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Broadcast FM
Professional 50W LPFM Stereo Transmitter
What did we hear? You wanted an ultra-reliable transmitter with automatic protection circuits that would keep you on the air rather than shut you down. You asked for constant diag-
nostics on all critical circuits and functions. You wanted to use it anywhere in the world, regardless of input voltage or frequency plan. You wanted to have automatic battery backup to
eliminate costly standby generators. You asked for more power than 35 watts but wanted it to run extremely cool while remaining extremely quiet. You wanted full digital display of all
functions, parameters, settings and alarms.
Because of the confusion with the FCC equipment requirements you wanted an
transmitter, not just a verified transmitter. You told us what you wanted...
The PX50 Professional LPFM transmitter, designed specifically to
We made the primary input power universal for virtually any location worldwide. Give it anything from 85-264VAC between 47-63Hz, or 120-370VDC and you’re all set. It doesn’t get
much easier than that! You can also run the PX50 primary power from 12-14VDC. You can even provide 12-14VDC from a battery (or vehicle) and have automatic backup in case of a
power failure! Your listeners will never miss a beat! Using it out of the country with different frequency plans? No problem, with the 100kHz spacing, you are good to go with the
Operation of the PX50 is simple and intuitive via the front panel navigation switch matrix. All functions, controls, and status messages are displayed on the 2 line by 20 character vacu-
um fluorescent display. Installation of the PX50 is a breeze. A standard Type-N connection is provided for RF Output. Balanced (XLR) left and right audio inputs are provided to properly
interface with any audio source you have. In addition, BNC SCA/Digital/RDS inputs are provided along with a quick disconnect connector for a 12 VDC standby/back-up power input.
It’s simple! Just connect your audio sources and antenna, power it up, set frequency and power level via the front panel navigation switch matrix, and you’re on the air! It doesn’t get
any easier!
The PX50 constantly monitors all of the critical circuits within the transmitter and makes subtle adjustments to various circuit parameters depending upon frequency, temperature, power,
audio level, and deviation - in short, it’s like having a station engineer constantly monitoring and adjusting on-the-fly! Automatic VSWR protection automatically reduces power output
until the VSWR problem is cleared. Likewise, if the power amplifier temperature exceeds 70
C, the transmitter will reduce power output until it cools down below 60
C. You can set
automatic Power Reduction On Error (VSWR & Temperature errors) to 85%, 75%, 50%, 25% or full disable of the set power. Full power is restored when the error is cleared. You can
also set the Power Restoration Timer for the error testing time to match your specific site environment. If the error is cleared within this time, the transmitter is restored to full power for
unattended operation! Your station stays on the air, and needless trips to your tower site are eliminated!
Get On-The-Air... Stay On-The-Air With The PX50!
50W RF output, continuous duty!
FCC Certified under parts 2, 73, and 74!
Automatic monitoring!
Automatic VSWR protection!
Automatic temperature protection!
Automatic battery backup!
Digital display of all parameters!
Runs on 85 to 264 VAC primary power
Super efficient yet quiet forced air cooling!
Low profile, only two rack units high
Frequency Range:
87.5 to 108.1 MHz
Primary Power Input:
85-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz; 120-370 VDC
Backup Power Input:
12-14 VDC
Broadcast Modes:
Stereo/Mono + SCA and Digital RDS Inputs.
±75 kHz when properly adjusted, auto adjust feature prevents overmodulation.
Better than 50 dB (typical 60–70 dB)
Better than 50 dB.
Better than 60 dB.
Better than 0.3% with processing.
Audio Inputs:
Standard Balanced Inputs +4 dBu/1.228V rms/3.47 V p-p; -10 to +10 dBm range.
Audio Input Impedance:
22K Ohms
SCA and Digital Inputs:
BNC (50 Ohms)
RF Output:
50W Continuous into a 50 ohm load. Fully adjustable from 1 watt to full power.
Harmonic Suppression:
Better than -81 dBc
2 lines x 20 characters vacuum fluorescent display.
5 navigation controls (Up, Down, Left, Right, Enter)
High CFM Fan, dual filtered front intake, rear exhaust.
Over-Power Protection:
Continuously checks for proper power output to within 5%.
VSWR Protection:
Continuous VSWR monitoring, controlled via Power Reduction On Error and Power Restoration Timer settings.
Over-Temperature Protection:
Auto over-temperature control, 70°C max. fixed, controlled via Power Reduction On Error and Power Restoration Timer settings.
Auto Power Reduction On Error:
Automatically reduces power output to 85%, 75%, 50%, 25% or full disable of set power level.
Auto Power Restoration Timer:
Sets the time interval for automatic error checking to clear reduced power modes and to restore full set power level.
Overmodulation Protection:
Auto control of audio modulation levels, on/off.
Audio Frequency Range:
20 Hz to 16 kHz ±1 dB. Steep “brick wall” 16 kHz low phase shift, low pass filter, down 68 dB @ 19 kHz and above.
Audio input levels, Modulation Level, Power Level, Frequency (in 100 kHz steps), Stereo/Mono mode, Auto Adjust Modulation mode (On/Off)
Regulatory Approval:
Meets or exceeds FCC 47CFR Parts 15.107(b), 15.109(b); FCC CERTIFIED FCC 47CFR Parts 2, 73, and 74 (ID: PF3PX50)
Standard 2-unit rack-mount case, 19” wide, 14.25” deep, 3.5” high.
(Note: The end user is responsible for complying with all FCC rules & regulations within the US, or any regulations of their respective governing
body in regards to the application and use of the PX50).
50 Watt FM Stereo Transmitter
Professional FM Broadcast Transmitters & Stations
For years, Ramsey Electronics
has been a leading provider of FM and LPFM broadcast transmit-
ters with our PX series. In addition, hundreds of our extremely popular PXB series
“Radio Station-In-A-Box”
portable FM stations have been deployed around the
world. Commercial versions are available for licensed broadcast entities. Visit
. In addition, over 25 custom military and govern-
ment models are also available directly exclusively from
Ramsey’s Military and
Government Division
. Visit
for more information.
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