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Test Equipment
So you’re at a concert and you want to know exactly how loud it is... You’re at work and
you’re wondering if the ambient noise is below the safe level... You’re really wacked out and
you want to know if a jet engine at 10 feet really exceeds the threshold of pain... This little
analog sound level meter is for you!
It uses A and C weighting filters to accurately simulate the actual listening capability of the
human ear! The easy-to-read analog display allows for accurate measurement of environ-
mental noise across a wide range (50 to 126dB).
Useful to measure sound levels in industrial and office settings, traffic/noise reduction stud-
ies, or to ensure your noise generation is in compliance with local ordinances. This meter
features an omnidirectional condenser microphone with +/- 2dB precision at 144dB. Over
100 hours of operation from one 9V battery (included). From Velleman.
(Also helpful in
proving to your landlord exactly how annoying the tenants upstairs are!)
Analog Sound Level Meter
Measures 50 to 126 dB!
7 separate ranges!
±2dB accuracy!
So, How Loud Is It...
Analog Sound Level Meter
Wired & Tested
up to 126dB
60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120dB
Load impedance:
1kohm min.
Less than 2% at 1kHz, 0.5V
electret condenser microphone, omnidirectional
± 2dB at 144dB
A or C
slow or fast
Output signal:
max. 1V deviation at 1kHz for the entire range
Power supply:
1 9V battery (included)
Battery test:
OK indication between 7 and 10.5V
Battery life:
110 operating hours (alkaline batteries)
6.3” x 2.4” x 1.7”
If you’re looking for prototype breadboards for your design and engineering projects, we’ve got you covered! These
breadboards are the highest quality design that are guaranteed for 5,000 wire and component lead insertions!
Each block is a premium non-warping design with non-conductive self adhesive backing. Aluminum ground plates are used
to provide the best prototyping of high speed and high frequency designs while maintaining low noise. Each breadboard has an easy to
read color coded letter/number matrix to make tie point connection a breeze. Designed for components and wire jumpers with 20-29 AWG
(0.3-0.8mm) wire leads.
The WBU206 is mounted on an aluminum back plane with rubber bench top rubber feet. 4 coded binding posts are provided for power or sig-
nal connections of your choice. 3 terminal strips, 5 bus strips, 2,390 tie points are included and provide a breadboarding area of 6.9” x 5.8”.
Its smaller brother, the WBU202 breadboard block, consists of 1 terminal strip, 2 bus strips, 830 tie points, and provides a breadboarding area of 6.5” x 2.1”. Order jumper wire kit
WJW70 that includes 140 various jumper wire pieces in 5 different sizes. Each jumper is color coded and insulated with preformed ends.
Prototype Breadboard, 1 Terminal Strip, 2 Bus Strips, 830 Tie Points
Prototype Breadboard, 3 Terminal Strip, 5 Bus Strips, 2,390 Tie Points
Jumper Wire Kit, 140 Pieces
Color coded design for easy breadboarding!
Guaranteed for 5,000 insertions!
Aluminum ground plates for high speed and
low noise designs!
Additional jumper wire kit available
Prototype Design Breadboards
Prototype it without
Soldering it!
There's nothing handier than a decent multiple output variable DC power supply for the
bench. Now you can have a professional lab quality regulated DC supply on a hobbyist
To start, this supply provides a continuously variable DC output of 0-30 volts DC with a con-
tinuously variable DC current limiter up to 2.5 amps! You can set your specific voltage need-
ed for your project and also set the current limit to provide over-current protection to your
circuit. Next up, this handy lab supply provides fixed +12VDC at 1A as well as a +5VDC at 1A
outputs to drive those sections of your project without building up the regulator circuits in
advance! Outputs are brought out to standard IEC1010 connectors for the 0-30VDC output and easy to connect push terms for
the fixed outputs for easy connection to your project. Besides current regulated, the output is also fuse protected.
0-30 VDC 2.5A/+12VDC 1A/+5VDC 1A Lab Power Supply
Variable output, 0-30VDC at 2.5A!
Fixed +5VDC and +12VDC at 1A!
Precision LCD out displays!
Put A Lab Quality Supply On
YOUR Bench!
0-30 VDC/
12VDC Lab Power Supply
Wired & Tested
Output voltage:
0-30VDC, adjustable
Output current:
0-2.5A, adjustable limit 10mA-2.5A
Ripple voltage:
Ripple current:
Input power:
110/120VAC, 60Hz
Output connections:
IEC1010 universal & push terminals
Current limit and fuse
6” x 5.75” x 8”
6.2 lbs
Heavy duty steel, gray/white
This portable battery operated 1 KHz sine wave generator pro-
duces a clean and stable 1 KHz signal, wherever you need it!
Based around the TL084 Quad Op-Amp Integrated Circuit, it provides an
affordable and easy solution for testing. Comes complete with built-in output level con-
trol (Adjustable from 0-6Vpp), and onboard RCA output jack, plus On/Off switch and 9V
battery snap connector. Dimensions: 1.95” x 1.72”. From CanaKit.
Powered by standard 9V Battery
Adjustable output amplitude
Ideal test-tone for audio systems
CK107 1KHz Sine Wave Generator Kit
UK107 1KHz Sine Wave Generator, Factory Asmb & Tested
BX107 Custom Case Set for CK107/UK107
Wired & Tested
1KHz Portable Sine Wave Generator
A very compact yet handy universal power supply that is designed to plug directly onto
a standard breadboard. It has a variable mode in which the output voltage can be var-
ied from 1.2VDC to 12VDC. A selectable
fixed mode of 3.3VDC or 5VDC is also
provided for digital circuits. It can be
powered easily by a standard adapter
and includes a power switch, adapter
jack as well as a heat sink for the regula-
tor. From CanaKit.
Fits directly onto breadboards!
Short-Circuit protection!
Perfect for prototyping!
Breadboard Power Supply
Supply Voltage:
12-15VDC Adapter
Output Voltages
Variable Mode:
Adjustable from 1.2-12VDC
Fixed Mode:
3.3V or 5VDC
Max Output Current:
2.17” x 0.99”
CK277 Breadboard Power Supply Kit
UK277 Breadboard Power Supply, Factory Asmb & Tested
Wired & Tested
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