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Tools & Accessories
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Here’s the ideal entry level soldering station for building your Ramsey kit - and for your bench! Made by Weller, the leader for decades in
electronic soldering equipment. The WLC100 is the perfect soldering station for the professional or serious hobbyist who requires higher
performance than a standard soldering iron but doesn’t want to pay a fortune! The WLC100 soldering station provides variable power
from 5 to 40 watts for precise tip temperature control.
Just like the expensive industrial soldering stations! A built-in holder and tip cleaning sponge are included. A pre-tinned 1/8”
screwdriver tip comes with the station. If you’re looking for quality on a shoestring budget, the WLC100 is for you! Operates on
120VAC, 60Hz. From Weller.
Variable temperature controlled!
5 to 40 Watt
Built-in holder and tip cleaner
Interchangeable tips
Weller Soldering Station, 5-40 Watt Temperature Controlled
3/32” Screwdriver Tip
1/8” Screwdriver Tip
3/16” Screwdriver Tip
1/32” SMT Screwdriver Tip
Don’t Damage Your Board...
Control The Temperature!
Variable Temperature Soldering Station
Whether it’s for building your new kit or just for your bench, this is the
perfect solder. Don’t destroy your kit investment by using the wrong solder
or solder with low quality flux core. This solder is made exclusively for electronic appli-
cations by one of the leading manufacturers. The size is perfect for board soldering,
thru-hole, SMT and more. Available standard or RoHS lead-free compliant. Lead-free is
96.5%TN, 3%AG, .5%CU (not just TN/CU!). 1 lb spools.
60/40 Electronics Solder, 1 Pound
96.5/3/.5 RoHS Lead-Free Solder, 1 Pound $59.95
Standard Electronics 60/40 blend!
Lead-Free RoHS 96.5/3/.5 blend
.032” diameter, 1 pound spool
For 5 bucks, this will probably be the most valuable tool you’ve
ever bought! Even the most experienced solderer has problems
removing components from PC boards without one! One hand
loading and one hand operation. Just heat up the joint, place the special tip over the
joint, and squeeze the trigger. Solder is sucked right from the board and even plated-
through holes! It’s that easy!
Solder Sucker
Eliminate PC board damage!
Cleans out holes with ease!
So you’re trying to hold that small board, while holding the tran-
sistor you’re trying to solder in, and holding the soldering iron, and hold-
ing the solder. Wait a minute, that’s 4 hands! Not a problem! Just clip
the board, junction or component you’re working on onto the bench
holder, swivel it wherever you want it, and go to work! What, you can’t
see? It even has a built-in magnifier!
Helping Hands & Magnifier
Built-in magnifier!!
Alligator clip holders grip anything!
Trying to solder and unsolder tiny components on small boards
can be a challenge for even the most experienced. Here’s a
gem of a handy vise that is very sturdy and has the flexibility
to hold boards at virtually any angle. The heavy base holds
even the largest boards without being attached to a bench.
Includes 2 7/8” jaws and a large base/parts tray with lockable flex joints.
Panavise Bench Vise
Holds PC boards at any angle!
Heavy duty weighted base!
When you’re working with small surface mount components (SMT) there’s
nothing like a stronger set of eyes! Well, we found the perfect and incredi-
bly economical solution! This large 3½” magnifier is attached to a 19”
gooseneck that stays right where you put it. And that is usually between
your eyes and the PC board you’re soldering! Heavy duty cast bench clamp mounts
to any bench, desk, or counter top.
3½” magnifier!
19” flexible gooseneck!
When working with SMT components a good pair of tweezers is a
must. And as you know, a good magnifier is also a must. So what do
you keep in your tool box to solve THAT problem? Simple, this super
handy combination tweezers and magnifier!
The 1” magnifier is mounted on a slick 2½” chrome handle with a fold-out precision
tweezers. Focal point for the magnifier is matched to the tweezers point for easy use
Magnifier Tweezers
The perfect 2-in-1 tool for SMT!
Great for your tool box!
Technician’s Solder
Solder Sucker
Helping Hands & Magnifier
Panavise Bench Vise
Bench Gooseneck Magnifier
Magnifier Tweezers
Bench Gooseneck Magnifier
Headband Magnifiers
Optivisor 2.5x Headband Magnifier
Optivisor 3.5x Headband Magnifier
OptiLoupe Additional 2.5x Flip Up Screw-On Eye Loupe For OptiVisor
VisorLight For OptiVisor, 10” Cord For Headband Mounting
VisorLight For OptiVisor, 42” Cord For Belt-Clip Mounting
Probably the handiest helper you can have for working with small electronic parts. When you need to see a close-up view, simply flip the visor down. When done, flip it back up!
Fits over your standard glasses. Made in the USA by Donegan Optical and available in 2.5x or 3.5x diopter power.
Additional 2.5x flip up OptiLoupe attaches to one side to provide an additional 2.5x magnification for those really hard to see items! Left in the dark? No problem, the VisorLight
clamps to the OptiVisor to provide 6,000 candlepower of Xenon light (operates on 2 standard AA batteries not included) in a battery pack that can either be headband or belt-clip
(I’m over 40, and therefore...these are the greatest things ever invented!)
See those tiny parts with ease!
Professional quality
Add-on light and swivel eye loupe
A must-have for SMT components!
See Those Small Parts...
With Ease!
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