transmitter! This can cause the final amplifier stage to be damaged, not to mention spurious signals and (no better way to say it!) lousy range.
The unique design features PVC tubes and fittings to make it waterproof and impervious to rain and snow, which make the TM100 one of the most reliable
antennas available for the private broadcaster! Unlike other FM transmitter antennas that need to be tuned to a specific frequency, the TM100 is broadband
over the entire 88-108MHz band yet still maintains an excellent match! The antenna terminates with a standard "F" connector for easy connection with stan-
dard 75 ohm TV coax to your FM10C or FM25B. See our connectors section to adapt the "F" connector to a "BNC" for easy matching of professional 50 ohm
coax or 75 ohm TV coax for use with our FM30 or FM100B series transmitters. Maximum power rating of the TM100 is 25 watts. BTW, also makes a GREAT and
easy-to-connect omnidirectional receiver antenna!
Rugged PVC Construction...
Keeps The Weather Out!
Fully weatherproof - rugged PVC construction
Matches 50 or 75 ohm systems!
Broadband for perfect match!
Tru-Match FM Broadcast Antenna
5/8 Wave Collinear Antenna, 300 Watt RF Power Rating
The FMA200 antenna has been our most popular FM broadcast antenna... now it’s even better, with the new revised model! The proven omnidirectional
ground plane 5/8 wave design keeps your signal low to the horizon and not uselessly radiating up into space - great if your listeners are out in space but
the pits for the folks out at the edge of town! Imagine a donut shaped pattern of signal radiating from your antenna. For the most range out to the hori-
zon, we need to "squish" that pattern flatter to squeeze more signal out - and that's exactly what this antenna does! And now the FMA200E has
increased power handling capacity to 300 watts, and includes a complete tool kit to make installation a breeze!
The antenna is easy to assemble and is adjustable to your specific frequency during assembly. Makes a super match and a perfect VSWR to your trans-
mitter! The base of the antenna mounts on any standard antenna mast or pipe (not included). A professional SO-239 connector is provided at the base
of the antenna to match a standard PL-259 connector. Height: 7' 7", 300 watt power rating. Visit
for matching coax cable
assemblies to match up to your transmitter.
New Version For Even Greater
5/8 wave for excellent gain and maximum range
Field adjustable for a perfect match
3.4 dB gain effectively doubles your power!
5/8 Wave Collinear Vertical FM Antenna
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