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We’ve all been there. You’re running speaker wires through your house and you don’t know which wire is which for polarity. Well, this neat little kit takes care of it!
Simply hook up the remote board to one end and the main board to the other end. LEDs show you opens, shorts, polarity OK, and polarity reversed!
It’s that simple! A lot of uses besides speaker cables, think about it! Runs on a standard 9V battery (not included). Features auto power-off for long battery life.
Main board measures 2.2” x 1.6” while the remote board measures 1.6” x .3”. From Velleman.
Checks continuity & polarity!
Auto power off!
Pushbutton operation!
Which Way Should It Go?
Cable Polarity Checker
Cable Polarity Checker Kit
If you’ve ever worked on amplifier circuits, troubleshooting them is nearly impossible
without a signal generator to inject a signal to the input of a stage or device in a circuit.
There are expensive lab quality signal generators out there that work very well. But this
little generator gets the job done at less than a fraction of the price!
A quick and easy generator provides approximately 1kHz fixed waves with output
adjustable from 0 to 100mVrms. Choose sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, or
integrator. Powered by a standard 9V battery (not included). Measures 2.2” x 1.6”.
From Velleman.
MK105 Audio Signal Generator Kit
Quick and easy signal generator!
Sine, triangle, square, and integrator signals!
Standard 1kHz signal
Adjustable output level
Simple 9V battery operation
The Quick Answer That Works Great!
Audio Signal Generator
This little circuit is the ultimate troubleshooter... and the handiest
thing to have around on your bench! It makes it a breeze to inject a signal into any
amplifier in repair to trace the circuit. Likewise, it makes it easy to trace a signal to hear
it in a speaker!
The generator portion generates a 1kHz tone with an output impedance of 1.5K ohm.
The output level is adjustable from 0-2.5Vrms. The tracer is a high gain amplifier that
has an input impedance of 50K ohm with a gain of 40dB! It has an adjustable sensitivi-
ty from 3.5mV to 10Vrms. It can also be used as a stand-alone monitor amp. Audio
output is half a watt into an 8 ohm speaker. Runs on 7-9VAC or 9-12VDC. Measures
2.4” x 2.1”. From Velleman.
K7000 Signal Generator & Tracer Kit
Audio generator and tracer!
Adjustable output!
Adjustable gain sensitivity!
Generate AND Trace!
Signal Generator & Tracer
A professional yet compact USB PIC Programmer offering a 20-pin ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) socket for easy programming of
most Microchip PIC Flash devices that do not require Low-Voltage Programming. This PIC Programmer uses a convenient USB port
for connection to the computer as opposed to the traditional Serial port.
This eliminates the need for a separate power supply, as power is taken directly from your computer’s USB port. The PIC Programmer also
offers In-circuit programming through a standard 6-pin ICSP connector as well as a the built-in 20-pin ZIF socket. This means easy program-
ming of most PICs of up to 20-pins right on the programmer!
This Programmer is also 100% compatible with PICkit 2 interface, and because it incorporates a ZIF socket it can be used as both a production pro-
grammer and experimental programmer.
It is also fully compatible with Microchip's MPLAB IDE software, allowing it to program most popular PIC Microcontrollers. The firmware is fully upgradeable, and
as new devices are released firmware updates are available via Microchip's official website. Dimensions: 3.76” x 1.79” From CanaKit. (USB Cable not included.)
Powered via USB - no additional supply required!
100% Compatible with MPLAB IDE
Programs a wide range of PICs from 8 to 20-pins
Includes ICSP connector for programming PICS up to 40-pins
Mini-USB PIC Programmer Kit
Mini-USB PIC Programmer, Factory Assembled & Tested
Versatile Programming
Power in a Small Package!
Mini-USB PIC Programmer
Wired & Tested
This is a fully factory assembled and tested professional quality USB PIC Programmer, offering ZIF (Zero Insertion Force)
sockets for quick and easy PIC programming! The USB port connection means no mucking around with old serial ports or
clunky serial-to-USB adapters. Just connect directly to your computer and you are ready to go!
The USB connection also eliminates the need for a separate power supply, as power is taken directly from your computer’s USB port.
This programmer is also 100% compatible with the PicKit2 interface, but unlike the PicKit2, it incorporates ZIF sockets for easy insertion
and removal of the PIC! I’d say that gives it the edge!
It’s fully Compatible with Microchip's MPLAB IDE - in fact when you plug it in, you can control it exactly as you would the original PicKit2, allowing
you to program most popular PIC Microcontrollers. Standalone windows programming software fully supported by Microchip is also included, and
the unit comes fitted with a sturdy metallic base and a standard ICD RJ11 connector.
In addition, it has onboard status LEDs to indicate programming and power LEDs, and the firmware is fully updatable as new devices are released. Updates to the firmware can be
easily downloaded via Microchip's official website. From CanaKit.
Powered via USB - no additional supply required!
100% Compatible with MPLAB IDE (appears as a PicKit2)!
Programs a wide range of PICS from 8 to 40 pins!
ZIF sockets for easy programming & removal!
USB cable included!
USB PIC Programmer
USB PIC Programmer, Factory Assembled & Tested
Wired & Tested
Factory Assembled, Wired &
Tested, PicKit2 Compatible!
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