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Tools & Accessories
We’ve discussed tweezers and magnifiers while working with SMT components. Working with some highly sensitive components, our engineers asked
for some ESD safe tweezers. We looked, we found, and now that they’re all set, here they are for you! This set of 4 non-conductive tweezers are per-
fect for any static sensitive devices you may be working on. And...they are priced right!
(These are way beyond Top Sellers! Even beyond way beyond!)
Non-Conductive Tweezers Set
ESD safe!
Great for SMT and other small parts!
Non-Conductive Tweezers
Working With SMT?
Protect Those Components!
Normally I wouldn’t spend much time writ-
ing up a 6 buck pair of dikes, but these are an incredible bang for the buck! When
working with PC Boards it’s not only important to have a pair of cutters that are sharp,
but that cut flush to the edge. Extremely narrow tip reaches into highly restrictive areas
and cuts cleanly every time! Features ergonomic green cushioned grips for easy cutting.
These are durable enough for a long life of cutting!
(Compare to the $45 name brand!)
5” Precision Flush Cutters
Micro tips for precision cutting!
Copper: 16 AWG
Get those hard-to-reach leads!
Ergonomic cushioned grips
5” Precision Flush Cutters
Are you working with wires, PC boards or
components and need a really good grip?
These pliers will get the job done, even if it’s inside a very tight opening! The extremely
narrow and thin nose close tight throughout their length. The ultra-thin tip is perfect for
working with SMT components. Cushioned green grips mean easy handling and com-
(The perfect companion to a nice pair of dikes!)
Needle-Nosed Pliers
Extra-thin tapered nose
Cushioned grip handles
Great for SMT
Extra fine tips
Needle-Nosed Pliers
We are constantly asked about a tool kit that covers it
all. Some people don't have the luxury of growing up
collecting and building their electronic tools and need to
start from scratch!
We searched for an economical kit in a durable carrying case. Catalog space is too lim-
ited to list every tool, but suffice it to say, everything but the kitchen sink is included!
Virtually all electronic pliers, professional screw drivers, wrenches, files, extractors, heat
sink, inspection mirror, scissors, and a whole lot more.
It also includes as high quality soldering iron, tips, desoldering aids, and solder.
Leatherette attaché case measures 17.7" x 12.8" x 5.2".
Electronics Master Tool Kit
Over 50 tools!
Virtually everything you need!
Includes full soldering equipment!
High quality attaché case!
Master Tool Kit
With the extreme popularity of the VTBT5 33 piece kit,
we went one step further! This set contains 100 pieces
and includes all the security bits in the VTBT5 kit and a lot
more! Includes the following:
All bits are chrome vanadium construction for long life, and include a very handy cus-
tom case.
(This 100 piece set took over Top Seller from the 33 piece set!)
100 Piece Security Bit Set
Expanded security bit selection!
All common standard bits!
2 bit holders and 2 extensions!
Virtually Every Tool Needed...
In A Quality Attache Case!
100 Piece Security Bit Set
• Phillips bits
• Pozzi bits
• Square bits
• Flat bits
• Antenna remover bits
• Star bits
• Tri-wing bits
• Star with center bits
• Four-wing bits
• Metric hex bits
• Clutch bits
• Fractional hex bits
• Dodecagonal star bits
• Metric hex with center bits
• Fractional hex with center bits
• Wing nut driver
• Socket bit holder
• Magnetic bit holder
• 1" extension
• 2" extension
Audio cables, man if there was only a standard! It used to be a breeze, XLR for professional balanced audio, ¼” for mono audio
and headphones, and RCA for line level unbalanced audio. Technology changes, and so did connector types!
The days of standard zip cord for speakers is
gone, ¼” headphone jacks are rare, balanced audio
has to plug into unbalanced audio and vice versa, and
then of course there are DIN plugs, Speakon
and various other connectors! It may never end, but this handy
audio cable tester will make sure your connections are proper every
Testing a cable is a breeze! Plug one end of it into the appropriate jack on the left side of the
test box. Plug the other end of the cable into the other appropriate jack on the right side.
Then select the rotary switch to “1” to test the connection of pin-1 of the cable. If a green
LED lights there is a good connection of pin-1 with a yellow LED lighting above the connector
used on the right side. No LED’s indicate an open or floating pin-1.
Continue the same procedure by selecting “2” for pin-2, etc. until all contacts have been
checked. If the Ground LED illuminates there is a connection from the selected pin to
ground/shield/chassis. Two banana jacks are also provided to check test probes, AND to use
the box as a continuity tester for other cables. Test probes are included! Runs on a standard
9V battery (not included). Measures 7.5” x 3.5” x 1.5”. From Velleman.
(Why is this in tools
you may wonder? I ran out of room in test equipment!)
Tests virtually all audio cables!
Tests each conductor!
LED and buzzer continuity test function!
9-way selector switch for cable types
Runs on standard 9V battery
Built-in battery check
Extremely rugged metal case resists field abuse
Solve A Lot Of Problems...
And Put Away Your Multimeter!
Professional Audio Cable Tester
Audio Cable Tester
Wired & Tested
four remove
1 Sleeve
2 Tip
3 Ring
1 Sleeve, 3 Ring
2 Tip
1 Sleeve, 3 Ring
(Shorted with sleeve)
1 Sleeve
2 Tip
1 Sleeve
2 Tip
1 Sleeve, 3 Ring
Pin 1
Pin 2
Pin 3
Pin 1
Pin 2
Pin 3
Pin 1
Pin 2
Pin 3
Pin1, Pin 3
Pin 2
Pin 1, PIn 3
1 Sleeve
2 Tip
3 Ring
PIn 1, Pin 3
Pin 2
Pin 1, Pin3
(Shorted with sleeve)
1 Sleeve
2 Tip
3 Ring
Pin 1
Pin 2
Pin 3
¼” TS Mono to ¼” Mono
¼” TRS to ¼” TRS
XLR Balanced to XLR Balanced
XLR Unbalanced to XLR Unbalanced
¼” TS Mono to XLR Unbalanced
¼” TRS to XLR Balanced
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